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Rank the IEM's you've heard

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  1. Kitechaser
    You guys are pushing the volume too high. The CL2 is supposed to sound Bass Lite.
    The tuning is perceived flat, if you push the volume too high to get the bass response you are used to on other headphones, the higher mids/lower treble passes the pain threshold.
    It is still hands down the best Headphone I have ever heard.
  2. Toom
    Lol it sounds bad
  3. Kitechaser
    Hands down the best headphone I have ever heard.
    Listening to it right now as I am typing this. For classical, acoustic and Jazz, I can't think of another headphone that I would pick over the CL2.
    And running out of a Sony TA-ZH1ES, fugget about it. Its over. Nothing else competes.
    At least to my ears, and to my sound preferances.
    Add: I have heard almost every headphone on most people's top lists. In the 2k-3k range. The CL2 is up there when driven properly.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
  4. Toom
    And yet it's bass-lite? Fail then. Sorry, but decent bass is a requisite ingredient in the recipe, more so than a truckload of people here seem to realise. You might think it sounds great, but its a bit like eating a meal with no seasoning - do it enough and you will get used to it but chuck a bit of salt on, et voila - hello taste!
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
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  5. Kitechaser
    It is tuned like a full sized electrostat speaker. Same exact tuning.
    You sacrifice the overbearing thumping bass for details and resolution that are unmatched as far as I am concerned.
    My favorite full size speakers are the Quad ESL's, the CL2 are the iem version of it.
    It might be a fail for you, but for me the texture of the bass is where it's all at, more than compensates for the "lite" part of it.
    I came to the CL2 from the Vega, so I know how important bass is to a headphone, and I would pick the CL2 bass over the Vega's every single time.
    Again, don't knock a headphone you have spent very little time with, the CL2 may be a shock to your system out of the box, but the tuning grows on you the more you listen to it.
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  6. Sound~Patriot
    1. Jomo Trinity brass (own) // Empire Ears Legend X - custom
    2. Empire Ears Phantom - custom
    3. Jomo Flamenco (demoed)
    4. VE Erlkönig (demoed for 1 week)
    5. Rhapsodio Zombie (owned)
    5. CA Solaris (demoed 2 days)
    6. CA Andromeda (owned)
    7. VE 8 (demoed)
    8. IE800S (own)
    9. CA Vega (owned)
    10. ProPhile 8 (owned)
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2019
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  7. Edric Li
    1. VE Erlkonig
    2. JH Lola (re-cabled)
    3. UM Mason V2 & V3
    4. Jomo Flamenco (re-cabled) / VE 8
    5. UM Mentor V3 / VE 6 / QDC VX

    Things that tuned to my liking, but doesn't quite cut it in terms of resolution, etc.:
    Beyer Xelento, 1964 U18t (re-cabled), JH Layla (re-cabled), Dita Truth, KSE1500

    Things that may sound really good to some, but not quite to my liking tuning-wise:
    InEar PP8, UE 18+Pro, N5005

    Things that no where near my top favorites but just so you know I did hear them:
    Campfire Vega/Andromeda/Atlas, Noble K10U/Encore/Katana, 1964 Tia Fourte, IE800/S, Hidition NT6/pro, Fitear 334/335, SE5way, Final Piano Forte X, Westone W60, SE846, RE2000 and many more...

    Things that are crowd-favorites that I wish I had the chance to audition:
    Empire Ears, Rhapsodio, Sony Z1R, JVC fw10000, Dita Dream, SE6way, and many more...

    Companies that consistently rock:
    AKG, UM, VE, Dunu

    Companies that consistently disappoint:
    Campfire, Final, Westone, JVC, Noble, Senn (when they make in ears)
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2019
  8. duaned
    The CA Vega. What a horrible sounding, bass bloated and heavy sounding IEM! Did someone forget the treble tuning part of the IEM?
  9. tgx78
    Overpriced to boot using fancy name like liquid metal. I couldn’t believe how bad treble and overall balance was but all this campfire fans were shutting me down. “Oh Diamond driver needs 300 hours of burn in minimum” Some of them really believed that there was diamond in it. Duh! It is DLC (diamond like carbon coating) and now you can get them in quite a few IEMs like Kanas Pro or some JVCs in $150-$400 range with better tuning.
  10. koven Contributor
    Could say the same for EE LX and Phantom, lol.
  11. Kenneth Galang
    1. VX
    2. Legend X
    3. Solaris
    4. K10UA
    5. SE846
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  12. SteveKiwi
    These are all mine, no demo's and no loaners

    1) UE Live universal
    2=) Dita Fidelity, Westone W80, CA Solaris
    5=) Empire Ears Nemesis, RE2000 Silver
    7) Empire Ears ESR
    9) Dita The Truth balanced
    10) CA Andromeda
    11) LZ A6
    12) CA Atlas
    13) UERM Custom

    Having read the reviews on the UE Live, and Solaris I have come to the conclusion that I can't be a "true" audiophile, but my rankings are based upon the enjoyment I get from listening to music and I'm more than happy to live with that.
  13. royneo
    1) UE18+ Pro Gen 3 - Trebles are extremely extended, probably one of the most, if not the most extended out there. I think there's a frequency response graph somewhere on the other audio forum showing that it extends well above the 10k+hz range whereas most other IEMs would begin to taper off much earlier at lower frequencies. This gives the UE18+ an extremely airy and this detailed, crisp sound signature. Mids are the best I've heard as well - could hear the quivers in singers' voices. Soundstage is small though and I guess the bass could be viewed as weak by some others, but it has never been a problem for me.

