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Re-cabling Headphones - What's the deal?

  1. Blaze182
    Hey everyone,
    I know that an upgraded cable can lower distortion and increase clarity, as well as prevent external interference with the signal.. BUT, does re-cabling a stock K701, T1, HD800, etc. make THAT big a difference?
  2. lovleylady
    I'd consider re-cabling for practical reasons only.
    For example I wouldn't like to have a cable length of 3 meters(~118 ") for portable headphones.
  3. tme110
    not really.  At some point you run out of things to change and any change in sound will wind up being 'big' as long as it's noticeable.
    I may change out some cables just because I have the Q-audio cable for my lcd-2's and I like the cable so much (great ergonomics, great feel, I simply like the cable) I may buy them for other phones not even carring or looking for a change in sound.  I listened to someone's recabled 650 and thought it was by far the best sounding 650 I ever heard but it was probably more to do with the rest of his system than the recable.
  4. lovleylady
    You have a good point about the ergonomics and feel of a cable, tme110.
    I could definitely re-cable for those reasons too. I guess one could perceive an upgrade in sound just by looking at a cable that looks high quality.
  5. tme110
    I should probably say that some headphones do simply have horrible cables and some phones may react more to a cable change than others.  It's usually known when a particular HP needs a recable though - all my main phones have perfectly fine (sounding) cables so I got lucky I guess.
  6. Chris_Himself
    The answer is all in your heart.
    It all depends on what you are looking. ie. better ergonomics, sound quality improvements, etc.
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  8. Pingupenguins

    But the only reason I've ever re-cable my gear, is cause I wanted a bad ass looking cable and a durable one as well.
  9. Steve Eddy
    And the only reason to want a bad ass looking cable is... THE BABES!
    They just flock to guys with bad ass looking cables. [​IMG]
  10. Pingupenguins

    You would know Steve... :wink:
  11. Toronto John
    Steve, is there a current website I can use to order your headphone cables? I dislike the stock cable that came with the HE500's and this forum shows people are very happy with your solution. Thanks!
    Toronto John
  12. Steve Eddy
    Hello, Toronto John.
    You can reach us at http://www.theaudioguild.com
    Thanks for your interest!
  13. ix912
    Most stock headphone cables are constructed with very thin conductors and encased in enamel insulation. Unfortunately, as the headphone cable is bent, twisted, etc. with normal use, the enamel insulation tends to wear out. In the long run, the conductors are no long insulated from each other, so you have shorts within the cable, rendering it useless. A cable upgrade remedies a few things:
    The insulation for each conductor is encased in teflon, or some plastic which will probably never breakdown from normal use (at least within a person's lifetime).
    The conductors in an upgraded cable are usually thicker (most DIYers use microphone cable, due to the ideal number of conductors), which will provide a less resistant path for the signal to travel (ideally, you want no resistance at all, but this is physically impossible).
    The conductors of a higher quality cable contain a higher purity of copper, which will once again provide a lower resistance due to its more organized molecular structure. In addition, the wire is treated to slow down oxidation.
    Hope this helps!
  14. Nec3
    Just to revive an old thread and avoid making a new topic.

    Is there a frequency response chart or anything involving re-cabling? Just to see if there really is any changes or improvements. It's a shame to buy a headphone only to have the weakest link in a chain to be a simple cable.
  15. TsukiNick
    Recable for length or issues with the connector.
    ATH-M50 (cable too long) Did a removable cable mod
    Sennheiser HD598 (Cable too long and terminated in 1/4th inch) Bought new shorter cable with 3.5mm end with screw-on 1/4th inch.
    Other than that, it's just a hassle, if you are fine with the length and plug just leave it alone.

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