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Rank the IEM's you've heard

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  1. SoundDouble
    @slowpickr what do you think about the imr R1?

    It's similar to my radius twf31 design, DD with piezo, but the imr has adjustability. Wouldn't want to spend the money just for the adjustment.
  2. slowpickr
    I really liked the R1 when I had it. I sold it for the supposedly upgraded R1 Zenith. Still getting to know the Zenith. Not sure yet how much of an "upgrade" it really is if any. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with the Zenith (especially the promotional price I paid for it).
  3. xmr0613
    Here are some quick impressions based on what I've heard on Canjam NYC. Keep in mind those are quick impressions though:
    Flamenco 2018
    LCD i4
    Noble Khan (Detailed, precise and balanced. Maybe feels a little bit "thin"/"lean" or hot on treble due to it's precision but definitely not too bad compared to many other bright IEMs.)
    QDC Anole VX(Very similar to the Prophile 8 from my quick impression, neutral and balanced, with probably even slightly better speed and details, and definitely more features to play with, as the switches change the sound dramatically)

    Jomo Trinity SS/ AAW Canary (First impressions they are tuned with a lot of similarities: Very strong and organic base with great body and impact, super resolving treble details yet not too bright or sharp, overall extremely strong on technicalities. But the mids seemed a little too recessed to me for both of them, and I sometimes would crave for more emotions listening to them)
    Legend X
    Inear Prophile 8
    Tia Fourte
    Unique Melody Mason V3 (Very precise and detailed, maybe not as crazy technical as the Zeus or U18t, but not lagging by much. Feels pretty balanced across frequencies and soundstage is nice, but they very strong BA timbre which causes them to sound kind of lifeless somehow)
    Solaris (I kind of understand why people say they are "musical" and "soulful", but it's a little too much for me. Soundstage is very big, the bass is definitely controlled although still very DD sounding, the mids are pretty emotional, but somewhere around high-mids and lower treble there's just way too much energy in there and I'm easily tired after 3 songs)
    Fiio FH5 (A really pleasant surprise! Besides not strong in resolution comparing to other IEMs here, the tuning is lovely!)

    Zeus XR
    AAW W900 (They were actually pretty great, until I heard vocals from them. Well extended and not too sharp treble, greatly organic bass, very impressive soundstage. But, both male and female vocals sounded like the singer is suffering from bad air leakage from the throat. What a pity, since I otherwise would love the tuning and coloration of this IEM).
    Westone W40

    RHA CL2 (I couldn't believe my ears when I first heard those. The bass was pretty good with satisfying rumble, but everything else is so messed up that I find it hard to tell what exactly is wrong. I went through different genres to see if it sounds decent for anything but it's just BAD on whatever I threw at it. I can't say much about it's technicalities or what's exactly wrong with it since I spent most of my time trying different songs on it and getting puzzled by how it sounded edgy on every song. I'll definitely need to try it again with more time to give it a more fair impression).

    I've marked the ones from Canjam. Keep in mind that they are all quick impressions and not very reliable (besides the Trinity SS, which my friend lent me for a day).
  4. toughnut
    I still recall the day I tried it on. Leave a permanent scar on my eardrum and brain. Second demo, same impression.
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  5. Dobrescu George
    Pozitive one? :beyersmile:
  6. xmr0613
    I feel bad saying such unkind words about about a product, the people at the RHA booth were really nice. But it really did puzzle me since they sound so off and edgy even comparing to their own other products.
  7. toughnut
    Unfortunately it’s bad one... it sound like migraine
  8. Rockwell75
    Elite Tier

    1) Campfire Audio Solaris-- beautiful marriage of the Atlas and the Andromeda

    Top Tier

    2) Campfire Atlas
    3) Campfire Andromeda

    Mid Tier

    4) Moondrop Kanas Pro 1/10 of a Solaris
    5) Campfire Comet 1/10 of an Andro
    6) Shure SE 215
    7) Sony MDRXB50AP (These were still surprisingly good for something I bought for $30 out of an airport vending machine)

    Forgettable Tier

    8) Bose Soundsport In Ear Headphones
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  9. BananaOoyoo
    It's been a few months, so making a new list :)
    This list is more or less a "would I rather have X or Y" list based on a random mix of arbitrary criteria, and will only include IEMs that I've tried recently.
    (It wouldn't be fair to judge IEMs that I haven't listened to in months now, would it?)

