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Rank the IEM's you've heard

137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146
148 149 150 151 152
  1. cr3ativ3
    Yeah I know .. they hiss with near everything .. Solaris also ..
  2. twiceboss
    yes! dead silent on ipod touch haha
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  3. royjl
    it may be very subjective according to my music taste and the limitation of the number, I like EDM and R&B.
    ath ckr9 > ath ls200 > ie 80 > ath im03 > akg k3003
  4. shampoosuicide
    My list… I’ve owned all the IEM’s mentioned, with the exception of the Andromeda and 1MORE Triple Driver.

    Diminishing Returns Sets In

    These offer noticeably better performance in certain areas compared to IEM’s in the ‘Sweet Spot’ category, but nothing I would characterise as dramatic.
    • Sony EX1000 — Most open soundstage I’ve heard in an IEM, excellent separation. Mid-range centric. Little isolation, not for bassheads. Natural and effortless.
    • iBasso IT04 — Very good detail, separation, and imaging. Great bass - tight, punchy, and textured. I found the treble too bright and the midrange too lean for my liking.
    • LZ A5 — Highly detailed, very high levels of clarity. Heavily V-shaped with silicone tips, necessitates need for foam tips. Bass can be overpowering. Thin mids.
    • Campfire Andromeda — Auditioned extensively thrice (twice from an iFi Micro BL, once from a Chord Mojo), but never really got into these. Pleasing tonality with mass appeal. Very good soundstage, three-dimensional imaging, good separation.

    Sweet Spot

    I think the IEM's listed here are all excellent and represent the best price:performance ratio, subjectively speaking.

    • FLC 8N — Very clean, transparent, and tight. Highly competent technically. Midrange tends towards the dry/lean side of things. Treble can sound just a little etched/digital. Separation falls short of the best. Excellent tuning mechanism.
    • iBasso IT03 — Big and bold. Very good soundstage depth and three-dimensional imgaing. Lovely, airy highs. Fun as hell.
    • LZ A4 — Very natural tonal balance and tonality with black/black filter combination, not too far off from the EX1000 tonally. Good technicalities all around. Easily the best bang for buck of all the IEM’s mentioned here.

    Great value

    • iBasso IT01 — Slightly warm with strong bass. Doesn’t do much wrong to my ears. I thought the IT03 was a significant set up, but the IT01 are great in their own right.

    Plain $hitty
    • 1MORE Triple Driver — Muddy as all hell.

    Thanks for reading my post.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2019
  5. Dobrescu George
    Isn't 1More Triple Driver a headphone?

    I mean, I reviewed one that was a headphone :)

    They should really have named their IEMs and Headphones something a bit different

    Anyways, wanted to say that overall, I agree with most of your assessments there :)
  6. cr3ativ3
    they have also iems...
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  7. twiceboss
    same name with their iem line up. Triple driver haha
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  8. Sebastiaan156
    I only judge the iem i own.
    Listening tot rock, blues and some dance music.

    Senheisser cx980>>>>cx300>JBL T280

    Orderd the Senheisser ie80s and Ikko OH1 last week Will add Them soon.
  9. twiceboss
    ie80 is quite bassy iirc
  10. cr3ativ3
    and muddy compared to todays offerings :D
  11. Sebastiaan156
    I have no Idea what to suspect, i liked the cx980 a lot. Since then only used full size headphones like the hd599 and fidelio x1/X2

    Wanted to try in ears again and orderd the ikko OH1. 3 days later got an offer to buy the ie80s for 140E via a bank savings program.
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  12. twiceboss
    no worries, different folk, different taste. That could be your cup of tea, no one knows!
  13. cr3ativ3
    They are not bad ! Maybe you like them . They have a screw to adjust bass quantity:) it was my first “better” pair of iems .. years ago :D
  14. Sebastiaan156
    Just unpacked Them took the comply tips and popt Them in.

    The bas on the lowest setting is overwelming, detailing ok, but with some rumble, highs are ok.
    But i like the sound picture. They are way warmer then the X2 or hd599 but for in ear i like Them.
  15. Dobrescu George
    I actually have and reviewed the Quad Driver from them, and it was a real champ in my experience.

    Quite funny, they did not change the naming one bit!
137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146
148 149 150 151 152

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