*Rare* Grado Tonearm for sale-NEW IN BOX!
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Jan 27, 2002
Okay, if I had money to burn I would burn it on this in a second...


Since I know there's Grado fans on here, some of which can afford this, one of y'all sould grab this thing and tell us how it compares. I WANT TO KNOW.

From the add:
"This is one of the best examples you will ever see of the famous Grado Mahogany Micro-Control Transcription Tonearm (circa 1960)."

"The condition of the tonearm and mounting hardware (despite being over 40 years old) is as new !"

"This piece has never been out of the box, as you will see when you inspect the original factory wiring which has never been stripped or soldered. No cartridge has ever been mounted in this tonearm."

"You also get the original box and mounting instructions which are now virtually impossible to find these days. Alas, the condition of the box is only fair, having several holes worn through as shown in the pics. The instruction sheet shows moderate yellowing and brittleness, with a few minor acid holes. But seriously now... think of the odds of ever finding another never out of the box 40 year old, mint condition complete Grado set like this one?"
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Why is there a chaplain standing over his wallet?
Aug 12, 2001
Damn. I saw this too late. That arm went for $102.50, and is probably worth many times that amount. No reserve either. If I were the seller, I'd be sick. Someone got a deal.

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