    2) Oriolus Mk2 - All-rounder hybrid (1 DD + 3 BAs). Great bass due to its' Dynamic bass driver. Mids are pretty nice too, just a hair short of UE18+'s performance. Trebles are smooth and airy. Pretty good imaging and soundstage too, really easy to pinpoint locations of instruments.

    3) Audeze iSine 20 - Audeze's famed smooth house sound signature. Best bass amongst all due to its' open-back system. By the same virtue, soundstaging is massive as well when compared to other IEMs. Mids are nice too but trebles are kind of smoothed over. You wouldn't pick this IEM if you're looking for detail-retrieval in your IEMs but still the iSines are fantastic IEMs. They provide a very differentiated IEM experience. Imperative to use the Cipher cable or Audeze's Reveal plug-in though.

    4) Etymotic ER4SR - detail-retrieval king though not as great as my UE18+ but still, this IEM provides incredible value for money. Again, trebles are pretty well extended on the Etys as well, giving a pretty in-your-face presentation. The UE18+ is able to somehow avoid this problem though, but then again, it's way pricier. Smallest soundstage amongst all my IEMs but imaging is pretty pinpoint.

    5) Acoustune HS1501 AL - great bass and soundstaging ability. Sort of like a basshead lover's dream. Thick sound signature but the mids does perform decently well. Can't quite remember its' treble performance but that should mean it wasn't so dreadful as to be expected from bass-focused IEMs.

    6) Etymotic ER3XR + 20 Ohm resistor - The 20 ohm resistor was supposed to bring the ER3XR to pretty much ER4XR performance but tbh, it was pretty disappointing when I finally did try that combination out. Nothing to write home about, the ER4SR is so much better in terms of the forwardness of mids and treble air. Bass was better on the ER3XR compared to ER4SR but then again, it's just isn't worth it - you don't get the Etys for their bass (just my perspective, nothing against those who feel otherwise). Could be a fluke resistor though, haven't personally heard the actual ER4XR myself to make a direct comparison with the ER4SR.

    7) UE900S - Pretty trebly, reaches sibilant quite easily. But overall, quite a nice v-shaped sound signature. Bass could be bloated sometimes but could be ratified by blocking the small pinhole nozzle on the UE900S. Believe there's quite a few discussions about this modification elsewhere on Head-fi.

    8) UE TF10 - pretty much the same as UE900S but a bit less. Another exception is that you can't perform the same nozzle blocking trick. Terrible fit though, I suppose most owners went down
    the path of reshelling these to get the TF10 to fit their ears - at least I did.

    9) Sennheiser IE80S - Mostly unimpressive tbh. Huge soundstage but not as huge as iSines. Bass is huge but it is just muddy and bloated, ruining the entire sound signature of these.

    Other IEMs that I sold off quite some time ago and couldn't quite remember my impressions on them:
    Etymotic HF5 - pretty nice, served me well as my daily IEMs. Non-replaceable cable though so it didn't last very long for me, perhaps a year or two at most if I recall.
    Etymotic MC5 - the same, usual Ety sound signature. Thinking aback, it probably didn't impress me that much on the basis of Ety's much-vaunted detail retrieval capability but then again, it's a cheap IEM. It's only fair if it were to be compared to other IEMs at a similar price point which I haven't had the experience of doing so.
    Klipsch S4i - pretty unimpressive too, actually performs pretty much like the IE80S minus the huge soundstage. Bass was bloated as well and everything just sounds so muddy.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
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  14. duaned
    1) Hyla CE-5. This puppy is pretty hard to beat!
    2) 64 Audio U12T
    3) Empire Ears Legend X
    4) Acoustune HS1650CU
    5) Hyla TE-5B
    6) Empire Ears Nemesis
    7) Campfire Solaris
    8) Unique Melody Merlin V2
    9) Sony IER-M9
    10) FLC 8N

    Not worthy of mention
    Campfire Audio Vega & Atlas, Westone Range, Fiio FA1, Noble Savanna
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
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  15. Sound~Patriot

    1. Canary (weird, i know...but i love them....for now)
    2. Legend X // Trinity brass (different, but can't decide)
    3. Phantom (still one of my heroes, but....)
    4. Erlkönig (4 different sigs are a bit confusing, too heavy housing to my liking)
    5. Flamenco
    6. Zombie
    7. Solaris
    8. Andromeda
    9. VE8 (perhaps they should be on top.....but, what do i know)
    10. IE800S
    Last edited: May 4, 2019
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