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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

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  1. rawrster
    I saw the most recent Chronicles of Narnia - Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I'd give it a 5/10.
    It had some decent moments but for the most part it wasn't that great. I liked the previous movies much better.
  2. Proglover
    We just watched 'Easy A'
    Couple of years ago I would've liked this pretty much, but to quote movies that had great impact to me years ago:
    "I'm getting too old for this crap"
  3. Calexico
    The Thing - 8/10
  4. KevDo
    Jumper 3/10
    Heard it was a bit guff so put it off until last night. Well, what I heard was right, it's guff. The idea could have been good and could have been used to so much more effect but I guess their imagination was limited. A few things annoyed me in this film - the main character was unlikable - they kept jumping for no reason with great opportunity for being seen (you wouldn't do that) - after his first two jumps he was ready to change his life without even knowing what the hell was going on!. Meh, can't even be bothered to review it anymore.
  5. gopack87
    Red Dawn- 3/10  Terrible movie that gets props for being so cheesy, you have to laugh. 
    Seven- 8.5 Pitt and Freeman were great, love Fincher's filming style
  6. Anaxilus
    How do you know - 2.5/10 for being one of the most bizarre and awkward (not in a good way) movies to ever not go straight to dvd.  Plus the waste of talent and lack of direction.  Shocking.  
    True Grit - 8.75/10.  Would have been 9/10 if not for Jeff Bridges accent being overly incoherent.  Sadly not the 10/10 I was hoping for.  Not sure if the story failed to deliver or the adaptation just missed nailing the story.
    Meet the Fockers - 6.75/10
    Rubios - 0/10 for being closed on Xmas.  Do fish celebrate Christmas?
    Red Dawn 9/10 for being one of the greatest Cold War propaganda movies ever made.  WOLVERINES!!!!  "Your son is involved in paramilitary organization called...Eagle Scout!" [​IMG]
  7. grokit
    Hmm, the new True Grit is supposed to be a pretty tight adaptation of the original novel, while the John Wayne movie version took a lot of liberties from what I have read. So it's not a remake of the movie but a fresh adaptation of the book.
  8. DLeeWebb Contributor
    "The Town" [8.2/10]: Good movie, I enjoyed it. It did drag at times. I the bank robbery genre I enjoyed "Heat," and "Inside Man" much more.
  9. Audio-Omega
    The Karate Kid - 6.8/10
  10. Anaxilus


    Oh it is.  I didn't mean to say otherwise.  There was just that bit of magic or 'bite' missing for me at the end.  Not sure how else to put it.  Maybe the actress they chose at the end had something to do with that.     
  11. Kirosia
    Doctor Who: Christmas Carol - Very enjoyable, though the end portions didn't sit too well for me. And although I love redheads, in this case the less Amy, the better. 
  12. Ttvetjanu
    The Social Network - 8.2/10
    Very interesting. I also liked the fact that Trent Reznor had his hands on the soundtrack.
  13. xXFallenAngelXx
    The Tourist 8/10- pretty good action movie with some humor here and there
  14. melomaniac Contributor
    Tron Legacy 3D was a good way for my son and me to get out of the terrible rain for a while while my wife recovered from having a tooth pulled. But I think it neither stands up to the original (which I saw a number of times, I confess) nor was it really 3D. I will grant all the fans that it was better than having a tooth pulled, I suppose, but in the end it made me want to share in my spouse's codeine supply... so I don't think I can go higher than 4/10
  15. Br777
    Black Swan - 10/10 -  another brilliant film from Darren Aronofsky (directed the wrestler, requiem for a dream and more) he is a genius.  perfectly cast. amazing acting, plot, script, cinematography all excellent.   
    Dinner for Schmucks.. 7.5/10   better than i thought it would be.  actually laughed out loud quite a few times. 
    the town - 6.5/10 - pretty good, but not great
    family guy star wars pt 3 "its a trap" - 3/10.. its a crap...  family guy just isnt what it used to be.. or maybe the problem is its exactly what it used to be.. over and over and over.. anyway.. nothing new or funny here.  The Robot Chicken episodes are better, though not spectacular either.
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