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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

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  1. grokit

    It's kind of funny that you misspelled heroin when describing a movie with a female protagonist [​IMG]
  2. apatN Contributor
    Not being a native speaker I had to look that one up. Ha, it was an honest mistake. Heroin is heroine in Dutch... ;p
  3. Proglover


    he's from Drenthe in Holland, the guy doesn't have any clue on what heroin is:p
    no seriously apatN, best part of Holland, there's actually some space left there:)
  4. Proglover
    ^ sorry for that, shamelessly offtopic
    movies, watched How to train your dragon again tonight, on blu ray.
    wonderful watch!
  5. apatN Contributor


    You'd be surprised about the drugs scene here in Groningen-City, really... Anyway, I had no idea a female hero was a heroine. :wink:
  6. Calexico
    Children of Men - 8/10
    This is my second time watching it.  Such a great movie.  I don't know why I don't enjoy it more...  Some great camerawork and a very dramatic story.
  7. logwed


    I liked it better the second time, too. I absolutely loved the King Crimson and the nod to Pink Floyd both times, though :)
  8. Zanardi


    That's one I think I need to purchase it's so good.  Great movie!
  9. Zanardi
    Though not a movie, I've plowed through Deadwood since I didn't watch it initially on HBO.  I'm going to go out on a limb and declare it one of the best TV shows ever; each character is just so rich.  
  10. virometal Contributor

    Absolutely, first the BD is fantastic, with one really great special featurette, which details the already legendary single cam, car interior scene. I loved, loved that movie. 
    I watched a pretty "fudged" up movie by the name of Dogtooth. Really, it's best to go in blind and lose oneself in the "fudged" up'ness. Recommended for those that are open minded to such things; easy to grab now on Netflix Instant and is nominated for a best Foreign Language Academy Award.  8/10
  11. gopack87
    The Town- 7.5/10  I enjoyed this movie for the most part.  Hamm and Affleck were great and the some of the action scenes were exciting but overall I thought the story wasn't the most original and the ending was sorta hard to believe. 
  12. MrMet
    just saw the mechanic. 7/10
    uummm dont want to say too much about the movie, seeing as how it just came out. it was good. lots of action. the movie does what its supposed to do, which is entertain. plot wont blow you away. it is along the lines of typical man flick.
    btw: CGI blood takes away from the coolness of everything.
  13. attika89
    Gia -> 9/10
    I don't really know what to say about it. I think most of you are familiar with it...I like this movie very much..it is about a young drug addict top model Gia Carangi...one of the first true 'top models' in the late '70s..the movie tells her story very good and the ending is beautiful...
    I haven' seen every movie with Angelina Jolie in it but I think this was her best so far...
    Girl Interrupted -> 8/10
    I liked this movie too, but that much
  14. tdockweiler
    Anne Frank (BBC TV version) - 8/10
    I prefer the 2001 version with Ben Kingsley
    127 Hours - 8.75/10
    It's hard to rate a movie like this. I did not enjoy it, but obviously, who would? One scene is kind of hard to watch.
    I liked this a lot, but I don't know if it's one I could sit through again. What's stupid is that it took FOREVER for this movie to make it's way here.
    It's not the theaters not wanting to play it, but the movie studios not wanting to show it in small cities! They do this all the time and I always blamed it on the theater.
  15. Confispect


    My favirote part of this is when they switch cars and look at the cop....who looks at them with there ak's and such and turns away. Priceless. Ben got this one.
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