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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

  1. pbui44
    Yes, I did find her eyes distracting on so many occasions that I lost count. If it weren’t for the supporting cast constantly busting their asses off to further keep me distracted, I would have added this into the amount of CGI errors there were and further deducted a 1/2 point. In regards to your background info on the anime changes and adaptations of this series...
  2. castleofargh Contributor
    can't wait to see it, and at the same time I've been really scared that they would turn it into something as cheesy as "Ready Player One". Gunnm is a brilliant manga.
  3. kid vic
    I didn't realize it was out yet, I'll have to see it hopefully this weekend.
  4. pbui44
    It will be in theaters in two weeks.

    I think James Cameron did not want Alita : Battle Angel to not be as in-your-face brilliant as Avatar was for many and be nicknamed “Olaf” as a result:
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  5. DLeeWebb Contributor
    "Fences" [10/10]: Took me awhile to get a chance to watch this one. Amazing story, amazing performances. As close to perfect as it gets IMHO
  6. kid vic
    Well, I guess its back to the manga dungeon for me then
  7. wuwhere Contributor
    Ant-Man And The Wasp - 8.5
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  8. kid vic

    The Square - 7/10
  9. tdockweiler
    The Disaster Artist - 9/10

    I've never seen the movie this was about, but I really liked this.
    Found it pretty entertaining and it seemed to fly by. Pretty funny at times too.

    Hunter Killer - ??/10

    One of the few movies that was so bad I turned off halfway through.
    Not really fair to rate this, but from what I saw it was probably a 4/10.
    Is Gerard Butler in any good movies anymore?

    PS it's pretty funny that we still have movies with CGI as bad as something from "Air Force One" from the 90s.

    Dumber and Dumber - 10/10

    The blu-ray version is horrible and you should skip it.
    It adds in a lot of scenes that make the movie way worse.
    I actually skip EVERY added scene while watching the movie because they're that bad.

    A week ago I went out and bought the DVD version of it.
    If you're lucky you can still find it in the $3.74 bin at most Wal-Marts.
    It comes with the prequel (which is awful).

    BTW I hate to admit that i've been watching this movie at least a half a dozen times per year since I was maybe 15 (now 38!)

    Suits - (Seasons 4-6) 10/10

    What can I say? I love this show despite all the fake drama and overacting.
    Easily one of the most entertaining shows i've seen in awhile, but there are a few of the actors I don't like much.
    I'm not a big fan of Rachel's character for some reason and I have no idea how Louis has kept his job so long.
    There were really no episodes I didn't like.

    BTW one thing I noticed about this show is that it doesn't usually vary in quality between who is directing the episode.
    In "The Walking Dead" that happens ALL the time and I don't know why.
    There is also not much variation in between the acting of "Suits" depending on the director IMO.
    I find the acting very good from almost everyone.
    This show does make me miss "Better Call Saul" though.

    I do wish this show had more in depth court scenes though.
    None of them last more than a few minutes.

    Suits (Season 7) - 7.5/10

    A few really average episodes that seemed to drag on. That's rare for this show.
    None as bad though as the mock cat trial from Season 3.
    One thing that lost it a few points is too much time spent on scenes with Harvey and his girlfriend.
    I also didn't how so much of the story was told in flashbacks.

    I'm on Season 8 now and it won't be the same show with some cast members leaving.
  10. SilverEars
    I 100% agree with 10/10 for Dumb and dumber.

    What a fine film making. Very classy classic.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
  11. tdockweiler
    Burning - 4/10

    Complete waste of time. I thought maybe it would reward me somehow for all my patience, but it doesn't.
    Too bad because this is made by one of my favorite film directors (Lee Chang-Dong).
    It's also starring Steven Yuen who I really liked from "The Walking Dead".
    Only thing good about this really is the scenery/cinematography.

    It's super slow during the whole movie and not much dialogue at all, not a big deal for me really.
    Kind of depressing too. Reminded me of the Japanese film "Land of Hope", which has a similar tone.
    That one was about people living through the Fukushima disaster.

    This tops "Roma" as probably one of the worst films i've seen released in 2018.

    A Private War - 5/10

    Barely got through this and I almost feel bad for rating it so low.
    Interesting that it was directed by the person who made the documentary about the war in Syria called "City of Ghosts".
    A better movie to watch than this is "Last men in Aleppo".

    All the President's Men - 6.5/10
  12. Redcarmoose

    Susperia 2018
    0 out of 1-10. Worst movie ever.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2019
  13. Double-A
    Widows (2018) - ~ 8.5/10

    Another victory for director Steve McQueen. (No, not that one, this one)

    When I first learned that one of my favorite directors, Steve McQueen, was going to enter new territory and direct a heist film, part of me thought that he would do a good job with it because he is such a talented director, and part of me was worried that Widows would lack some of the depth of his other films due to the fact that it falls into the heist genre. I was worried it might be a mindless popcorn flick, which would've been fine but not what I've come to expect and desire from McQueen.

    I was very pleased to find that Widows has every bit the depth of his other projects. It is a feminist movie led by a group of actresses all playing strong female characters. Now I know what you are probably thinking because it is probably precisely what I would ordinarily be thinking: "Oh great, another Ghostbusters or Ocean's 8. Why do I want to watch this?"

    I believe that Widows is a perfect example of what a feminist movie should strive to be. Films like Ghostbusters and Ocean's 8 are exactly what their critics suggest, movies that originally had predominantly male casts that were just recycled and rewritten around female casts. These movies are not the bastions of feminist ideology that their champions purport them to be. No, they are actually subversive to feminist ideas. These movies are riding on the coattails of their male-lead predecessors. It is as if they are saying that a film with a female-lead cast cannot hope to be a success unless it is adapted from the work of men. How is that in any way in line with feminist thought? I mean, not that I'm an expert in feminist ideology. Just my two cents.

    Widows was written specifically for a female cast and they all do a superb job and that is why it is a success. With all of that being said, yes Widows is a feminist film but if you do not have strong feelings about feminism one way or the other, you can still enjoy it. It is a thoroughly enthralling drama and I did not feel like I was being preached at. No liberal church service found here. :p

    Bottom Line: If you are looking for a movie that is simply mindless popcorn entertainment, you would probably be better off skipping this one and instead watching Ocean's Eleven or heck, even Ocean's 8. If you like a little bit more depth to your viewing choices, however, Widows is another fine offering from director Steve McQueen. Out of all of the heist films I have seen (not that I've seen a whole lot), I can honestly say Widows was probably the best of the bunch.

    Disclaimer: I never saw Ocean's 8 although I did see the Ghostbusters remake, not by desire.
  14. Double-A
    Also, holy crap. That is some harsh criticism for Suspiria. :p
  15. Redcarmoose
    Go ahead.............give it a whirl. Lol
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