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Rank the IEM's you've heard

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  1. Acez
    My current setup is JH13 (original) customed with whiplash twau ref cable terminated in furutech rhodium 3.5mm and eidolic premier 2pins. And i would still personally rate them as the best i have heard even above noble k10/ 64 audio a18/ tia trio because it just sounds right to me in every aspect. But this is just my personal preference, so take it with a grain of salt.
    Also, you will be surprised how much a cable and its termination changes the sound of the iem, so go along and try out different cables to match it to your taste before committing.
  2. Acez
    You can try getting the audirect beam if you want to pair up your iphone with the noble khan, sounds really good.
  3. Deolum
    Top Tier

    1. Shure KSE1200/1500
    2. Moondrop Kansas Pro
    (best recommendation i ever got)


    3. Westone W40 (balanced)
    4. AKG N40
    AKG N5005
    1More Triple-Driver
    Westone W40 (unbalanced)

    Not so good

    8. Shure SE535
    9. The rest

    Though the KSE 1200 were the best quality wise they showed me that soundquality doesn't automatically mean more enjoyment. So the only IEMs i'd really recommend are the Kansas Pro which i find incredibly good and outmatch even most of the sub 1000$ over ears i heard.

    (btw. first post :smile_phones:)
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  4. Rockwell75
    The KPE are nice for what they are but they're not the best for those who prefer a bit of substance in the low end (though I've heard that changes after 100hours or so of burn in which mine don't have yet).
  5. zepmaj

    1- BGVP DM6
    2- Vsonic GR07 BE
    3- Brainwavz M3
    4- Brainwavz M5
    5- Nicehck Bro/BGVP SGZ DN1
    6- JBL J33
    7- Sennheiser CX200ii
    8- Apple Earpods
    9- KZ ZS3
  6. Rockwell75
    Top Tier

    1) Campfire Atlas

    Mid Tier

    2) Moondrop Kanas Pro
    3) Campfire Comet
    4) Shure SE 215
    5) Sony MDRXB50AP (These were still surprisingly good for something I bought for $30 out of an airport vending machine)

    Forgettable Tier

    6) Bose Soundsport In Ear Headphones

    Wishlist: Campfire Solaris
    Curiosity List: Sony MDR EX 1000, Campfire Andromeda
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
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  7. PointyFox
    Tier 1
    Sony IER-Z1R
    Jomo Trinity

    Tier 2
    Campfire Andromeda
    Sony IER-M9
    64 Audio U18t
    Jerry Harvey Audio Layla
    Audeze LCD-i4

    Tier 3
    Campfire Atlas
    Campfire Solaris
    64 Audio Tia Fourte

    Tier 4
    qdc Neptune
    CA Vega
    Audeze isine 20

    Tier 5
    BGVP DM6

    Tier 6
    Sennheiser ie80
    Shure SE846
    CA Orion
    Shure ER4XR

    Tier 7
    Westone W30
    Shure SE215
    Visang R02
    Bose ie2
    KZ ZS6

    Tier 8

    Tier 9
    Panasonic RPHJE120S
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
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  8. Rockwell75
    What do you prefer about the Andromeda relative to the Solaris? One day down the road I'll be looking for another IEM to complement the Atlas and the Solaris and Andromeda are high in the running (sadly everything else in your upper tiers is well out of my price bracket lol).
  9. PointyFox
    The Atlas and Solaris sound less clear to me and I'm not used to the amount of bass they put out. They're pretty close though in overall sound quality. I just prefer transparency to bass at the moment.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
  10. redrol
    1. Tied between Kanas Pro and DM6 depending on my mood and the fidelity of the recording
    2. Velodyne Vpluse. BRING THAT BASS, OH YEAH (nice mids and treble too)
    4. Sennheiser over the ear HD650 (yeah yeah I know)
    3. Bunch of 50 bux chinese IEMs
    4. KZ ZS10
    5. Samsung boxed IEMs with S7 phone
  11. hiflofi
    Do you mind comparing the IER-Z1R to the U18t, Andro, and/or Solaris? I'm very interested in the IER-Z1R but have yet to demo it.
  12. slowpickr
    1. IMR R1 Zenith
    2. AKG N5005
    3. Oriolus Finschi
    4. JVC HA-FX850
    5. LZ A4
    6. KC06A
    7. Trinity Techne
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
  13. PointyFox
    The IER-Z1R is like the Andromeda plus bass. Sounds a lot like the MDR-Z1R. Still very clear sounding though. Clearer sounding than the Solaris and U18t. I'd say the U18t is a little better overall than the Solaris, which sounded darker and not quite as clear. I think the bass was a little muddier on the Solaris.
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  14. royneo
    1 - UE18+ Pro
    2 - Audeze iSine 20
    3 - Acoustune HS1501 AL
    4 - Etymotic ER4SR (with HeSuVi)
    5 - Etymotic ER3XR with 20 Ohm resistor
    6 - UE 900 S
    7 - UE Triple.Fi 10
    8 - Sennheiser IE 80 S
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2019
  15. KevlarCoatedIEM
    1A. Campfire Andromeda
    1B. Acoustune HS1551
    2. Final Audio E4000
    3. Massdrop Plus
    4. Final Audio E1000
    5. Massdrop x NuForce EDC3
    6A. Sony MH755 (didn't like the thinness)
    6B. Tin Audio T2 Pro (too much treble)
    7. Brainwavz Delta
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