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Rank the IEM's you've heard

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  1. dhruvmeena96


    Well true

    If SR is fitted good enough

    The bass shine

    XR is for people who dont get good fit even with triflange
  2. Fuzzy789
    Or refuse to use the big foamies that ety make that work if squished then inserted in the ear.
  3. dhruvmeena96
    This is ER4 ER4_reference.png
    Well I have been working on Etymotic slayer iem myself

    The free is TinAudio T2
    Yellow is mine

    I was able to master the art of subbass no roll off single BA driver without any mid bass hump

    Just linear

    Kept the upper mids tamed yet slightly more aggressive to make it sound slightly distant yet detailed

    And more usable and least offensive treble

    With proper roll off


    And the rolloff and peaking back of etymotic (that treble is unusable)

    I just made the treble go slowly down without dipping too much

    And this also cost fraction of ER4 and has better channel matching due to driver internal structure


    I didn't like both of the new ER4

    The old classic ER4s is still a champion

    Add another 200ohms via impedance adapter and hook it up to very good powerful amp

    And see the magic
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2019
  4. warriorpoet
    The yellow line is the T2 with 200R impedance adapter?
  5. dhruvmeena96

    The yellow is Knowles RAF driver with some secret sauce of mine
  6. warriorpoet
    Available anywhere, or just a personal project?
  7. siruspan
    SR have better clarity but bass is not enough for more bass heavy genres. You really need a good recording and proper source to appreciate them. XR are more universal and suitable for wider genres of music.
  8. dhruvmeena96
    Its on homemade iem

    All tubing, circuit etc is available there

    If you want to get readymade

    Contact @Choy Wei De

    He will gladly make one for you.

    I have been building some IEM with weird circuitry inside, just to please my mom's ear

    There is a project MASM(most amazing set for mom) diy

    With configurations
    Of 3 driver( 10types of tuning)
    4 driver( 1 type of tuning)
    7 drivers(5 type of tuning)

    These tuning is prefixed due to different driver used.

    All design by me

    And there is Final series diy

    Which is targeted for ultimate details(and I mean electrostatic details from BA)

    Final 1: single driver
    Final 2: double driver
    Final 3 conventional : 3 driver
    Final 3 mk 2: high inductance dual woofer BA and single full ranger

    Get from @Choy Wei De for better tuning control
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2019
  9. dhruvmeena96
    SR is diffuse field completely and both have same clarity all over

    Tested by ears and mic setup

    SR leaner bass gives better presentation of clarity that's all

    And diffuse field response are mainly used in recording studio to monitor singers

    ER4 is misused by audiophile, this is my thinking. But I do crave for ER4 neutrality so I am also infected by the er4 disease

    Plus try ER4S(classic old)....its leagues better than ER4SR due to very low noise floor and better treble presentation and extension
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2019
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  10. warriorpoet
    First, absolutely incredible that you would do that for your mom. Second, do you have a link to the IEM design>? I'd love to read more about it!
  11. dhruvmeena96
    I have yet to compile everything in PDF

    But you can go to homemade iem thread

    Search my name on search option

    Or go to google and write

    dhruvmeena96 MASM

    Go to images and you will get the circuit diagrams etc
    Well, since I am not building them for production now, you can ask some people on that thread

    I recommended @Choy Wei De because I am with direct contact with him on personal messenger and he knows how my design works

    And he might have some close development design iem too which may not be on headfi

    If you are going custom shells, then you have to make yourself or take some bodies help since he and I dont have good shell designing knowledge

    All the IEM mentioned bellow are designed by me

    RAB-p/Pro 1
    RAF-p neutral(@IvanNOON measured that for me, yellow line)
    Pro 1 signature(RAB32066 RAB-p style no damper)
    Pro 1 ultimate(FFC RAB-p style no damper)
    Savant pro/ Pro 2
    Pro 2 Signature (GQ30710 RAB-p style brown damper)
    MASM series 32063/ Pro 3N(Neutral)
    Pro 3{32257)
    Pro 3E(32033) (excite)
    Pro 3Spark(RAF)
    Pro 3 ultimate/MASM pro
    Pro 3 LEN(neutral)
    Pro 3 LE(LE stands for Limited edition)
    Pro 3 LEX
    Pro 3 LE Spark
    Pro 3 LE ultimate
    Pro 4/ MASM Renaissance exprimental
    Pro 7/MASM 7 (N, stock, spark, excite , ultimate)
    Pro 7 rebirth
    Finale 1
    Finale 2
    Finale 3 conventional
    Finale 3 mkII
    SCARY v2(8 drivers V shape response for fun audiophiliac listening)
    SCARY v3(5 drivers, V shape response with better mids)

    SCARY v1 was from piotrus-g (the Dual CI and TWFK)
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2019
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  12. Colors
    Very small update:

    1. Shure KSE1500
    2. Audeze LCDi4
    3. Empire Ears Zeus XIV
    4. Empire Ears Legend X
    5. Sony MDR-EX1000
    6. Campfire Audio Atlas
    7. Campfire Audio Andromeda
    8. Noble Audio K10U
    9. Astell & Kern JH Audio Roxanne II
    10. Final Audio FI-BA-SST

    I recently picked up a used K10U and really like it. It’s very detailed and has excellent seperation while remaining very musical. It basically makes any song sound good. It’s pretty forgiving. Love the dynamics too. Sounds pop in and out as they should. Very comfortable for a multidrivers and isolates well. I think it’s a keeper for me.

  13. Rockwell75
    1) Campfire Solaris
    2) Noble Kahn
    3) Campfire Atlas
    4) Campfire Andromeda
    5) Empire Ears Phantom
    6) Moondrop Kanas Pro
    7) Campfire Comet
    8) Shure
    9) Sony MDRXB50AP (These were still surprisingly good for something I bought for $30 out of an airport vending machine)
    10) Bose Soundsport In Ear Headphones
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  14. Colors
    Small update:

    1. Shure KSE1500
    2. Audeze LCDi4
    3. Empire Ears Zeus XIV
    4. Empire Ears Legend X
    5. Sony MDR-EX1000
    6. Campfire Audio Andromeda (v3)
    7. Moondrop A8
    8. Campfire Audio Atlas
    9. Noble Audio K10U
    10. Astell & Kern JH Audio Roxanne II

    Just got the Andromeda v3 and I forgot how amazing it sounds. The latest version (although supposedly sonically unchanged) does sound a bit warmer in the mids...in a good way.

    Also the Moondrop A8 are incredible. A direct upgrade to my benchmark ER4SR. Very transparent and detailed sound. Excellent imaging as well...almost Zeus like in some ways.
  15. pstickne
    1. Hyla TE5B
    2. Audeze iSine 10 (although ruined by “Cipher” cabling options)
    3. Noble K10UA
    4. Sony MH755
    5. Ikko OH1
    6. Fender PureSonic
    7. Skull Candy :) :)
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2019
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