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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

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  1. 11amaberry
    Tron legacy 9/10
     I thought the first movie was pretty awesome (especially if you do research on it and see how groundbreaking it was and how incredibly hard it was to make) but what really got me into the tron universe was the video games of it. Kingdom hearts 2 introduced me to tron, I hadn't heard of it before. I rented the first movie, but it was so... old? But the real thing that sucked me into tron was the Tron 2.0 pc game. It was sooo much cooler than the  first movie (the suits were not near as corny, taking on a Gears of War bulky look). It took the awesome idea the movie introduced, and made it hardcore. I loved that game (still do, I recommend hunting it down if you can). It had a lot of influence on the new movie. So I was kind of skeptical when I heard a sequel was coming out. Would it fail in comparison to the amazing Tron 2.0 game (which many fans considered to be a legit sequel already)? Or would it surpass the games awesomeness? Well, as the release got closer, I could hardly control my rising anticipation to find out. Thankfully, the movie took a different and interesting path.
     Action oriented, with a darker almost Batman Begins vibe, Legacy pleasantly surprised me. I loved the martial arts style light disc battles, and Tron himself was a real kick a$$! I'll probably be seeing it for the 3rd time today, but have boiled the experience down to just an adrenaline rush action movie with REALLY pretty lights. 
     The only reason I don't rate it 10/10 is the almost watered down story line. Its good, but just a little to basic for a highly anticipated sci-fi of this magnitude IMO. The cliche' quotes saturated throughout the movie kinda irk me too ("I got a bad feeling about this" "You were right, about everything"). But over all I think it was a success sequel :)
  2. L-upin
    Pineapple Express 8/10

    At first I thought it will be a stupid movie, but I was wrong. It's surprisingly good.
  3. Proglover
    We watched Home Alone today after dinner, with the family
    I've watched that movie so many times when I was a kid, sentiment for me.
    It's just one of those movies I keep enjoying, simple good old childish fun, nothing fancy. Little ones always like it.
    ps. whats up with the 8.2's today
  4. zlobby
    The King's Speech - 7.5/10
    Childs Play - 4/10
  5. vagarach
    Black Swan 10/10
    Natalie Portman was totally brilliant in this movie, particularly at those moments when the black swan is revealed (the finale was done very well!). The movie itself is a rather in-your-face look at the sacrifices artists make in the name of art, but I'm not really sure about how effective some of the more gruesome imagery was in conveying this.
  6. Anaxilus


    Totally with you guys 100%.  Vagarach, I think most of the gruesome imagery was relevant to Portman's personal condition and dynamics w/ her mother rather than the world of Ballet.  Maybe I misunderstood what you meant by that.  It was great having Natalie Portman back as an actress.  I thought for sure Lucas had ruined her.  Solid movie all around that just got better as it progressed on all fronts IMO.  Mila Kunis surprised me too.  Didn't know she had that in her.  
  7. grokit
    I like it when they leave the gruesome parts to the imagination, it's just as scary if done right and there's no need to look away.
  8. Anaxilus


    Oh I get what you mean.  Yeah definitely, like the scene w/ the legs.  Just her facial expression and the sound of bones crunching would have been good.  It's actually more scary and impactful when they hide the visual details.  Or you save it for a big reveal type scene.  Some of the cringe stuff was unavoidable though.  There were scenes that had my full attention though.  [​IMG]
  9. J W
    I've been watching some movies on TV with my family, being the holiday season and all.
    The Lion in Winter. 9/10. It was on TCM. I've always liked this movie with its absolute superstar cast. I enjoyed watching it this time especially: My mother loves Peter O'toole.
    The Sound of Music. Again, I watched it with my mom. She adores it, of course. I was mostly fascinated by the high definition broadcast (of which I'm certainly not acquainted). Let me rate it 6.5/10. It gets a couple of extra points because I watched it with Mom on her oversized HDTV.
  10. Kirosia
    The Air I Breathe - I really enjoyed it, even though I can see how others wouldn't. (Not particularly original, a couple suspension of disbelief ideas/moments, etc) It really depends on if you can relate to any of the characters of the film, I think. 
  11. xXFallenAngelXx
    Black Swan looks like a winner so I'll probably go check it out
  12. Br777
    toy story  1, 2 and 3 - 10/10 -   especially 3.. wow.. i cant believe i actually cried.  very well done
    buried - 9/10 - a unique movie in the true sense of the word.  1 actor buried alive in a coffin in the Iraqi dessert .... Extremely well done, but i disliked the ending not because i was poorly done, but because i just personally didnt like it, so it made my overall opinion biased.. otherwise an action packed edge of your seat thriller if you can believe it. Quite amazing actually.
  13. SemiAudiophile

    Movie of the year? At the end of 2010 that will top INCEPTION?!?!?
    note to self: don't try to post using IE9, don't work. 
  14. Anaxilus


    That's not the only movie better than Inception IMO.  True Grit and Winter's Bone come to mind for me.  Speaking as a huge Chris Nolan fan too.
  15. Br777
    when movies are that good, comparing them becomes useless in my opinion. Glad i dont judge the oscars.
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