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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

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  1. addo
    Apocalypse now redux- 8/10
    A classic, a bit on the long side, but kept me on my seat for the 3 hour and 15 min duration.
  2. dscythe

    Amazing movie, I watched it for the first time a few days ago
  3. DLeeWebb Contributor
    "Disaster On K2" [Documentary] [7.8/10]: Amazing what risks people will take just to feel that they are "alive." What a tragedy...what a story of endurance.
  4. warubozu
    Ip Man 2 - 8/10
    I haven't watched the first one so I didn't know what to expect from this movie. I enjoyed it and the movie has some good fighting scenes.
  5. mr56k
    Red - 8/10
              Just watched this last night. Really enjoyed it. Stars Bruce Willis.  
  6. tdockweiler
    Schindler's List - 9.5/10
    Plan on watching "Night and Fog" and "Shoah" this week also. I haven't seen Schindler's List in nearly 10 years, so this time it was even better.
  7. Ttvetjanu
    Spirited Away - 8.6/10
    Very nice animation story with the lovable japanese quirkyness.
    Howl's Moving Castle - 8.0/10
    Not quite as good as spirited, but still very high standard. Enjoyable movie for sure.
  8. apatN Contributor


    I watched the Redux also for the first time and I have a hard time sitting still for over 3 hours. In the end it was worth it, but I rather see the original version.
  9. fuseboxx
    Henry Cavill Cast As Superman In Zack Snyder's Reboot

    one reboot after another...


    Nolan is going to "have a lot of creative input" in the projejct... so that's a good sign. Maybe it will be sort of a Superman version of his Batman films - with Zach Snyder visual style. Starting to sound good... 
  10. virometal Contributor
    ^ I'm skeptical. First, I bet Nolan's name is a cash in, and the "creative input" is bogus. CN probably has some kind of back end deal going. Second, I don't like the idea of Snyder with a coffee table franchise such as Superman. I like the guy, own all his movies on disc but think this style is a bit, well juvenile. Maybe that's the point though. The bean counters want the kids, which Snyder will deliver. Five minutes in, we'll have the slow mo, then speed up action shot, all the while wind flutters Lois Lane's skirt, exposing a thong. 
    Hope I'm wrong of course. I would love a killer Superman reboot, esp. after the yuk last attempt. That was a dreadful exercise.
    I watched a lovely little Mexican slice of life piece by the name of Alamar.. It chronicles a time between divorced, earthen father and son, before the child and mother leave to make a new life in Rome. It's a threadbare piece, borderline documentary. The viewer is set adrift in the world of native fisherman and their simple way of life. Pretty fascinating, if one is to that sort of thing. 7/10
  11. tdockweiler
    Red - 5/10
    Hated every minute of this movie. I was pretty close to turning it off. I'm not too picky either. I'm not saying it's bad, just didn't like it. Isn't this based off a comic book? Maybe that's why. I usually hate most of them.
    Even "The Losers". Good thing i'm not a movie critic..
    Sea Wolves - 7/10
    Many scenes seem pointless and serve no real purpose for the movie. This is an old Gregory Peck war movie. Worth sitting through for the last half an hour. Basically it made me want to watch "The Guns of Navarone" again.
    This is one of the few movies I think i've seen in the past, but have totally forgotten about.
  12. 3six5
    The Shawshank Repemption 
    10/10! such a great movie.  Very long and not one bit boring.
  13. fuseboxx


    Nolan isn't directing it, but the whole concept of the film is rooted in the idea that David Goyer pitched to Nolan, which Nolan pitched to WB. Considering that Goyer and Nolan have collaborated for the entire Batman reboot, it's very likely that Nolan has had and will continue to have a significant influence on how the characters are going to be portrayed and how the story will develop... especially considering that the screenwriting team for this film is the same team that wrote Nolan's Batman series: That would be David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan.

    Snyder is directing it; but he wasn't there at the birth of the project, so he'll more or less just be executing Goyer and Nolan's vision of this Superman. What vision or idea that is, we have no clue yet, but considering what they did with the Batman franchise, I'm all for them doing this.
  14. virometal Contributor
    That is exactly the reason I'm skeptical about that credit. To me, C. Nolan aligned a handshake. Will get a cut, and now Warner Bro's will use his name in promotion. I read nothing there to dissuade me of that. Maybe I'm just too cynical. 
    The point about Goyer is well taken. He is highly regarded. I have enjoyed most everything he has been associated with. Snyder, eh you know my opine. It would be good if WB reigns him in a bit and not let Superman become merely Super Punch. Ha, get it! 
  15. FallenAngel Contributor
    Just saw Black Swan - I'd give it a 9/10.  It was an incredible movie; edgy, sexy, and beautiful!  I loved the progression and inner struggle of the main character, absolutely beautiful!
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