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Rank the IEM's you've heard

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  1. theveterans
    My New Ranking for 2019

    1.) Campfire Audio Andromeda v2 - Tie
    1.) Shure KSE 1500 - Tie
    2.) Jomo Quatre
    3.) 64 Audio U12T
    4.) Campfire Audio Equinox
    5.) 64 Audio Tia Trio
    6.)Campfire Audio Solaris
    7.) Jomo Flamenco
    8.) 64 Audio U18T
    9.) Tia Fourte Noir
    10.)Tia Fourte
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2019
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  2. KaiserTK
    1. Noble Khan
    2. EE Valkyrie
    3. QDC Anole VX
    4. VE Erlkonig
    5. 64Audio Tia Fourte Noir
    6. Noble K10*
    7. Sony IER-M9*
    8. 64Audio Tia Fourte
    9. Inear ProPhile 8
    10. Campfire Andromeda* / Campfire Solaris
    12. Noble Savant 2
    13. Meze Rai Penta
    14. Shure KSE 1500 / UE18+ Pro
    16. EE Legend X / Sony IER-Z1R
    18. Jomo Trinity (Brass)
    19. Jomo Flamenco / 64Audio U12t
    21. Oriolus Mk2
    22. Fiio FH5
    23. Sony IER-M7 / Fiio FH7
    25. Noble X*
    26. Brainwavz B400*
    27. Sennheiser TMW
    28. Shure 846
    29. 64Audio u18t / 64Audio Tia Trio
    31. EE Wraith
    32. Apple EarPods*
    33. Final E5000
    34. EE Phantom
    35. Final E2000 / Sennheiser IE800S
    37. iBasso IT01
    38. iBasso IT01S / Final E3000
    40. Final E1000
    41. Rosenkranz RK-S1

    Last edited: Aug 3, 2019
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  3. Rockwell75
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2019
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  4. duaned
    Lol, you forgot the Mushy Peas Category!

    I’ll start that off with the Campfire Audio Vega!
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  5. baskingshark
    I don't own any TOTL stuff, so this is my humble ranking for IEMs I personally own (mostly budget or midfi IEMs):

    1) Audiosense T800 - 8 Drivers Knowles BA each side, great clarity/instrument separation/details. Slightly U shaped. Even though it is a pure BA bass, due to the vented subwoofer and tuning, it sounds almost like a DD bass. Great isolation and build and fit. Some people might have treble issues such as sibilance/fatigue, but it can be mitigated with different tips/cables/mods (see forums/reviews for more details). My personal favourite currently and my endgame IEM for multi BAs design. I use it for critical listening and stage monitoring.

    2) TFZ no. 3 - not too bad for clarity and details, considering it is a single DD driver IEM. U shaped sound signature. The bass is the best of the IEMs I have, great quality and subbass extension with minimal mid bass bleed. Not fatiguing and good for a relaxing listening session. It may not be suitable for all genres due to its bass predominance (I would say it is one level lesser than basshead levels).

    3) Toneking Nine Tails - good clarity and details for a single DD IEM too. Build looks weird but is actually comfortable and non fatiguing. It has interchangable front and back filters to give 9 different sound signatures, hence its name. It can be a bassy IEM (both red filters on), to V shaped (both silver filters on), and even neutral sounding (both blue filters on). Very versatile as such. I find it has the best organic/natural sounding instruments/voices of the IEMs I own. Only issue is below average isolation.

    4) KZ ZS10 Pro - great sub $50 IEM, good instrument separation/details/clarity, V shaped. Can't find much to complain at its price point and the best KZ I have used. I personally think it can compete with some of my westones at a fraction of the price. Only small issue is treble frequencies may be a bit artificial and a very slightly muddy bass.

    5) DT6 - around $18 - 20 bucks and very good clarity/details/soundstage for the price. May need an amp though, as its treble range is handled by a piezo driver, which requires quite some juice to drive. A complaint would be instruments and voices have wrong tonality/timbre, so those that listen to orchestral instruments may need to opt for something else.

    6) Sony MH755 - for the price of a starbucks coffee, this IEM is truly stellar. Follows the Harman Curve mostly, except maybe slightly elevated bass compared to the usual Harman Curve. Great timbre and tonality for instruments and voices. The stock cable is thrash though, super short and full of microphonics. And there are many fakes going about out there, so only buy from reputable sellers after looking at reviews.

    7) Westone W30 - it is a good IEM don't get me wrong, but compared to some of the budget IEMs above on the list, it is expensive for a similar sound quality. I would class it as slightly better than the KZ ZS10 Pro but at almost 10x the price when it was first retailing. I had cable issues with this IEM after a few months of use too, so that is quite a bummer.

    8) KZ ZS10 (non pro) - the predecessor to the ZS10 Pro, but it has been overtaken at almost all aspects by the ZS10 Pro. Bass is muddy, with bad mid bass bleed. V shaped as per the usual KZ offerings. The shell is super huge and fit may be an issue for some.

    9) KZ ZS6 - Typical V shaped CHIFI IEM, but the treble was too piercing to me. When it first came out around 3 years ago, it was not bad for the price of around $40 USD, but now a lot of budget CHIFI IEMs have evolved and overtaken it.

    10) Westone 3 - my first midfi IEM, but was disappointed by the midbass bleed and lack of clarity. Also the cable is not detachable and the cable died on me within a few months of use, rendering it useless thereafter.

    11) Creative EP-630 - I use this for calls and playing computer games. It ain't too bad and has lasted me 15 years of daily use and is still going strong.

    12) Westone UM1 - good for stage monitoring, but the single driver only boosts the treble frequencies so there is a lack of bass. Was good about 12 years ago when I first used it for stage monitoring, but the budget CHIFI IEMs have overtaken it at a fraction of the price.