    Jomo Flamenco (Store Demo)
    Sony IER-Z1R (Store Demo)
    Jomo Trinity SS (Store Demo)
    Shure KSE1200 (Store Demo)
    Jomo Samba (CIEM: Mine!)
    Empire Ears Legend X (Store Demo)
    Campfire Audio Andromeda (Mine!)
    Hidition Viento-Reference (CIEM: Mine!) - B
    Hyla CE-5 (Store Demo)
    Meze Rai Penta (Store Demo)
    Sony MDR-EX1000 (Mine!)
    Noble Khan (Store Demo)
    Lime Ears Aether (Store Demo)
    Aroma Audio Ace (Store Demo) - A > K = J > Q
    Justear XJE-MH2 CS (Store Demo)
    Audeze LCD-i4 (Store Demo)
    Hyla TE-5B (Store Demo)
    Empire Ears Spartan IV/Effect Audio Merlin (Store Demo)
    Empire Ears Phantom (Store Demo)
    Custom Art Harmony 8.2 (Store Demo)
    Acoustune HS1650 (Store Demo)
    Lark Studio LSX (Store Demo)
    Lime Ears Model X (Store Demo)
    Hyla TE-5T (Store Demo)
    AME Argent (SIAS)
    Sony IER-M9 (Store Demo)
    AAW W900 (Store Demo)
    Empire Ears Vantage (Store Demo)
    Earsonics Grace (SIAS)
    AME J12U (SIAS)
    Canal Works CW-U77 (SIAS)
    Noble Audio K10 Encore (Store Demo)
    Aroma Audio Witch Girl 12 (Store Demo)
    Westone W80 (SIAS)
    Etymotic ER4XR (Store Demo)
    Rhapsodio Zombie (Store Demo)
    Lark Studio LSIV (Store Demo)
    Sony IER-M7 (Store Demo)
    Periodic Audio Be (SIAS)
    Massdrop Plus (N/A)
    HUM Dolores (Store Demo)
    Campfire Audio Atlas (Store Demo)
    Noble Audio Katana (Store Demo)
    HUM Pristine (Store Demo)
    HUM Reference (Store Demo)
    AME J5U (SIAS)
    Earsonics Purple (SIAS)
    Westone B50 (SIAS)
    AAW AXH (Store Demo)
    Canal Works CW-U02 (SIAS)
    Westone B30 (SIAS)
    Oriolus Finschi (Store Demo)
    Canal Works CW-U12aEX (SIAS)
    Periodic Audio Mg (SIAS)
    Simgot EN700 Pro (SIAS)
    Simgot Roselle EM1 (SIAS)
    Shozy Pola (Store Demo)
  10. Oceiros
    1 64 audio A12T
    2 Campfire Audio Vega
    3 Campfire Audio Andromeda
    4 Shure SE846
    5 Fiio FH5
    6 Campfire Audio Comet
    7 Fiio FA7
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2019
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  11. aaf evo
    Figured I’ll make my small update to my list:

    64 Audio A18t
    Empire Ears Legend X CIEM
    64 Audio u18t
    64 Audio Tia Fourte
    Campfire Audio Andromeda
    Campfire Audio Solaris
    Empire Ears Zeus XR (XIV switch)
    Campfire Audio Vega
    Shure SE846
  12. kendosperling
    0. Vision Ears V8 (1 week demo)

    1. Warbler Prelude
    2. Custom Arts Harmony 8.2
    3. AAW W900
    4. Custom Arts Fibae 2
    5. Avara AV2
    6. Hyla CE-5 (specialist)
    7. LZ A4
    8. Shure 215
    9. Kinera H3
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  13. katulu

    #1 UM Mavericks
    #2 Moondrop Blessing
    #3 Heir 8.0
    #4 Sony ES-800ST
    #5 UE Triple-Fi Pro
    #6 Prophile 8
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  14. CT007
    Comparison/differences between these 3..?
  15. Pepito
    1. Empire Ears Legend X
    2. Noble K10
    3. Campfire Audio Vega
    4. Shure SE846
    5. Sennheiser IE80
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