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  1. TWerk
    This headphone-

    I thought they sounded very weird and I didn't like them at all. I thought the bass was comically elevated and bloated. Maybe my pair was defective, but I did not find these good at all. And I love bass... But I like it tight, punchy and impactful, not bloated and sloppy. These were a very disappointing experience.
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  2. Tony51
    I get my set tomorrow and I will give a first impressions.
  3. TWerk
    Did you get them?
  4. Tony51

    I sure did and I just been listening connected to my Little Dot Mk II tube amp. So far so good but I really need to burn them in. Mid bass is very apparent. But thanks to my Sony Walkman ZX2 which has a great smoothing sound EQ I can up the 1k, 6k and a tad on the 16k. I have many headphones and I'm tube rolling too so it will be a bit before I give a full impression. It does sound a bit different from the rest. Standby for finals.
  5. TWerk
    Fair enough. I don;t know what it was, but they sounded very off and not correct to me. I listen to lots of electronic. Perhaps the very boosted mid-bass of the RBH just didn't work with the bassy nature of the music I like.

    I tried plugging the holes too, which does take away a chunk of the bass, but did not like the way they sounded that way either.
  6. vaggbaba
    Where can I buy these headphones?
    I live in Greece.
  7. junki
    Does anyone know of after market ear pads that would work with these? These earpads are a little small and I'd like to replace them with a larger ear opening.
  8. JediMa70
    Brainwavz Sheepskin
  9. Jimster480
    Any other impressions of them?
  10. trellus
    @talan7 reported this over in the The Hardest hitting Headphones are .. ("The EXTREME BASS Club") thread at https://www.head-fi.org/threads/the...treme-bass-club.716711/page-670#post-13846945

    "RBH-HP2 has the deepest most controlled bass I ever heard on a headphone. It literally sounds like a subwoofer with the Vorzuge Vorzamp Duo eq’ed with bass boost. The treble and mids are very good as well. I’d like a touch more mids and more soundstage overall but these are very very good headphones. They aren’t much to look at though. They feel kinda on the cheap side."
  11. involuntarysoul
    This can is for bass lovers and excels at that, comparing it to X2 and this put that to shames. The mids on these is really good too for such a bassy headphone, guitar sounds nice and detailed. I would say RBH is perfect for a secondary can and great for travel or office use.
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  12. Tony51
    Sorry for the delay, yes, i have further impressions. These cans are
    something special. I was looking for words on how to accurately describe
    the hp-2 then i came across Zeo's review on the RBH H2 and when he said
    that the best way to described them was "Intense" i knew i finally found
    the word. They play with authority and the bass pounds and what is
    surprising is that they don't bleed into the mids nor bury the high
    frequencies. Junkie XL in the Mad Max Fury soundtrack is full of rumble and
    the hp2 plays them with ease and undistorted, your ears will be full of
    bass thunders and yet you can hear everything, the snares thins out just
    right while the bass is rumbling. Permutate by Haywyre is jaw dropping.
    Megalodon by KSHMR is so intense it puts a grind on your face. So
    electronic music is a major go!! While my guitar gently weeps by Santana &
    Yoyo ? The guitar is so present and the bass and overall clarity is just
    amazing, Yoyo's voice was a hint behind the overall sound but just a hint
    and only on this song but never the less well pronounced and clear and
    without errors. Now the high frequencies are a bit tamed but clear. Setting
    the EQ treble 6k up 2 notches, and the 16k up 5 notches leaving everything
    else flat did the trick just beautifully. The treble is not harsh at all.
    But how does it play Dance jazz and trumpets?... Well, surprisingly enough
    it sounds simply great. I played from the album Mundo Latino, the song
    Guaglione by Perez Prado and holy cow, the trumpets, the organs and the
    rest of those weird sounds came through with clarity and very smooth.
    Pianos play accurately just as it should. Now, Water Of Love by Dire
    Straits while it sounded very good, i find my Sony V6 plays this song with
    a 3D fashion sound topping the HP2. Bills, Bills, Bills by Destiny Child
    starts off by hitting high pitch bell ringing sound which sound fantastic
    and her voice is upfront center loud and clear. Think by Kaleida, plenty of
    sub bass and mid bass both distinguished and heard clearly with detail,
    her vocal smack in the center. Sentimentales Pyromaniaques by Pierre
    Bensusan, this song is all guitars and he makes different quarks with the
    strings and they sound simply engaging. There's a small hotel by The Ralph
    Sharon Trio, simply amazing!! Sub bass, the cello,piano just engaging.
    However some of Ralph's songs on this album (The magic of Richard Rodgers)
    does have strong cello playing and will come off a bit to pronounced but it
    can easily be tamed down by reducing the bass or covering one of the three
    small holes that on located on each ear cup. Yes, the HP2 have 3 small
    holes and so can the bass be tamed down as each are covered. To me, these
    RBH are enagaing and hot! It can obviously play various genres with easy
    and with energy.
    On a side note, when i first got them i found the treble to recessed and
    when removed the ear pads i found both center voice coil drivers pushed in,
    probably from the airplane pressure inside the cabin. To force them back
    out, all you have to do is put your mouth close as possible to the driver
    and exhale in, as sucking in air and it will quickly take its original
    shape. No harm done. Or simply return them to RBH for a replacement.
    In closing, these are a gem and sound very very good.
    As to the built, they are just good. The 3.5mm cable is very neat looking
    and very well done. Look at Zeo's review on these babies. I concur on his

    Now, as to my gear:
    Tube Amp Little Dot MK2 running the Super Tubes for power,
    the drivers are the Mullard M8161/CV4015 drivers.
    The Nobsound tube bass/treble preAmp with the Jan5654W driver tubes and my
    Sony Walkman ZX2 as the source for music. all played on AAC320kbps

    I find my setup to sound fantastic after much of tube rolling and have
    settled on the above listed tubes. The HP2 sound just awesome on tubes.
    Your mileage can vary.
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  13. involuntarysoul
    RBH sounds like a $300 can but build like a $50 one, can't have everything, also pad roll to a HM5 is a must, the original is too small for long period usage
  14. radiocalm
    So I thought I’d leave some quick opinions, I just bought this about ten days ago to be a kind of easy around the house headphone and a maybe workout headphone and I’m very happy with it. The build quality is a lot of plastic but I don’t think it’s going to break if that makes sense... it’s good enough to get the job done. It sounds really good for the money, it has a lot of bass though I don’t find it overwhelming. The highs and mids are decent again for the 140$ I spent. It doesn’t sound like my 650’s or my elear or my 846... I didn’t expect it would. It’s a fun, musical, guilty pleasure type of headphone and I’ve been happy with my ourchase of it. I find it sounds best with electronic/pop kinds of music and rock and metal has been good too. I think it’s one of the better values in its price range as long as you want fun and not accurate.
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  15. radiocalm
    One other thing I wanted to mention and I thought this was one of the coolest features of this particular headphone... it plays wonderfully straight out of my phone which is awesome and I have a number of amps/DACs I tried it through and it didn’t really change the level of sound quality from straight out of my iPhone, which is exactly what I wanted. Here’s why... I wanted something easy, something I could plug into my phone and hit play and be done and this is exactly what this headphone does. I find that sometimes I don’t have the time or energy with as much as I work to be taking amps out and plugging stuff in and switching out DACs etc. I just want to plug in and hit play and be finished. So this headphone doesn’t scale well, if at all, as you increase amp and source quality, which you would want in a high end headphone for sure but it fits my needs perfectly in what I intended it for and I always like it when a headphone sounds awesome out of my phone. Again I’ve really enjoyed it and it’s a lot of fun.
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