    13) KZ EDR1 - so so IEM, very cheap.

    14) MEE Audio M6 - poor quality sound and non detachable cables. The only reason I got it was cause it was waterproof so I use it at the gym or for running. Definitely not recommended if it is just for music appreciation.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
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  6. SBranson
    **updated - Ares II 8 wire on the Bravado moves it up the list from number 6 to number 4. Not technically better than the Andromeda but the bass makes it so interesting that I prefer it.

    Well... after seeing @Colors list and considering we've bought/sold a few items back and forth here's my list for what it's worth:
    << I've never owned more than 2 or 3 at a time so direct comparison gives way to memory of how I felt about them at the time>>

    1. Empire Ears Phantom.. (with Eros II 8 wire these may never be topped.. Timbre and tone are just perfect to my ears.. ) Eyeing the Legend X now though as the Bravado bass has really won me over.

    2 Noble Encore (extremely good but I prefer a little more meat on the bones..)
    3. Noble Katana - Wizard model (fit issues )
    4.Empire Ears Bravado - Ares II 8 wire tightens up the bass..
    5.Campfire Andromeda
    6.Noble Audio Savant - I prefer the soundstage to S8F but weaker than it in all other areas
    7.Fearless Audio S8F - technically very good but not as interesting as those above it.
    8.Noble Audio Sage
    9.Empire Ears ESR
    10.Campfire Jupiter

    11.Audiosense T800 - surprised I didn't really like these considering how much others do..
    12.Tin Audio P1 - terrible fit for my large ears but very clear sounding.
    13.Campfire Orion - better tonality that should put it at #11 but doesn't have the extension.
    14.Fearless Audio S4
    15.BGVP DM6

    Others: Fearless Crystal Pearl,Campfire Nova, Kanas Pro, TenHz P4 Pro, IT-01, BGVP DMG, Shure SE535/315/215, Dunu DN-2000J, Focal Sphear
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2019
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  7. Sound~Patriot

    1. VE Elysium :crown:
    2. VE8 :yin_yang:
    3. AAW Canary :cool:
    4. Legend X :muscle:
    5. Phantom :spades:
    6. Trinity Brass :gem:
    7. Erlkönig :1234:
    8. Flamenco :crossed_swords:
    9. Solaris :alien:
    10. Xelento :call_me:
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2019
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  8. Redcarmoose

    1) Noble Audio K-10 Encore Universal
    1) Sony IER-Z1R
    2) Fearless Audio Rui Universal
    2) Sony Z5
    3) BGVP DM6 Universal
    3) qdc Anole V3 Universal
    4) Sony N3
    5) Magaosi K5

    Ranking the IEMs I own 1-5. (1 being best)

    Once I found perfect tips and fit after 2 years the Encore moved into top position with the Z1R. Surprisingly it took a while to get the Noble to fit, but after fit it became amazing......truly amazing.

    Together they offer a complementary union; doing a complete replay of the music I listen to. Encore Metal, Z1R Electronic.
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2019
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  9. mvvRAZ

    1. FiR M5
    2. 64 U18t
    3. 64 Noir
    4. Noble Katana
    5. EE Legend X
    6. Noble Khan
    7. VE Elysium
    8. CA Andromeda S
    9. Noble Savant II
    10. VE Erlkonig
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  10. Gédéon Molle
    01. Custom Art FIBAE Black (Universal)
    02. iBasso IT04
    03. Empire Ears Bravado (Universal)
    04. Campfire Audio Vega
    05. EarSonics Velvet V2
    06. Oriolus Forsteni
    07. Heir Audio 5.0
    08. Campfire Audio Lyra II
    09. Massdrop x Noble X
    10. Noble Audio Trident
    11. EarSonics ES3
    12. iBasso IT01
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2019
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  11. TAsme
    1. spiralears SE6
    2. fearless audio s8p
    3. fearless audio s8f
    4. warbler prelude
    5. lime ears aether
    6. customart harmony 8.2

    Not worth mentioning: campfire audio lineup, noble katana,
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  12. listen4joy
  13. Rockwell75
    1) Campfire Solaris
    2) Sony IER Z1R
    3) Noble Kahn
    4) Campfire Atlas
    5) 64 Audio U12t
    6) Campfire Andromeda
    7) Empire Ears Phantom
    8) Moondrop Kanas Pro
    9) Campfire Comet
    10) Shure
    11) Sony MDRXB50AP (These were still surprisingly good for something I bought for $30 out of an airport vending machine)
    12) Bose Soundsport In Ear Headphones
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  14. Colors
    My rankings after our Toronto, Canada meet today:
    1. Sony Z1R
    2. KSE1200
    3. Audeze LCDi4
    4. Anole VX
    5. Empire Ears Zeus XIV
    6. Empire Ears Legend X
    7. Sony EX1000
    8. Campfire Audio Andromeda (v3)
    9. Campfire Audio Solaris
    10. Moondrop A8
    The Z1R realism is insane. I’ve never heard such level of realism before except for KSE1200.

    Anole VX is also very detailed, but missing that dynamic driver texture. Otherwise, depth for days.

    Solaris impressed me a lot too. Felt like a 3D, holographic kind of imaging and soundstage. I just prefer the Andro more because of the sound signature, little more depth in the notes and that upper treble sparkle and extension. Both are very special IEMs.

    EX1000 just doing EX1000 things with laser imaging and overall clarity.
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  15. Rockwell75
    You've got Solaris 9 places too low. Jk :p I'm glad you guys had a good meet.

    I'm finally getting to demo VX tomorrow I think and this will be factor which may determine whether (or not) it will be able to usurp Solaris for me.
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