Rant: what is it with high gain on amps these days?
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As has been said everybody wants to buy a all in one amp these days. But with that said we all also know there is not an be all end all piece that is phenominal with everything!

This reminds me so much of Boomana's "Disturbing Trend" thread because it is directly tied into this one amp does it all scenario.

My portable rigs (Toma/BlingBling/30GB UPod, Headsix/Cotton Dock/8GB2NDGenNano, MiniBoxE+/ZYZN7/8GB present Gen Nano) and my dirty work armband iPod Mini drive nothing larger than a pair of SR-60's. All are used on their respective lowest gains and mostly with IEM's.

My armchair rig which consist of MG Head OTL MkIII fed by either a Carin Fog/AQ Cobra's or one of my pods using a Cardas iPod mini to RCA cable out of a SendStation pocket dock. I can drive all my phones with this amp however it is still not going to drive a pair of HD-650's like a serious amp over a grand in price(too many to even note and there are a plethora!)

My whole point is stick to the application your working with and try to not rally everything under on roof (or casing in this instance)

My new venture is for my office and which desktop USB DAC or DAC/Amp do I want? Once again we have endless choices and this is when and what you need to decide is most important.

My latest dlemma is do I just buy a USB DAC for my PC (Remember I have a full can rig already along with several portable rigs) or do I want to get something small for my desktop like a portable Pico or Predator (we have established I have 3 seperate portable rigs already and using a LOD with lossless recordings I don't think in this environment the DAC portable is the way to go) when I could spend all my rubles on a killer soundcard/DAC.

Of course this is a great place and I would love any input on what someone else is already using and suggestiong for an office desktop setup:)
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I think a so-called "drive-everything" amp should have a 3-way gain switch with Low at unity, Medium at 3, and High at 8! Anyone needing more gain than that probably needs a specialized amp!

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