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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

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  1. Br777
    let me in 6.5/10 -  tough to rate b/c it is trying to be so much like the original(let the right one in) - which is not a bad thing -   but its hard to be objective about rating it as its own movie, rather than just comparing it to the original - and the original was a masterpiece.
    that said... the original was  clearly better.  The remake was very similar, but acting wasnt as good, and small parts that were changed were better in the original.  the overall artistic feel of the original was what made it so brilliant, and let me in did not capture it very well.   lots of subtleties were lost, the feel was lost. 
    all that said...,Chloe Marantz is IMO beginning her career similarly to nataly portman.  she is an amazing young actress.   I cant wait to see more of her.  I hope she continues to choose more eccentric roles rather than becomming a "mainstream" actress.
  2. BobSaysHi

    I felt the exact same way.
  3. Br777
    127 hours  - 7/10 -    good acting, amazing story, but you can only go so far with basically 1 character.
    Secretariat - 6/10 - not the best acting, but a decent story.  a fun family disney movie.  nothing special
  4. Proglover

  5. virometal Contributor
    J W:

    Hey J W, whatcha doin' on Broadway man? Don't tell me you're a part of that cursed Spider-Man production? 
  6. Rip N' Burn
    Due Date 8.5/10
    Had a whole bunch of laughs but Zach has become a typecast character. Similar performance to his role in The Hangover.
  7. joomongj
    Little Fockers - 7/10. Mindless silly entertainment. Enjoyed it. Had some pretty good laughs.
  8. Br777
    the talented mr. ripley  - just saw this for the first time. 9/10 - great movie all around.
    the tourist - 8.5/10 - had very low expectations for this movie...it seemed like an excuse to put angelina and mr. depp in the same movie, and not much more...  i expected it to have a crappy plot..and at first it certainly did...  but.. something happened...This movie set out to do something, and they did it very well. i wont say anymore than that.. sufficed to say it was actually great. 
  9. matthewh133
    Defiance - 9/10. Great movie. Daniel Craig is an excellent actor IMO, and it was a touching story, especially the fact it was based on a true story. Highly recommended.
  10. tdockweiler
    Conviction - 9/10
    It's such a shame that a movie as good as this didn't even show up in theaters here. I kept waiting and waiting..and nothing. It took me a half hour to get into it, but it was worth buying.
    Gold Rush (Charlie Chaplin) - 7/10
    Probably my least favorite Chaplin film. Lots of funny parts though. My favorite is "Modern Times" and then 'City Lights". Everyone should see at least one Chaplin film in their lifetime!
  11. Proglover


    I enjoyed that movie, wouldn't rate it with a 9, more a 7, but yes, good watch, touching story
  12. J W


    Nothing like. And the reviews have been awful, haven't they? Can't say I'm all that surprised.
    The Name of the Rose. 8/10. I quite enjoyed it, though I wondered at times how well it would develop. It's lengthy and lacks much depth. Sean Connery was terrific, however.
    Horror Express. 7/10.This shouldn't need any explanation. I'd feel terribly guilty rating it much higher.
    The Last Man on Earth. 7.75/10. These kinds of movies obviously take a likable actor to be successful. Vincent Price is likable, I think, but seems a slightly odd fit considering some of his other roles. But maybe not, I'm not positive on that. Regardless, I liked it and I think the movie works.
    I still prefer Charlton Heston -- a favorite of mine, mind you -- in The Omega Man, though.
  13. matthewh133
    Zombieland - 7/10. Decently entertaining, but far from what I'd call an "excellent movie".
  14. leninwtigger


    I'll say a 6/10, story makes little sense.
    Ghost Rider Extended Version 4/10. Mediocre plot, fair acting, plot holes all over the place. Bad effects. I don't know why I wanted to watch it.
  15. matthewh133


    What story? [​IMG]
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