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re-262 with ipod touch

  1. Andries
    Hello head-fi members,

    I recently bought a ipod touch, however, my sennheiser CX-300 broke the same day. Looking for some IEM's in in the sub-$100 priceclass i accidentally found the re-262's in the multi-IEM review, and stretched my budget.

    So now i am planning on buying the re-262 with a Fiio E6 amp and the lighting to 30-pin + Fiio L9 cable.

    After reading many reviews i am still not sure if this is the best combo for my taste in music. I listen a lot to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Arctic Monkeys kind of rock, but also a lot of radiohead/MuteMath/U2/Muse and some jazz and acoustic music now or then.

    I also read the summer buying-guide and everywhere i read something about the re-262‘s they say it is not bass heavy. For years i have listened to the CX-300’s and being a bass-player i sometimes liked the bassdrum to be very present and loved a deep, open E to dominate for a moment. I am a bit afraid of missing that, and a possible lack of bass is the only thing holding me back currently.
    Being used to the bass-heavy CX-300 (what was, not knowing better, a great IEM for me) and knowing what i mostly listen to, do you think i will still love the re-262’s?

    Another way of phrasing this: The CX-300 are bass heavy while the re-262 are not, however they are in different universes when it comes to sound, does that mean the re-262 have the same amount/more bass but with more mid+high, balancing them out?
  2. ZARIM
    The RE262(highly recommended) are very detailed and they are on sale at head-direct for only $99 and there bass will improve with E6. But if you want bass like on CX300 then GR07 are great buy with good punchy bass and wide soundstage.
  3. Andries
    The thing is that i don't really know if i want bass like on the CX300. It is the only IEM i ever bought and just don't know any better. I am really curious for the sound of the re-262, but, but, but......
    -You mention a $99 price on head-direct, i however couldn't find them there.
    -If i go on and try the re-262 but find they are not the right fit for me, is it easy to sell them with less then around $40 loss?
    -Would the E11 instead of the E6 give an additional (little) boost to it's bass? And doesn't a re-262 with the E6 (and the bass boost EQ) come close to the GR07?
    Thanks in advance!

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