Rare MAD Ear+ HD with Lots o' Tubes - NEW BONUS OFFER!

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    Continuing to downsize, so putting out feelers for my favorite tube amp. This is a MAD containing the blackgate caps that are no longer around. It's a gorgeous, handmade amplifier, that pairs brilliantly with the non-oversampling Atlantis+ I've also put up for interest check.

    This guy would ship with all the tubes you would ever need – two sets of driver tubes, and a handful of quality input tubes.

    IMG_7592.JPG IMG_7595.JPG IMG_7596.JPG

    Price represents net to me.

    BONUS BUNDLE OFFER: If you purchase this guy with my MHDT Atlantis DAC, I'll include a pair of Jellyfish Audio Cryo Power cables and a Curious Cables USB lead for the Intona ($200 value!)
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    Bump with BONUS opportunity!
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    PM sent.
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    Still available.
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