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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

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  1. apatN Contributor
    The King's Speech - A film that is not really much surprising, but on the other hand tends to keep your attention, in a subtle way. 85/100
  2. Calexico
    Stranger than Fiction - 8/10
    Awesome movie.  My friend compiled a list of similar movies: ‎"(500) Days of Summer, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Stranger Than Fiction, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and Yes Man (If Yes Man were a good movie)"
    I liked 500 Days of Summer, Stranger than Fiction, and Scott. Pilgrim vs. The World.  Saw Eternal Sunshine when I was too young to remember and I've never seen Yes Man.  My friend says its the mercurial girl genre.  Gotta love rebel women.
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  3. Proglover
    agreed, Stranger than Fiction and 500 days of summer, great movies. Eternal Sunshine and Scott Pilgrim just didn't do it for me though.
  4. virometal Contributor

    I often hear it referred to as the "manic pixie dream girl genre."  The trendy particular set of dramedies with a protagonist infatuated with a slightly loopy, yet wise, individualist indie girl. 
    Spotless Minds is a movie I love and one of the best of the 00's. Also, it's the so far apex for director Michel Gondry, whom a  few years later helmed another similar, great film by the name of ThScience of Sleep. I'll pretend he never touched The Green Hornet!
  5. alphaphoenix
    Yes.  Thumbs up for "Stranger than Fiction."  [​IMG] A very underrated film despite starring Will.  It had the same effect on me as "The Truman Show."
  6. Planar_head
    Reservoir Dogs: 9/10

    A fine movie, with a fine story, and all shot on that beautiful film... ASA 50 film, how classy is that!

    It ain't perfect, but to be completely honest, I could watch this at least twice more and still come away satisfied.
  7. J W
    Bright Future  8/10.
    Not genre for K. Kurosawa. I personally love Kurosawa's style, so it would be hard for me to rate any of his works too low.
  8. tdockweiler
    He's one of my favorite directors. I highly suggest his recent movie "Tokyo Sonata". Here's the trailer:
    The Japanese DVD release has horrible picture quality and it's now available in the USA, so I'll probably buy it again.
    I also love "Charisma", but not so much his horror movies.

  9. alphaphoenix
    Ink - 9/10.  A very imaginative story line.  I was entertained from start to finish.  It was kind of a cross between Dark City and Inception without the huge production budget.
  10. Uncle Erik Contributor
    "Pick of Destiny," 4/10.

    Amusing enough and some genuinely funny cameos, but it came across as a one-note joke stretched out for 90 minutes. I didn't entirely hate it, but I can't really recommend it, either.
  11. rhythmdevils
    Just saw Ghostbusters again.  Awesome movie!  I love a lot of the dialogue and Bill Murray is awesome.  There are a few things I don't like about it though, the use of Sigourney Weaver because she scares me, and the black character, which always feels a bit racist to me.  There's three smart white guys and then this black character who just kind of tags along, doesn't know what he's doing, and pretty much just supports the white guys.  But that happens in a lot of movies...
  12. dscythe


    heh, i'm not surprised you gave it a low rating, but I love that movie lol
  13. tdockweiler
    Swallowtail Butterfly - 10/10
    This is a Japanese movie directed by Shunji Iwai who also directed "All About Lilly Chou-Chou" and "Hana and Alice". I first saw this back when I was 17 (now 30!) and was obsessed with watching foreign films, especially those from Asia. The movie was so hard to find back then that it was only available on a VCD from Hong Kong. I believe it was released on VCD by a director in Hong Kong! Years later they re-released it on DVD at a discounted price and I bought it but never got around to watching it. When I originally saw it on VCD I was glued to the TV set and I later became a fan of Chara the singer. Most probably don't know who she is, but she was already a famous singer when she made this movie and I think she won an award for her role in this movie. They even formed a band just for this movie.
    So anyway, I finally watched it on DVD last night and it's still as good as I remember, if not better. This movie is really something else. First, you can't put this movie into any single genre. It's basically a bit of everything. One interesting thing is that it's one of the only Japanese movies I've seen that's 75% in english. Not dubbed! I've never seen so many different races and languages in a movie before. Every actor does equally well and it feels like everything was done in one take. It's shot entirely with hand held cameras. What's interesting is that there is actually a well known (maybe not so much now) Hong Kong actor in here too. It's Andy Hui and you can't really tell because his face is painted during his scenes. There's even a few Caucasian actors in there and they're kind of funny because one of them complains that his parents are both American, but he was raised in Japan and can't speak a word of English! Most of them speak Japanese (not dubbed) and most of the Japanese actors speak Chinese or English. Can't say I've seen that before!
    The movie is available on a region 2 import DVD, but it does have English subtitles for the foreign languages. DVD picture quality is not very good. Here's the wiki link:
    The DVD was only $25USD, but is probably cheaper now. Most Japanese discs directly from Japan are usually $40 on average. I use the Japanese Amazon store. They ship to the USA!
    I was surprised to find that it got nominated for a ton of awards. The movie is 2 1/2 hours long, but there is supposed to be a 467 minute version of it, but it's unreleased. Darn!
    Check this movie out if you can. I also highly suggest "Twilight Samurai" and the ten hour trilogy "The Human Condition"! Both of them are released in the USA.
  14. matthewh133
    Machete - 9/10. Great movie. Non-stop, over-the-top action with beautiful women. Good fun. Not what you'd call oscar material but it sure was enjoyable.
  15. Calexico
    Hohoho I loved both Dark City and Inception.  This will be a must see.

    You're talking about this right?
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