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RE-400 a couple of questions

  1. YTCrazyTieGuy
    Hi, I have a couple questions about the RE-400.
    First of all, should the stock eartips be enough for finding a comfortable fit? (the stock small Ety triple flange is a bit too big for me, so I think I have thin ear canals)
    Secondly, do any of you hear a mismatch between the left and right earpieces on the RE-400? both Rin Choi's blog and Innerfidelity show a slight mismatch in the 2k-4k range. If any of you could test this with a slow mono sweep form 1k to 5k and listen for the position that would be great.
  2. getclikinagas
    The tip assortment is enough to tip roll you into a good fit. I have slim ear canals too and he magic tip for me was the HiFiMAN bar-tips(above pic -extreme right). These tips are slimmer and slightly longer and seal deeper into the canal. For a shallower seal the small double-flange tips work but tire me after a while. I would have had a serious issue if the bar-tips weren't included. 
    The included comply tips would fit too, but alters the sig (for me at least). 
    I tried the sweep and couldn't notice any significant imbalance or mismatch. 
    Aside: Wow, these do extend deep. Pity it isn't as evident during actual listening sessions.
  3. YTCrazyTieGuy
    I think ill wait till a couple more people comment on channel balance and then ill buy them.

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