Razer Moray Possible Balance Issue
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May 10, 2013
                Hey, I have what seems to be a balancing issue with my Morays. It is either 95% on the left and 5% on the right when plugged into my phone, or 0% left and 100% right when plugged into my PC while watching Youtube but it is 95/5 with all other sounds. When it first started doing it (1 month ago) I just thought that the right speaker went out after 8 or so months (I only used them for on-the-go music). Is there anyway of fixing this? I plan on buying new headphones anyway but not for a while, and I do want mobile headphones.
EDIT: Also, I have been curious about what headphones would be the best. I was looking into the Siberia V2s, Krakens, and Electras. Which would be best for on-the-go and the best for backup gaming headphones?

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