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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

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  1. Ttvetjanu
    Requiem for a Dream is great, in my opinion better than black swan (which I think I gave over 9?). The Wrestler was also very good.
  2. Proglover
    I liked Requiem more then The Wrestler and also then Black Swan.
    At least with Requiem I didn't have to be so freaking afraid for those terrible visual horrors in Aranofsky's style. It ruins the experience of watching his interesting stories for me. There's something terrifying in his style I simply can't get comfortable with.
  3. Calexico
    October Sky - 8/10
    Better than I remembered.  Heartwarming!  I read the book a long time ago too as a kid... I wonder if it's worth revisiting.
  4. grokit
    If you're looking to kill some more time BobSaysHi (or anyone), Dustin Hoffman has some great old flicks worth checking out. Besides the well-known Midnight Cowboy (Schlesinger) and The Graduate, I liked a couple of his old action flicks, Marathon Man (Schlesinger again) with Laurence Olivier and Papillon with Steve McQueen. And a couple of powerful, well-regarded off-the-beaten-path types as well, Straw Dogs (Peckinpah) and Little Big Man. Extra personal props for Papillon and Little Big Man but they are all highly recommended, enjoy!
  5. virometal Contributor
    I would recommend him something then I saw he had American Beauty rated higher than Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. To me, that is akin to rating a Big Mac higher than a well made filet mignon. 
    ESotSM is one of the great works of nought cinema. It painted  one's memory of a relationship, as it is really were - the random firing of neurons, the piecemeal reconstruction of a time together; how one parcels the emotions and projects their own weaknesses upon the other.
    American Beauty was an award pampering ode to mid-life crisis; a juicy subject to be sure. I enjoyed the movie, but it's no cinema verite. 
    Definitely, definitely check out The Wrestler next. It is a companion piece to Black Swan. In fact, the two were originally conceptualized as two parts of the same film.
    After that, I would hit Pi then head sequentially through his still smallish filmography. BTW, he will direct the next Wolverine movie, so we'll see how he handles a big budget tent pole. 
  6. BobSaysHi


    Your points are valid, and I would agree with you, but I'd like to add that I am only 17 and have never really been in love. I can't really enjoy Sunshine as much as much as you because I can't relate.
    Anyway, I'll get to watching that long list of titles you mentioned. It'll probably take a couple months.
    Korean movie "Old School"

    A Beautiful Mind

    Clerks I and II

    Memento (9/10) (I loved this movie, but it doesn't have any replay value IMO)

    Das Leben der Anderen (9.5/10) (Made a real impression on me)

    The Motorcycle Diaries


    Hotel Rwanda

    Into the Wild


    Man on the Moon (Carrey's best acting role on my opinion)

    The Usual Suspects (Kevin Spacey!) (8/10) (acting was superb)

    The Namesake

    The Shipping News (Kevin Spacey)

  7. maximosa
    Thanks for the recommendations folks. Going to order The Wrestler and Requiem on blu-ray. 
    The more I think about the more I realise I enjoyed Black Swan, but I have to agree with Proglover about horror aspects stopping me concentrating on what is happening - there is a ten minute section of the film that is like non-stop AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!
  8. Calexico
    In Good Company - 9/10
    I was afraid my memories of this movie were better than the actual thing, so I was reluctant about revisiting it, but alas! it's just as great as I remember.  Funny and touching.
    I completely forgot that Alex and Carter didn't get back together though!  What's up with that?  And still love the Iron & Wine at the end.  Trapeze Swinger is my favorite song by him and I first heard Iron & Wine in this movie.
  9. melomaniac Contributor
    just got around to watching SOMEWHERE.
    as a loving portrait of a black ferrari, I'd rate it 9/10
    as a not so loving portrait of Nicholas Cage (the director's uncle), it's perhaps 7/10
    but as a movie about Hollywood and LA, it sucks: 1/10.
  10. Confispect
    Black Swan was indeed weird...
  11. tdockweiler
    All Good Things - 7/10
    Well acted, but not my kind of movie and kind of a downer. A bit slow, but well made.
    The One that Got Away - 9/10
    I really liked this one and I knew nothing about it when I saw it. It was in my Netflix Instant and since I love WW2 and POW escape movies, I had to watch this. It's about a german POW during WW2 that keeps trying to escape. Not as good as "The Great Escape" but I liked every minute of this movie. It reminds me of another favorite called "Von Ryan's Express" (which is a must see). If you have Netflix check this one out. I want to buy the DVD but it's out of print. Anyone know of of any good british WW2 movies?
    Hiroshima: BBS History of World War II - 7/10
    Unfortunately I had to watch this before going to bed and that's not a good idea! I love documentaries and especially those about World War II. This was OK and worth watching, but that's about it.
    Doc Hollywood - 5.5/10
    Michael J Fox is one of my favorite actors, but even he couldn't save this movie.
    Dog Day Afternoon - 9/10
    This one's a classic, but it loses something after the first viewing, but that's OK.
    Miracle Mile - 8/10
    I'm being nice here. I liked this one, but there is some seriously bad dialogue and acting. I figure most would give it a 6 or 7. I love end of the world movies.
    BTW if you want a good under-appreciated movie, watch the TV version of "Anne Frank: The Whole Story". It's very true to the book, which I read a few weeks before seeing the movie. The B&W version is terrible. I need to watch the BBC version. I think i'll go watch Schindler's List tonight. I also need to try to finish "SHOAH". One other favorite is "The Pianist".
  12. Alu Contributor
    The Green Hornet  Enjoyed that one a lot actually. Much better than the trailer would suggest.
    Tron (the original)  This really holds up in my mind. Never saw this before, and it gave me a kind of "Star Wars"ian feel when I was watching it. And I am coocoo for Star Wars.
  13. jeffreyj900 Contributor


    Watched Robin Hood last night.  I agree completely with the sentiments above.  I would rate it a 5/10 though.
  14. Confispect
    ^ 1+ 
    Russ should be ashame of his self.
  15. DLeeWebb Contributor
    "The Social Network" [8.8/10]: Watched it on Blu-Ray tonight. I liked it a lot. I think it could be a movie where one's appreciation grows with subsequent viewings. Engaging story (even for one, such as myself, who hasn't swallowed the Facebook pill...). Individual performances were somewhat underwhelming, but the story is a drama surrounding computer super geeks, so maybe these performances were appropriate. David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin are the stars of this film. Even though I'm a long time NIN and Trent Reznor fan, I didn't particularly enjoy the music when I bought the Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross soundtrack months ago, but it was very haunting while watching the film...added another dimension...
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