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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

  1. Arsis
    its good clean fun.
    i have 2 movie watching hats. 1 for enjoying great cinema and storytelling and 1 for enjoying and testing the limits of my home theater (ie Godzilla 3D :cool:). Great movies allow the wearing of both hats.
  2. alpha421
    Under the Skin - 6/10
    Very dull and beautiful at the same time.  The subtle lens between predator and prey in the compounds of modern society was a nice touch. However, the script and directing copies way too much of Lynch's style, IMO, and the story could have easily been stripped down to just 30 minutes.
  3. moriez
    Movie week overe here..
    A most wanted man 7/10
    Breakfast club 7.5/10
    No country for old men 8/10
    True romance 7/10
  4. Nytkim
    Trust (1990) - 6.0/10
    Orpheus (1950) - 9.0/10
  5. thatBeatsguy
    Puella Magi Madoka Magica - The Rebellion Story
    Just watched this yesterday with subs. I have to say, this has got to be the most awesome anime I've ever watched. I already watched the original series, so the premise of the movie is clear to me. Still, huge twists near the end, with an ending providing a perfect setup to a new movie, or a Season 2.
    Solid 8/10, though newcomers to the series will have to watch the series, or the prior two movies (which is essentially a series recap). Otherwise, they'll be confused to death.
  6. mutabor
    What I'm anticipating from The Inherent Vice ( director P.T. Anderson) is that there will be more depth in characters. It is a criminal story. But in comparison to for example American Hustle which did nothing to me and left me indifferent The Inherent Vice may have more nerve and weight in it. 
  7. metalsonata
    This is my most anticipated film of the year (one of my favorite directors adapting a novel from my favorite author), and I watched the trailer for it roughly half a dozen times last night, haha. If it resembles the book at all (and I think it likely will), I doubt you'll be disappointed. 
    Edit: Also, it's worth noting that the novel itself isn't a straight crime story, or even a comedic crime story. At least, that's not all it is--there are also touches of surrealism and magical realism and satire--the sort of stuff that creeps into all of Pynchon's work. If the movie retains any of these elements, well then, that'll be just peachy. ^^
    Edit #2: Actually, you might be disappointed if the movie additionally manages to carry over some of the more deliriously cartoonish settings, characters, and events, which, if I'm not mistaken, generally doesn't sit with you too well. It's just hard to tell how much of the book's tone will be present in the film judging solely on the trailer. I would expect the final product to fall more along the lines of The Big Lebowski than American Hustle, albeit it with a touch more gravitas than Lewbowski. Additionally, Pynchon is one of the foremost voices of American postmodern literature (even if Inherent Vice is one of his lightest works)--which again, I know generally doesn't sit with you. My personal excitement for the film might be getting the better of my judgement!
  8. mutabor
    I think that P.T. Anderson's style suits me well. We'll see.
    The Boxtrolls ( 2014)
    A pretty enjoyable Laika's animated movie. Visually a bit on ugly side ( not a cute animation) but still lighthearted.
    I just watched Taken 2 after seeing the Taken 3 trailer which looks awesome.

    I put off watching Taken 2 after the lacklustre reviews but actually I really enjoyed it, I'll give it a 7/10, I mean I can see why people may have not enjoyed it as much as the first one, and it's still not as good as the first but I think Neeson still put in a great performance.

    I particularly enjoyed his final hand to hand combat fight at the end, I thought the choreography was pretty good.

    Looking forward to Taken 3!
  10. fabio-fi
    Godzilla 5/10
    Not what i expected, pretty boring most of the time.  
  11. 62ohm
    IMO the first Taken is so good that the expectations for the second one was pretty high.
    Agreed, I find it quite boring myself.
  12. xkonfuzed
    No offense, but how the hell do you find a giant dinosaur-like beast that shoots blue saliva out of his mouth and stomps on buildings BORING? 
  13. linglingjr
    Film is called "Godzilla" yet the thingy that goes by the name of "Godzilla" only appears in the film for like 5 minutes.  If you have anymore questions please refer to this
    *this post was mostly sarcastic*
  14. xkonfuzed
    Are you one of those people that didn't like the movie because Godzilla was too fat? [​IMG]
    I actually think that by him not showing up much it makes it more exciting. 
  15. linglingjr
    Eh, I was never really into these kind of movies.  I guess it was okay.  I think all of the goofy human drama sort of turns me off though.

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