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Raquel Welch: How can a women look so good at 70

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  1. kool bubba ice
    No recent pic..But I saw her on a show last week.. & I swear she looks in her late 30's with a body to match.. What great genes to have..Suzzanne Lucci is a close 2nd.. Then there is always Tina Turner..
  2. balderon Contributor
    Simple.....Expensive and talented Hollywood cosmetic surgeons
  3. chadbang
    good bones. its all about the bones
  4. Kirosia
    Makeup and television magic
  5. virometal Contributor
    ^ Soft light. Barbara Walters, or her producers I guess really,  was a master of that during her t.v. specials. Even Mickey Rourke appeared ten years younger.
  6. grokit
    This seems like it could be a relatively recent pic...
  7. Kirosia
    ^ The woman to her left seems to like what she sees
  8. grokit
    That's her daughter, she's just jealous [​IMG]
  9. J W
    Looks kind of like a young Richard Nixon and Madeleine albright.
  10. IceClass
    Some of us are still getting over that little fur bikini ...
  11. kool bubba ice
    I don't think she had any cosmetic surgery.. I'm sure you could get the best make up artist & they couldn't come close to making another 70 yr old woman look like Welch along with her body.. I watched her on Huckabee..Make up was moderate at best.. She is just a freak of nature like Tina Turner whose face & Body defy time..

  12. Kirosia
    ^ She might've had a face lift, it seems to be becoming more common among celebrities. 

  13. IPodPJ
  14. Happy Camper
    She's mine, mine, mine.....
    MMmmmm fur......
  15. ford2
    Another recent pic. raquel-welch.jpg
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