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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

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  1. Davesrose
    Yet Keanu now shines as John Wick because he's stoic (and gosh darn-it, they killed his dog!). There was some chemistry with him and Sandra Bullock, but we also can't discount Dennis Hopper as the villain: I don't think any current generation can fill roles played by him or Marlon Brando.
  2. tdockweiler
    The Laundromat - 5/10

    I almost forgot I saw this. Barely worth watching.
    I usually can't stand Seven Soderbergh movies, so maybe this is why.
    Erin Brockovich was near perfect though.

    Mars (Season 1) - 9/10

    This was good enough to watch all 6 episodes on my day off!
    Some of it's cinematography reminded me of "The Arrival".
    Some other shots maybe of "Interstellar".
    It's pretty clear they also borrowed some ideas from the very first "Interstellar" teaser (not trailer).
    It's far better than even something like "The Martian" or "From the Earth to the Moon".
    I really disliked both of those.

    This is really kind of a mix between a real movie and a documentary.
    I actually think the series would improve if they removed the interviews and anything that gave it the documentary feel to it.
    Only negative really is some of the acting is very slightly below average at times. Nothing too bad really.

    BTW I need to start going to the movies!
    I haven't seen one in the theater in about forever.
    I live next door to an Imax screen.
    I don't go because they raised their prices and I cannot stand those super hot reclining leather seats (yes, i'm weird).
    Very few movies these days are worth $11 to see in the theater.
    I guess I could go during the day and save a few dollars.
    If "Parasite" shows in Kalamazoo, Michigan I'll go see it.
    Too bad I probably missed Ad Astra.
  3. castleofargh Contributor
    I liked Speed, it did what it was supposed to do. but from the same period and also about a guy blowing stuff up, I have to go with Blown Away(sorry Keanu, I'll watch Point Break for the 600th time to make amends). it has a different but charismatic villain too.
  4. tdockweiler
    The Art of Self Defense - 7/10

    Worth seeing I think and it has some funny parts in it.
    A recent release with Jesse Eisenberg that's considered a "dark comedy".
    My brain has problems with this movie. There's some comedy in it, but yet some slightly disturbing parts and violence.
    I'm really not sure if there were parts I was meant to laugh at or what.
    I think for me the movie works best if you don't take any of it serious.
    It's like some really weird mix of Karate Kid, Fight Club and Napolean Dynamite.
  5. tdockweiler
    Apollo 11 - 10/10

    Recent documentary about the first landing on the Moon.
    I love how they made this movie and I won't ruin it. Seems to be a lot different than the usual documentary.
    I imagine they had to restore a ton of old footage for this one.
    It really did feel like I was taken back in time to what it must have felt like during the launch.

    PS this is one of the best documentaries i've seen about space flight and landing on the moon.

    Anyone have any favorite documentaries? One that got me hooked on them was "WWII in HD".
    Believe it or not it's not one of those cheap documentaries you might find in the bargain bin at Wal-Mart.
    It has a ton of info, restored footage and some really good interviews from veterans.
    I think after seeing this I became a lot more interested in reading up on my WWII history.

    The "Unbroken" book would have made a good documentary. It's too bad Angelina Jolie ruined the movie version.
    Haven't seen someone do such a bad book to movie conversion since "Norwegian Wood".

    The Game Changers - 10/10

    Another good documentary that's almost as good as "Forks Over Knives".
    There's actually a TON of information in here that is almost unknown to most people.
    One of my favorite things to study is nutrition and this matches up to a lot of what I've learned in the last few years.
    I think everything in this movie could be backed up by science/research.

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  6. SilverEars
    I'm into documentaries. The Vietnam War by Ken Burns is excellent. Ken Burns makes excellent documentaries.
  7. tdockweiler
    American Factory - 8/10 (I think...)

    New documentary on Netflix.
    Although I enjoyed watching this, it seems to get worse in my head after watching it and seems fairly pointless.
    What is it trying to say really? I don't think it's meant to give us an opinion on anything. I don't think it's taking sides on any issues.
    For example, I don't think it's anti-Chinese or anti union or any other such nonsense. Some may think this for whatever reason.
    It does seem to portray the Chinese owners of the factory in a more negative view, but each side got probably an equal amount of time in the movie.
    The factory owners really hated the idea of their employees possibly being members of the Union and tried to do anything they could to stop it.
    For this kind of movie you really need it to be much longer. I would still watch it if it was in 8 parts!

    I did find it educational. I seriously could not imagine myself working in a factory in China. It has to be way more difficult and with way longer hours.
    I think they said that many factory workers in China work 12 hour days and get only 2 days off per month!
    I found the thing about having to sing before your job starts kind of amusing. It almost felt like the workers were treated more like soldiers (or robots).
    There's actually some pretty funny scenes too. I also found it amusing/funny when they tried to bring some ideas from China to the factories in the USA.

