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  1. Anaxilus


    Kristen Stewart+clothes=FAIL.  Though 'The Yellow Handkerchief' wasn't bad I admit.  If you like stripper movies of substance I recommend 'Closer' and 'The Wrestler'.  
  2. SoupRKnowva


    haha i dont have a thing for stripper movies, just kristen stewart, though ive seen closer, and ive always meant to watch the wrestler, thanks for reminding me, itll go on the netflix queue now
  3. Anaxilus
  4. Calexico
    Sleeper - 9/10
    Funniest movie I've ever seen.
  5. SoupRKnowva
    Let Me In 4/5
    Its very good, and if i hadnt seen the original, i would probably have rated it higher. but Let the Right One In, is better in almost every way. The most glaring definciency of the new one is that its too obvious. let the right one in knew how to be subtle, this one doesnt, though maybe thats just becuase of the american audience it was targeted at. At times i thought the girl in the new one was better at playing a 12 year old girl, but the girl in the original was always better at being a vampire. 
    still one of the better remakes ive seen. lets just hope the girl with the dragon tattoo remake is as good...
  6. Br777


    well im curious as its hard to find a good comedy these days..
    please help me out. there are like 13 movies on IMDB called sleeper.  which one are you referring to?
  7. tru blu
    Lebanon - 6.5/10
    Really good, visually-stimulating idea for a war film (viewing the world from the closed quarters of an armored tank), but I dunno…there's something a bit manipulative (at least, I thought so) about the way the plot unfolds. Worth watching anyway…
  8. apatN Contributor
    I never got the magic about Let The Right One In. Could someone explain?
  9. Calexico
    The Woody Allen film.

  10. SemiAudiophile

    I had no idea it was a remake. I was a bit confused of the titles. I will need to check out the original sometime. 
  11. DLeeWebb Contributor
    "The King's Speech" [9.3/10]: The acting is everything. I don't think that better performances could have been given by any other combination of actors. Interesting personal glimpse into the lives of the great and famous and into a little-known but significant footnote to history. By revealing the struggles and challenges faced by them it makes the historic figures involved seem more human. Excellent film...
  12. addo
    The Producers- 9.5/10
    Ive seen the remake and it was good, but the original (1968) was amazing. So funny
  13. pigmode


    Yeah, the "he turned into a roach" was hilarious.
  14. Uncle Erik Contributor
    2001, 10/10

    I've seen it before, but recently re-watched it on Blu-Ray on my new HDTV. Wow! It looks incredible! And the content is just as good as it's ever been.

    Still not as good as the time I got to see it on the bigscreen. There used to be a neat theater in Century City that showed classics and foreign movies. My uncle took me when I was a kid and that blew me away. I sure wish there were more movie houses that screened classics.
  15. dirkpitt45
    Memento -- 9/10
    Loved this movie, it jumps around a lot though and I was so confused for the first 20 or so minutes. 
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