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Rate the video games you're currently playing

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by highflyin9, Oct 5, 2005.
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  1. GreenBow
    You're not going to believe this. Just played Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 and it was brilliant. (Actually though, a few of the positive reviews, say the same as me. Surprised.)

    Stunning graphics. Good missions, and a sense of palpability and immersion. E.g. when you're on a mission where you can not be detected, or the mission fails. The paitience and concentration to get it right, immersed me totally. Making the realism scary.

    Yes it still has minor bugs. Redshell has been removed.

    Good game! 8.4/10

    I liked SGW 1 and 2, so I knew what I was in for. However SGW3 has gone open world and it allows the played to go totally at their own pace. It allows play style of your own choice. The three open world maps are stunning too. Win - win.
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  2. chef8489
    I have it and am working on it. It's good so far. Reminds me a bit of Far Cry.
  3. Smooth_Trumpeteer
    I'm playing through Witcher 3: Blood and Wine expansion for the long gaming sessions and its freaking fantastic! Stunningly beautiful landscape and with the writing and story design i feel attached to the characters.

    For shorter sessions I'm playing Dungeons of the Endless a rogue-like dungeon crawler by Amplitude studios; It takes place in the same universe as Endless Space 1 and 2, and on the same planet as Endless Legend but it shows the origin of one of the Endless Legend factions the vaulters. I really enjoy it, it uses kind of a pixelated graphics theme, the levels only take 15-20 minutes per, the "Too Easy" mode is easy and the "Easy" mode is freaking hard and don't get me started on "Hard" Mode. For example I played about 10 attempts on Easy and made it through the first 5 levels before death, then played 2 games of "Too Easy" and beat it every time.
  4. noclevername
    Out of the last humble bundle I got A Hat in Time. Game at first glance looked really childish and silly, which it was, but the game actually was a lot of fun to play through. It is a 3D platformer similar to Spyro where the levels are very open to travel in.

    • Fun gameplay
    • Good movement mechanics
    • Graphics are good for the cartoon look they went for
    • Had a good story to the game
    • 10-20 hours of gameplay depending on if you want to 100% it or not
    • Good difficulty progression through the game
    • Some parts the camera angle just sucks. Some spots you get this off camera angle that can't be moved to get a better view. This doesn't happen often though
    • Few times felt like buttons were somehow hit twice. Such as jumping onto a high platform. You do a roll in the air to go out far to make it and land on the platform, the roll goes a 2nd time and sends you off the edge.
    Also decided to give Deathgarden a try. Deathgarden is made by the same people who made Dead by Daylight. Deathgarden is a 5v1, 5 runners vs 1 killer, fast action survival shooter of sorts game.

    • Goal is to complete 2 of the 3 objectives to open the exits
    • 3 runners exit the garden and the match is won
    • objectives are either hold points or deliver a key to a point
    • Runners are equipped with bows that can have a multitude of effects depending on which of the 3 classes you play
    • Runners can evade the killer by running up walls, trees, obstacles. They can vault and jump over object, crouch and slide into cover
    • Survivors can equip 2 perks to help a multitude of things from faster climbing to less damage when evading
    • Kill 3 runners to win the match
    • Killer has different guns to use. Two of which are selected for the match
    • Killer has multitude of abilities from tracking to more ammo at pickup spots etc.
    • Killer has to down 3 people to activate the blood post. The bloodpost is like the hook from DBD. If a survivor saves somebody off the bloodpost your counter starts again and you have to get 3 more downs to get somebody on the bloodpost.
    • When somebody is on the blood post you can kill them after a small amount of time has passed. It is at this time the runners can go in the for save. Killing a runner keeps the bloodpost active.
    Over all its a decent fast paced shooter hunted vs the hunter kinda game. Concept is not bad. Some minor balancing could be done in spots as usual. Matches can be quick as a few minutes to lasting half an hour when you get a good killer vs good runners. Right now it's worth a try as its free for the next 5 days. It won't be a game for everybody, but I feel it would hold a community that would enjoy games like TF2 and the sort.
  5. philipnl
    Formula One 2018 (PS4) - 8.5
    Contra ||| (SNES CLASSIC) - 9
  6. GreenBow
    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. 0/10.

    As you can probably guess I didn't play too much.
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  7. oqvist
    Why rate it if you have no impressions on it?
  8. BunnyNamedCraig
    Funny because I would usually just give my impressions of a game, but not give the rating...

    The title of the thread is “give a rating” so he adheared to the guidelines!
  9. flareburst
    God of War- 9/10

    The new one for the PS4 honestly feels quite different from the ones in the past but still really enjoyable. The graphics are no joke.
  10. GreenBow
    Dying Light.
    - swing a weapon at the start of the game ten times and it's worn out - a metal wrench wears out from hitting zombies. ................... Are you serious?
    - you can repair your worn out weapon a few times with metal parts. In other words you're carrying a welding kit around. (Oxy-acetylene torch and tanks etc.) ...... Really!

    - you can run long distances. Swing a wrench maybe five times and you can't swing again until you regain some stamina. ............. Recognise the pattern!

    Other than that it's not too bad, and you do have some good times. Apart from one other problem I have with it. It's a cheap death game, that steals your survival points.
  11. Smooth_Trumpeteer
    Im playing my way through AC: Odyssey right now and really enjoying it. Combat is good, movement feels fine most of the time. I love exploring the world. Lots of small gripes about things and the retarded horse. Solid 7 or 8 out of 10.
  12. JR1911
    Here's some of the games I'e recently been playing, all on a PS4 Pro:

    Alienation 8/10
    Frantic, fast-paced twinstick shooter. It offers a good challenge, though towards the end it gets a bit grindy.

    Pic-a-Pix Color 6/10
    A simple picross puzzle game offering a total of 150 puzzles. Good fun if you like these sort of puzzles.

    Cat Quest 8/10
    A charming little open-world rpg game full of cat puns.

    Child of Light 9/10
    One of the most beautiful games I've ever played, an absolute delight.
  13. illram
    Black Ops 4:
    Blackout is a 9/10. I'm having so much fun.
    Regular Multiplayer is a 7/10, will get better once they iron out the balancing between the specialists and guns, and finalize the networking which is currently hit or miss
  14. blackdragon87
    Read Dead Redemption 2



    About 30 percent complete, a bit slow in the beginning however I enjoy the environment and the interactions. Just hit st Denis, chapter 4
  15. blackdragon87



    Completed the game really enjoyed it. Was fun playing in a virtual nyc. Liked the story and the different side missions. Looking forward to a sequel
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