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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

  1. DLeeWebb Contributor
    "Painless" [7.2/10]: I liked the premise of this movie. Definitely a "B-Movie" in terms of production, casting etc. However, it was an engaging story and the performances were better than adequate. It was worth the time...
  2. Redcarmoose
    The 5th Element is a classic. I guess you have to like the humor and get that it’s a parody of science fiction themes. Visually it’s vary artistic? Also it has great sound. But for some maybe the humor will come off annoying?
  3. nraymond
    The Fifth Element is very lighthearted. As I recall, the idea for the movie was one of Luc Besson's earliest ideas, something he first started thinking about when he was a young boy, and had been toying with the idea of making such a movie most of his life. If you let a young person have a big budget and resources to make a Hollywood movie, that's kind of what the Fifth Element is. It's tone never tried to be serious/philosophical like Star Wars (because George Lucas was a fan of director Akira Kurosawa, his movie The Hidden Fortress, and pop philosopher Joseph Cambell and his hit book "The Power of Myth" and fused the two, though it was significantly Marcia Lucas who was responsible for creating a relatable emotional story through her editing and really made the films successful). What hurt Fifth Element in particular in the US were the TV ads that included a quote from a movie reviewer that said it was "the next Star Wars", which set people's expectations up completely wrong for what the Fifth Element was, so when people went into theaters expecting Star Wars, and got something big budget but light hearted and goofy, it was a disappointment for them.
  4. serman005
    The Blacklist, Season 1 -- 9/10 I know it's not a 2-hour film (sorry if anyone is offended :frowning2:), but this series of slightly-less-than-one-hour episodes has really caught my attention. James Spader is nothing short of riveting--just exceptional. So far for me (I know I am many seasons behind where the show is today--gotta make up for lost time) this has been an expenditure of time that is well worthwhile. Highly recommended for those who like thrillers.
  5. tdockweiler
    Sisters Brothers - 8.5/10

    Surprised to like this as much as I did. It actually got better halfway through.
    I think i'll end up watching this twice. Reminded me a little of "Ballad of Buster Scruggs".
    Sure didn't feel like a comedy at all. I don't remember laughing at any parts of it I think. More of a drama.
    Heard this was a box office bomb and only made 11 million on a 34 million dollar budget!
    Found this so interesting I wouldn't mind seeing a TV series like it.
    This also felt a lot different than most other Western's I've seen.
    Nothing really like something like "The Unforgiven" and "Open Range".
  6. ryanlowry
    Swimming Pool
  7. tdockweiler
    Kentucky Fried Movie - 4/10

    Documentary about Colonol sanders. Oh wait, wrong movie.
    This movie is made by the creators of Airplane, Hot Shots and other similar movies.
    Yes, it's terrible and not really funny, but somehow I watched it all the way through.

    I'm surprised to see so many things in this that they probably wouldn't put in a comedy these days.
    I almost am afraid to admit I laughed at the "United Appeal for the Dead" skit. Mostly because it was so sick and wrong.

    The A Fistful of Yen section is awful too. So tired of the jokes about Chinese people named after someone's private parts.

    PS I'm getting desperate for good movies.
    Netflix and Prime are terrible for trying to watch good movies.

    I miss those Netflix services that only rented foreign or smaller harder to find films.
    There was Webjade and Greencine. There's a new one I think, but forget the name of it.

    You used to also be able to buy Hong Kong movie DVDs originals for as cheap as a rental, but now they're just as expensive as US releases.

    Japanese DVDs from Japan are still around $40 I think if you can find them even with English subtitles.

  8. wuwhere Contributor
    Last Knights (2015) - 9.01
  9. tdockweiler
    Can you ever forgive me? - 8/10

    Worth a rental. The first half is the best, then it seems to go downhill a little.
    This would be nowhere near as good without Melissa McCarthy I think.
    Were they trying to portray her character as a really terrible person? If so, she didn't come across that way.
  10. wuwhere Contributor
    Paycheck (2003) - 8.51
  11. tdockweiler
    The Hate U Give - 9/10

    15 minutes into this I thought I had accidentally rented a movie for 13 year old girls. Turns out I was wrong, but it might appeal to younger people.
    This was better than expected, but extremely over-dramatic. Like 5 times more than required.
    Some of the acting was cringe-worthy and so bad that I laughed at scenes that were not supposed to even be funny.
    It also seems like they tried to tackle so many things all at once. Towards the end it's like it almost felt like a soap opera.
    There is just something off about how this movie was made. Maybe bad directing, I don't know..
    I made this sound bad, but it's worth renting it. Maybe the book is a lot better?

    PS for similar themes, one of my favorites is a documentary called "I'm not your Negro" based on writings of James Baldwin.
    It was so good IMO that I watched it twice in one day and wanted to buy it.
    It also made me go and watch all his debates and every interview with him I could find.
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  12. kid vic
    James Baldwin is pretty incredible and its interesting to see the rebirth he has had in the public sphere over the past few years. David Leemings wrote a biography about him that was really interesting too.
  13. wuwhere Contributor
    3 Days To Kill (2014) - 8.1
  14. kid vic
    Just finished "Widows".
    Interesting critics, they are not unjust. I agree the tried to add a lot of political things to spice up the plot and that the heist was pretty quick, also, not one character was developed. I actually wonder why I enjoyed it so much?

    8.5/10 for me.
  15. tdockweiler
    Born in Syria - 10/10

    One of the best documentaries related to the war in Syria since "Last Men of Aleppo".
    This one follows the journey of several Syrian refugees fleeing war.
    It's a lot better than "Human Flow", which was disappointing.

    PS I wonder why there is not a single documentary i've seen based on the Syrian war by an American film maker.
    There has to be right? I must be missing one.

    I also suggest the Australian reality series "Go back to where you came from".
    It might make you think a bit differently about refugees and "illegal immigrants".
    Some of the characters on the show are pretty terrible people though.
    I can't imagine a TV show like this being played on USA TV networks. Would be cool though.

    BTW it's funny how much swearing can be on TV shows in other countries.
    Here in the USA it's rarely allowed unless it's on like HBO or something.
    Networks like AMC can't even really use the F-word!
    Weird seeing dozens of F words on a reality TV show.
    Doesn't bother me of course.

    Of Fathers and Sons - 8/10

    Sad to watch this knowing that so many children are growing up in Syria and learning to hate and kill others.
    This is pretty much about that. It's hard to believe there are people out there like this.
    Reminds me of what it might be like growing up in Germany with your parent being in the SS or working for the Gestapo etc.
    Can't imagine what it might be like living in a war zone where every day could be your last.
    I would probably flee if people were bombing my city on a constant daily basis.

    Speaking of that I need to rewatch "Europa, Europa".
    It's about a Jewish boy who hides himself and pretends to be a Nazi german during WWII.
    One scene I remember most is one where a boy's best friend found out he was a jew and started treating him almost like an enemy.

    PS not sure why, but parts of this documentary reminded me of "1984"!

    Also reminded me of an old Japanese film where children before WW2 had military drills at school and learned how to shoot guns etc.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2019

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