Raysonic CD128
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Jul 30, 2005
The Raysonic sounds even better than it looks! I heard it demoed through a set of Omega speakers and was very impressed! I sat through an entire jazz cd and could not, and did not want to move. I just found myself enjoying the sound and forgeting about the equipment. The room must of had about 10-15 people and no one spoke a word. The music just drew you in. I'm not surprised that it was rated so high on 6moons.
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Originally Posted by logic /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Any body seen, tried and bought it ? Please share with us your comments if you have any. The player really looks beautiful.


There is another quite positive review of the Raysonic at Audiogon:

Yet another by an audioasylum inmate at :

However, I think there may be a risk that some people are too influenced by the appearance of the Raysonic, and they may make themselves believe that the sound equals the appearance (which you may, or may not like). This is how the asylum inmate begins :

"However, after reading the very professional review that 6 moons gave on it (Blue Moon) and looking at the amazing design (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) , and then looking through the photos of the interior layout and the quality of parts used I felt this was something I wanted on my Rack. I am not sorry. It of course is a tube hybrid with all the beauty of tube output combined with fabulous bass from the ss section. It is so much fun loading a disc as you have the same feeling of control as when you load a vinyl disc on its turntable."

In reply to this review there is a strong blanket rejection of the Raysonic by another asylum member who claims that the use of ASCR discredits the Raysonic. I am not sure that I know what ASCR is, but you may do.

"It is yet another CD source that uses asynchronous sample-rate conversion ("24b/96khz upsampling")- One feature that I'd personally avoid like the plague." Posted by Todd Krieger

There is also a not so positive review in a French Web magazine by a Marc Philip (who appears not to like any tube based CDP), but he is also comparing the Raysonic with a much more expensive Classé machine.

Marc PHILIP (said to be an independent journalist), was visiting Rotac électronique inc, a shop or importer in Québec.
In a French language web magazine, he likens its sound to that of the Shanling, and can't understand the present taste for valves in CD players.

Also when I raised the same question as the one here on a French site,
someone said they had heard the Raysonic in Belgium and found it very vague with rolled off highs, or typically tubey.

I have been told that the Raysonic does need a change of tubes (from the original EH 6922, which are not the best of tunes, to Sovtek 6h23s for example).

Even the 6Moons article describes the OS Raysonic as Push-pull-like, as compared to the NOS Consonance ref 2,2 Linear which would be more SET-like. Although, the reviewer does appear to prefer the Raysonic.
This difference could be due to the tube types : the Linear uses the 6H30 which is reputed not to be too warm or lush; or it could be due to the fact that the Linear is NOS, while the Raysonic is OS.

I would really like to see a review comparing the Ref 2,2 MKII which is OS, to the OS Raysonic, just to see whether the Raysonic's tubes are indeed giving it this push-pull sound.

(I would also like to see the NOS ref 2,2 Linear compared to the OS Ref 2,2, just so that we can really find out how NOS and OS differ, but that is a different question.)

When pressed a little, the Audiogon reviewer (mentioned above) seemed to think that the Raysonic might be better in an SS system. This could also indicate a slightly lush tube sound (although perhaps lush might be too strong a word).

I must insist that I have not heard the Raysonic and I am very much interested, as I need to change my CD player, but I am cautious.
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You're correct about the Raysonic - I have it in my home office system running into a PrimaLuna Prologue2 I/A. It is truly a reference level player that has great soundstaging, nice detail and a wide tonal range - a very balanced sound
. For reference, the Raysonic is the basis of Ayon's CD-1 which retails for about double the CD-128's asking price

It is precisely as you described with respect to how it simply draws you into the music without drawing attention to itself. Haven't done any tube rolling yet and really have no inclination to do so at this point.

It sounds equally good running into my Cayin HA-1A or my Yamamoto HA-02 as well. Some pics here ... http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr...49390&read&3&4&

Word on the street over here in Hong Kong (this unit is made right across the border) is that strong demand will push the price up a bit over the next few months.


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