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RE272 vs ER4S

  1. The Neverhood
    Hi Everyone,
    I need your help in deciding between the ER4S and RE272. I have carefully read every review on the aforementioned IEMs, and still no distinctive answer has arised. I would greatly appreciate anyone who has experienced both the ER4S and RE272 to comment and provide comparison. I want the most accurate, neutral, and balanced universal regardless of price. I have read many reviews on the given IEMs, and well I'm hopeless at making the decision! [​IMG]
    I recently read the ER4S review posted on headfonia, and were described as not neutral because of being thin. 
    "For all the good qualities, and clear, detailed presentation that the ER4 has, it is definitely not neutral. The sound is simply a bit thin sometimes, especially in the ER4S setting, and less full-bodied than real life sound. The emphasis on treble and upper mids, with relatively less mid warmth means that the ER4 is giving a raspy quality to voices more than what exists in the recording. The ultra fast attack and short decay is almost too fast."
    From my limited understanding, could the above be the consequence of poor seal?
    I get the impression of the ER4S being the more accurate phone, however understand the RE272 to have much larger soundstage?
  2. proedros
  3. tyrael
  4. ClieOS Contributor
    Take note that some time people just don't think BA can sound 'right' when compared to dynamic. Much like people who like electrostatic or orthodynamic often see dynamic as being slow.
  5. planx
    Both excellent IEMs... Been hooked on the ER4S ever since I got them and I'm sure these are keepers. I only had a prief listen with the RE272s and it reminded me of the ER4S but with a bit more meat to it. It sounded fuller and less airy compared to the ER4S. This is a hard one...
  6. The Neverhood


    I have already read the review, and well when your comparing two closely related phones - the differences are not going to be huge, but those very specific differences could make the difference, and I understand there to be some distinctive differences between the ER4S and ER4P.
    Excellent review though.

    I understand perfectly, and many factors need to be taken into account.

    Such a difficult decision, that I have decided to purchase both the ER4S and RE272! [​IMG]
    I'm about to send payment for an ER4S, and soon the RE272.
  7. tyrael


    Good decision [​IMG]
  8. The Neverhood
    My wallet begs to differ! [​IMG]
    I'm going enrol on the "Sound Terminology" course, and hopefully soon after provide an unbiased and concise comparison.
    Just paid for an ER4P - £90 including postage, and another £10 for the adaptor. Not bad!
    I need to return my RE262 for replacement due to faulty cable, so will be paying the extra £50 for the RE272 instead.
  9. TheKillerPiglet
    I see I am going to feel right at home here...
  10. KimChee
    curious to see the outcome of this
  11. Spyro
    Given the cost, I don't care for either.  Owned both at the same time briefly.  I found the RE272 very difficult to get the right fit because I simply could not get ANY bass whatsoever out of the unit.  It was making ER4 sound like  subwoofers.
    So it really depends what your goal is .  The Etymotic will provide far more isolation and a very neutral flat sound.  My memory or RE272 was pretty much the same but the soundstage was larger and the overall sound was more open and airy.  The ER4 had more bass (not saying much) but that may have had to do with not being able to get a good fit.
    For what it is worth it may cost a little more but I think the Grado GR10 destroys both of these SQ-wise bust still maintains the neutrality.
  12. The Neverhood
    I've not purchased the RE272 yet, and quite thankful. I personally consider the ER4S to be bass light - even with good fit! [​IMG]
    The presentation of the ER4S is somewhat lacking, and sounds constrained with some recordings. Even with the presentation aside, vocals sound quite cold, and lack realism. The HF5 fares much better in this regard, however the soundstage suffers. Strong words regarding the GR10, surprisingly never crossed my mind to consider a Grado. The only other IEM to consider would be the CK10 - they have more bass quantity, greater presentation, and very accurate, but the 10K treble spike overshadows any enjoyment. I'm really kicking myself for not attempting to EQ the treble spike out. I may fork out another £180 to purchase the CK10 again!
  13. imackler
    Do it! Go for the Grado GR10! Don't think of it as considering a Grado, think of it as an amazing, musical but detailed iem. I love that little guy.

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