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  1. Confispect
    Indeed it was interesting for some odd reason and oddly entertaining even if your not a fan of Facebook you should like it. I think everyone likes to here a good story and there's succeeds my question was is it all true......
  2. kingtz
    Watched Toy Story 3. Having never seen parts 1 and 2, I went in expecting a light-hearted kids' movie. This movie was actually quite serious, and some of the themes quite mature. Also very sad and let's just say that someone must've left the window open and let in some salty ocean breeze that stung my eyes.
  3. Proglover


    Go watch 1 and 2, fast:)
  4. roadcykler
    Just got home from seeing True Grit and I found it outstanding. Don't recall seeing the first one but I'm sure I did many years ago but this one isn't a remake of that anyway. Now I'm gonna have to read the book. Jeff Bridges and the girl who played his employer were very good, especially the girl. 
  5. Tomoyo
    Black Swan... super bonerkiller but 9/10 for me.
  6. matthewh133


  7. Proglover
    The Kids are allright 7.5
  8. Paganini Alfredo


    Perhaps he wanted a more explicit sex scene/nudity? [​IMG]
  9. dscythe
    Pan's Labyrinth. Amazing 9.5/10
  10. Proglover


     great movie
  11. Confispect
    ^ I've heard good things about it as well I'll have to go check it out.
  12. virometal Contributor
    ^ Heh, nice avy; take it you like that album then?
    I've been catching up with some of the more relatively obscure films from the EOY lists. The first I partook was I Am Love, which is an Italian melodrama with Tilda Swinton in the lead. First is Ms. Swinton the most exemplary actress working today? For this role she learned Russian then Italian. It was for her character who is a Russian emigrant to Italy. But more than that, I can't think of anyone else  whom can do so much with so little. That is a great thespian. It's in the subtle wince or the way the body leans. The viewer will naturally draw a conclusion without so much of a spoken word. 
    As for the movie, I loved it. It's incredibly lush, with wide shots of Italian villa's, aristocratic households, and gourmet dishes - a movie made for Blu-ray. Underneath the beauty there is unspoken longing, common to upper class betrayals. All stuff that's right in my wheelhouse. It may be a bit too soapy for some. Too bad, it's a movie that draws dramatically very close to the viewer. 9/10
  13. Confispect
    The album is great, congrats.
    Charlie And The Chocolate Factory 8/10
    Still the same weird/entertaining movie.
  14. apatN Contributor
    Christiane F. - 72/100
    Brrr... a very realistic film about a 14 year old drug addict. Sat on the edge of my seat as it was a very intense story but I have to agree with critics who say there is hardly any plot. In the film things just "happen". I feel that more effort had to be made to make certain scenes more clear. The choices Christiane makes are not logical at all, though fortunately I am not a heroine junkie so who am I to say. Still, I think it would have been better to visualise a theme instead of events of Christiane. 
  15. Calexico
    I had so little interest in it that I didn't even finish it.  I think I finish over 99% of the movies I begin (excluding something on TV or watching with friends), and I've tried watching Pan's Labyrinth twice without success.  I even finished 21 Grams, which I wholeheartedly rate a 0/10...

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