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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

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  1. leninwtigger


    Good point.
    Now that I think about it, even the music for Ghost Rider was bad.
  2. Br777
    burlesque - 5/10 - 4 points for watching christina shake around in skimpy clothes for 2 hours, 1 for her voice.  -  Horrible movie. 
  3. DLeeWebb Contributor
    "Bridge On The River Kwai" [9.5/10]: Love this movie, always have...first time that I've watched it in awhile and I enjoyed it as much as ever...
  4. Calexico
    Kill Bill Volume 2 - 8/10
    Stylish as always.
  5. David
    Hot Tub Time Machine -
    This really makes it on the "It's a John Cusack and really hoping it's good this time, and finding it far better than expected" standard.
    If only. If only some moronic focus-group following like a sheer absolute GIT of a studio meddler had not insisted on the gross out, barfing etc that we apparently all demand these days, it might have been a quiet little cult builder.
    Equally it might have been self-inflicted. In which case, there's not a lot we can do.
    "While we respect Cusack, and count Grosse Pointe Blank as one of the highlights of cinematic art.
    If he was to come round The Larches and start shooting a movie with Jim Carrey and the Wayanses in dresses and whiteface, we'd have to say: "Oi, Cusack! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    We do not want that low standard of Gerry Springer Chav audience standard so called comedy sullying our screens.....(continued in the you tubes, except actually funny...it's time all these sketches got another airing - favourite is a toss-up between Wales and Hill) "
    The nerdy kid stole all his scenes. And Rob. Dial it back a bit. Seriously.
    We do demand Farrelyness all the time, don't we?....
    Reassuring answering silence and tumbleweed / prairie winds suggests it's not just me who doesn't like it. :)
    Black and White Bob Binge.
    Night of The Hunter.
    Charles Laughton's one stab at directing. Robert Mitchum letting loose for once.
    Normally I love his style. Cruising through a film and owning it without all the twitching and histrionics that pass for acting now.
    But when he does act. God...
    His Kind of Woman
    Absolutely bonkers. I don't want to spoiler it, but Bob in normal mode v Evil surprising star being badass and Vincent Price doing a Sir Alexander Dane, long before Rickmanning was invented, and Jane "Proper Film Star" Russell.
  6. SemiAudiophile
    Let Me In - 7.8/10 
    Another vampire love story with children. Chloe Moretz (aka Hit Girl) is amazingly talented young actress.
    Never Let Me Go - 8.5/10
    Just a beautifully-made film. 
  7. matthewh133
    Sherlock Holmes - 7/10
    Entertaining, funny at times but not what I'd call a great movie. Watching Gran Torino tonight, hopefully this will be a fun one.
  8. Anaxilus

    If you are a proper Aussie and not overrun by PC like we are in the States you will love it.  Classic Clint!
  9. matthewh133

    PC? I'll report back in he morning with what I thought.
  10. Proglover


    yeah, that's a great movie
  11. Proglover
    Had a nice double movie saturday night with the girl:
    The Fighter
    7.5 very nice movie, great role by Christian Bale, which should definitely bring him the Oscar for best supporting actor
    The King's Speech
    8.5 simply one of the best movies of the year, excellent leading role by Colin Firth, almost my Oscar movie favorite this year
  12. matthewh133


    Ok watched it last night. It was excellent. I love how no matter how old they make Clint's character look and seem, he's still such a badass lol. 8.5/10.
  13. apatN Contributor
    Letters From Iwo Jima - 70/100
    I had expected so much more of this film. Supposedly this is a film about WW2 from a Japanese perspective, but Clint Eastwood doesn't fool me. The concept was interesting but Eastwood has proven he is but a Hollywood director. Also, the film would have been better if it was shorter and didn't have so many subplots. Not impressed and as a film an sich it really doesnt deserve the score I am giving it. It was just interesting enough to justify the 70/100 score imo.
  14. xXFallenAngelXx
    I love you Beth Cooper...7/10 not bad ..pretty funny at times but nothing special
  15. Anaxilus
    Sanctum - 6/10  Really cheesy acting and scripting.  Not sure if Cameron is taking cues from Lucas in the directing dept.  Then again I guess he didn't actually 'direct' it.  Gets a '6' for great 3D underwater cinematography that speaks to the diver in me.  Ioan Gruffud was the most over the top, overacted American character I've ever seen.  Far cry from his work as Horatio Hornblower.
    The Eagle - 8/10  Ending almost knocks it to 7.5/10 for me.  Good cinematography and the movie just speaks to the military historian in me.  Nothing gets in the way too much or becomes a fatal flaw.
    Just go with It - 7.75/10  Adam Sandler returns to form making good Sandler movies.  Only gets docked for predictable ending but otherwise could be 8/10. 
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