    PS this is what I need at work. I myself find this scene impossible to not laugh at:

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  8. tdockweiler
    Wild Wild Country - 8/10

    Possibly one of the most addicting documentaries i've seen in years. I watched 4 hours in one day.
    By the end it's a bit of a let down because by then it felt like you've almost been conned into seeing some sort of religious cult recruitment video!
    The directors didn't really condemn or judge any of the bad people in this documentary and it feels almost like religious propaganda (during parts).
    They gave the most screen time to people who were in jail for their crimes. Not sure how I feel about this.

    Anyway, this is about a religious group that comes to Oregon with thousands of people to create their own city/utopia.
    Of course they have all the people in village nearby scared to death and they are so quick to judge them.
    I don't want to give anything away really. It's definitely a movie you could talk about for a very long time afterwards.

    I seriously can't imagine anyone creating their own NEW religion in the USA with thousands of followers (living in a commune) being treated fairly and not being labeled as a cult :jecklinsmile:

    I would have given this movie a 10/10 if it wasn't for the last few episodes.
    It's up there with something like "Making a Murderer" (which is a must see).

  9. Davesrose
    Well considering they did commit arson, poisoning of 2 city officials, and spreading salmonella in several restaurants, they weren't exactly a peace loving hippie commune! From what I took, most of the people descending into the area had the same reaction as Woodstock: IE great to be here, but don't expect to have adequate living conditions. The main aspect I found interesting of the documentary series was the interviews with Ma Anand Sheela: even though it's clear she was directly involved with the worst of the worst, she's still completely unapologetic.
  10. Redcarmoose



    The 1984 attack infected 751.

    It was wild the FBI CDC was able to identify the sample found in the lab. I haven’t watched the series but remember the story.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2019
  11. Davesrose
    Yes, but it's uncertain how many people in the cult knew about it. The problem with such a case is that it could have been just one person contaminating salad bars around all restaurants in the area could do such damage. Well I watched this doc awhile ago...I'll go ahead and say that it did break down the typical member who went and was expecting an existential experience (and I honestly doubt were ever involved with terrorism) vs organizers like Ma Anand Sheela, who were very power hungry and could carry out such attacks.
  12. Redcarmoose
    Right. Ma Anand Sheela was in-charge of the lab. And of course why would you have such things if your not planing to use them. The salmonella bacteria was directly fingerprinted to their specific lab cultures.

    So scary. She also had Typhoid.
    It could have been only her? She owns and runs two nursing homes in Switzerland today, after serving a fraction of the 20 years she was sentenced to.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2019
  13. tdockweiler
    I read earlier today it was 39 months for good behavior! This is crazy considering she also had attempted murder on someone in a hospital by planning on injecting their IV bag. The only reason it wasn't a success was that the person didn't have one!

    Then there was a plot for them to crash a plane into Wasco planning office, but nobody would volunteer.

    I read some quotes from her saying the guru was aware of the salmonella poisoning too.
    I also don't think I believe her claim that a doctor was going to kill Bhagwan and she was trying to protect him.
    I guess I don't know what to believe without reading more up on this story.

    They seem to leave out a lot in the documentary.
  14. Redcarmoose
    Yes, her story may be vary large. Though I haven’t seen this documentary so I won’t comment. But my Wife and I actually watch a bunch of documentaries and I’m finding out that they have to balance entertaining folks and actually leave much of the story out in many cases. It turns out too much information is just not a good story. Life has way more turns and details than what makes a good documentary so it seems. Before the internet you had nothing to go by........ but now almost any story has logs of data, especially crime stories.


    It’s a fantastic story about her endeavors, though you have to wonder too that making a documentary can at times cause slander issues especially telling tales of facts not proven or questionable. Wikipedia is not fact. Lol.
    Still.......the immigration fraud lawyer!
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2019
  15. tdockweiler
    Hiroshima: The Real History - 8/10

    BBC documentary. There's a lot of stuff in here I was not even aware of and it made me kind of mad at times.
    I made the mistake of watching this before going to bed at 4am. Not a good idea!

    Hiroshima: Out of the Ashes - 7/10

    Emmy nominated TV movie made in the USA and all in English.
    This one has a small role with Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi!), Max Von Sydow and Tamlyn Tomita.
    Acting is pretty below average and I think a lot of it was dubbed.
    I actually liked this somewhat and it's based on real stories from Hiroshima survivors.
    I was looking for something else and came across this for free on the Fire 4k on the Tubi TV app.
    The ads on that are actually not too annoying and quite short.

    I really need to find a documentary that's way more in depth. Probably would be best to read a book on the subject instead. Any good ones?
    Too bad James Cameron never made his Hiroshima movie. Maybe that's actually a good thing?

    In all the American documentaries they always never fail to mention "The bombs saved up to a million lives".
    Not buying it really. Not quite convinced Japan would have surrendered any time soon though.
    Has anyone seen "Japan's Longest Day"? Apparently some in the Japanese military tried to take over the government and prevent surrendering even after the Atomic bombs were dropped.
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