Rec between DT990, CAL!, Log UE6000 and ATM50s
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Apr 8, 2016
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Hi, I like a wide soundstage with a bit of meat either end. I dislike the 'stereo effect' that although wide is fairly low volume. I like a slightly warmer set, decent bass but not boomy but def present. I don't mind MIDS being 'slightly' recessed but I'd still like a bit of detail. Not really bothered about highs being that detailed. I like hearing the melody. Not a fan of neutral headphones.
Headphones I've tried and disliked/returned...
AKG K550 - Hated these. Too thin sounding. Great lever of detail but NO bass presence (for me). I tried different seals which helped only a tiny bit. Bit boring imo.
Grado sr80es - Hated the Grado sound as way too bright for my liking. Very aggressive sounding.
HD25iis - I enjoyed the accurate bass, everything just sounded congested and narrow soundstage.
Currently using a cheap pair of Sony MDR 1ORC. I really like these, they are fairly detailed and have great warm bass. I'm looking for a bit more detail in the mids.
I use a Fiio X1 and love groups like Queen, ELO, Beatles, ABBA for their big harmonies and great melodies. I enjoy listening to Elvis for same reason. I enjoy old 70s-90s more mainstream groups. Beautiful South, Dr. Hook, Bee Gees. Not into classical, jazz, dance, metal.
The best sound I've found yet is from the wonderful Dunu Titan 1 IEMs. Massive soundstage and wonderful use of stereo. They sound like they are a mile left and right from your head and wonderfully warm with plenty of detail still.
After an over ear.
I liked Sony Momentum 2.0 On Ear - but just sounded a wee bit boring and slightly neutral. But again, I'm after over ear - Open or closed.
DT990 - Sound slike my best bet, warmish with plenty detail. Decent bass.
ATM 50s - These just pop up all the time, but sound if they have limited sound stage.
CAL! and Logitech - Sound like they have nice amount of bass with enough detail still across the spectrum.
Budget - MAX £150 ($200)

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