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RCA Y splitter

  1. bonesb

    I have a car audio setup with a DSP, now my last two channels of the DSP are summed up and connected to by subwoofer amplifier. I am planning to introduce an additional underseat active sub enclosure in my car, so my question is if I use a y splitter on the two output channels in the DSP and use it to my two subwoofer amps, what is the impact? Are there any negatives on using a Y splitter?

  2. Alcophone
    I use two of these Audioquest splitters at home to feed both my power amp and my subwoofer, and haven't noticed any issues at all. Can't promise the same for splitters that include wires.

    Parts-Express has some that look basically the same as the Audioquest ones, but for less:

    This one has a different geometry:
  3. Speedskater
    While it's easy to split one output into two inputs, it's a challenge to sum two outputs into one input.
    See Rane Note:

    Why Not Wye?
    Dennis Bohn, Rane
    RaneNote 109 written 1991; last revised 4/04

    Splitting Signals
    Subwoofing in Mono
    Unbalanced Summing
    Balanced Summing
    Output Impedances

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