RE0 or Denon C551?
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Jul 27, 2005
First of all, I live in Canada, so for me those two earphones are available to me for exactly the same price of $99 USD.

So I am asking, which earphone is better?

From what I've read, it seems most people suggest RE0 provides better sound quality.

But what concerns me with RE0 is that

1) It seems to lack bass. I saw someone comment it lacks a good "body" of bass. Considering I enjoy the occasional thumping of Dance, Hip-hop, this seems a bit worrisome.

2) Build quality doesn't seem as nice as the Denon, and Denon being a well established brand, seems more reputable to last in the long run.

What would you guys suggest? I also saw some people mention SoundMagic PL-50, Nuforce Ne-7m.

Like I said, while I don't like excessive bass, I do like a nice punchy, full bass that provides a warm sound.

My budget is around $100 USD, and sadly Amazon is not an option for discount prices as I live in Canada.

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For the price range, the C751 would be more comparative. I would think you'd be able to get the Denon someone in Canada for a decent price without hefty shipping charges.

Both sound and are geared a bit different from each other.

A warm sound comes from higher frequencies mainly, midbass and lower midrange. Bass punch can come from this range too.

Interactive Frequency Chart - Independent Recording Network

Better sound quality depends on what you consider to be important or even "right."

I won't go into detail here, but I have reviewed the various options I've run:

ClieOS' reviews:

dfkt's chart:

antonyfirst's comments on what he's run:

kostalex's earbud guide:
(if you're open to buds, frankly Yuin has some kick ass sounding earbuds priced well if you really don't need an IEM)
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I bought the 551's recently in the UK and have been very pleased with the sound. The build quality is really good and the sound is well rounded with great separation and stunning bass reproduction. Can't comment on the other phones as I have never heard them but the 551's are a nice set of IEM's.
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how are the microphonics on the 551's compared to the RE0? I used to have the westone UM1 which has practically no microphonics. Just got the RE0 which has a decent amount of microphonics so I'm looking for other IEMs that might have less microphonics and SQ like the RE0s
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SQ on the RE0 is great btw. if you get these I would recommend removing the foam like ClieOS mentioned in his thread.

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