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Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback ARCHIVE' started by qqq, Mar 10, 2009.
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  1. QQQ
    I sold rawrster some lod. Nice communication and quick transaction, recommended to deal with!
  2. kjk1281
    Rawrster purchased my SJ5 and Sansa e260. Excellent communication and payment was immediate. Highly recommended!
  3. scompton Contributor
    I sold Rawrster a pair of MeElectronics M6. Excellent communication and payment was immediate.
  4. Baines93
    Paulo and I did a trade. I traded him my Cowon D2 and accessories, for Denon D1001's, and a MiniBox-D.

    All went smoothly. Great communicator. Goods came very well packaged.

    Wouldn't hesistate to deal with him again [​IMG]

  5. bik2101
    sold a mini-mini cable. immediate payment and good communication. smooth transaction.
  6. jrosenth
    sold him a nuforce mobile icon in a perfect transaction

  7. jtsai
    Paulo sent me a pair of re0 biflange tips for free + shipping. Great communication and quick shipping, would gladly do business with him any day.
  8. Mad Max
    I bought a memoery card from rawrster. Smooth business, great communication.
    Thanks again!
  9. EraserXIV
    rawrster bought some silicone ear hooks from me. smooth transaction, gread head-fier. would deal with again!
  10. karma
    I met up with Paulo in-person to sell my triple.fi 10s. Fast and easy transaction. Would gladly deal with again.
  11. momomo6789 Contributor
    rawrster bought mini from me easy to deal with [​IMG]
  12. dc1
    Rawrster sold me his Klipsch S4 earphones. Fast and easy transaction, great communication, and overall a great person to deal with.
  13. jinp6301
    Met up with rawster to trade some tips. Great transaction and hope you like the tips.

    Get yourself to the next NYC meet! Its at bayside!
  14. tstarn06
    Sold a pair of T400s to Paulo. Good guy and HFer.
  15. Lil' Knight
    Sold Paulo a TF10 cable. Great person to make deal with. Highly recommended!
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