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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

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  1. oqvist
    Dark City with Kiefer Sutherland?. Yes that was a very nice surprise. I loved the dark mood of it.
  2. alphaphoenix


  3. Audio-Omega
    Red Cliff - 7/10
    The full version. 
  4. blackcoffeex1
    Robin Hood (2010). 3/10.
  5. David
    Agree on Robin Hood.
    Ridley Scott can make anything look good, but boy does he suck all the fun out of things.
    Actually making Russell Crowe look bad??????? Twice. Gladiator wasn't really that interesting.
    We can just thank out lucky stars that he didn't get Master and Commander. That would have been criminal.
    To recharge my medievalism mojo, I treated myself to Sean Bean's Black Death.
    Everything Robin Hood wasn't. (Including "heard of" :)  )
  6. wje
    Jackass #3.  7/10 scale.
  7. Audio-Omega
    The Nativity Story - 6/10
    Its music score is good.  
  8. Calexico
    Ink - 7/10
    Interesting story, VERY corny/unrealistic dialogue.
  9. Satellite_6
    Ink was pretty good, I've seen that.
    I watched a movie called Monsters yesterday, it was really good methinks.
    Not very good reviews, but sci-fi films always seem underrated for some reason.
  10. Proglover


    Gladiator wasn't really that interesting?! [​IMG]
    Damn, it's not interesting, it's a masterpiece. Popular/commercial/Hollywood or not, it's a masterpiece in my book.
    Didn't like Robin Hood and Master and Commander though.
  11. Satellite_6
    Gladiator was awesome and Ridley Scott is the best director EVAR. :)
    If you liked Gladiator check out Kingdom of Heaven.
  12. Proglover
    Well, I liked Kingdom of Heaven a lot less, it was a fun watch, but not nearly the masterpiece Gladiator is
    Liked King Arthur also.
    Although I wouldn't say Scott's THE best director ever, when he makes a movie, I'm interested, that's for sure. He f*cked up Robin Hood though. But in general, he makes very likable movies,
  13. Satellite_6
    Oh yeah, the new Robin Hood sucked.
  14. David
    Have to wind my neck in a bit :) (Phew....Really glad I didn't mention the Wa... Bladerunner....)
    But still not a Director I'd revere.
  15. DLeeWebb Contributor
    "The Fighter" [7.7/10]: The performances were great, no question that Christian Bale was amazing. Maybe I have a short attention span, but I seemed to know the story before I saw the story. It just didn't hold my interest. Somewhat overrated in my opinion. I enjoyed "Black Swan," "True Grit," "Social Network," "Inception," and "The King's Speech" a lot more.
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