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Rank the IEM's you've heard

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  1. kernel8888
    i second Andromeda. Its like taking the best of the se846 and ie800 and then turning it up another notch. I never compared the se846 and andro directly, but owned se846 extensively previous to the andro.

    while listening to the andro I was always reminded of the se846, I think they both have a "muscly" sound due to lower mids and their attack/impact. but then you get the soundstage and airiness of the ie800 without losing the solid feel the Andros have and ie800 can lack sometimes.
  2. Stranger Than Fiction
    ^ What is it like insofar as bass goes? Texture? Impact? Sub-bass (hugely important given my tastes)?
  3. geardoc
    Yep, Andromeda.
  4. bumpyhead
    Wow..so far a landslide.
    Unfortunately, one of the hard to get products at this end of the planet.

    I see Campfire has two higher rank models above Andromeda.
    Just for my curiosity sake, what may Solaris have to offer that Andromeda doesn't?
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  5. hiflofi
    If I had to posit, the DD was the main selling point of the Solaris over the Andro. Solaris bass has much more physicality to it, along with better better sub-bass extension, without intruding on its crystal clear mids (much more diffuse tuning compared to the Andro) and (probably) some of the best treble I've heard, equal to the Andro.
    Campfire Audio have a well-deserved reputation in the TOTL space although the main drawback for some people is their lack of CIEM options. Not a problem for me as their UIEMs fit fine for me.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2019
  6. xmr0613
    1) KSE1500 (To me this is just how music should sound)
    2) Flamenco 2018* (Great technicality with lovely tuning, quite addictive)
    3) LCD i4 w/ Cipher Cable (Very coherent with huge soundstage)
    4) U18t* (kind of similar to the tuning of kse1500, plus stronger bass and minus the "estat magic")
    5) Legend X * (This is a quite lovely IEM with full of emotions after adjusted to its bass level)
    6) Inear ProPhile 8 (Most neutral tuning I've ever heard, with very good technicalities, could seem a bit emotionless at times)
    7) Tia Fourte * ( Huge WOW factor on first listen, however it sounds more and more unnatural and incoherent every time I demoed it)
    8) Andromeda * (Very easy to love, very comfortable and on point on every frequency range with great soundstage, comparing to more expensive TOTL iems I think it falls short on technicalities, such as resolution and speed, excellent choice in its price range though)
    9) Zeus XR( Absolute top level resolution and speed, shockingly good transparency and immense vocal delivery, but too bright in such a way that's it's not necessarily harsh or sibilant, but easy to cause my fatigue after 30 minutes of listen. Maybe it's the "BA timbre"? Very sad to eventually let it go).
    10) U12t* (Very underwhelming for me the few times I demoed. Bass was boosted in an uncomfortable way, very artificially sweetened mids, to me kind of feel like "mixing water with Sprite", everyone else seems to love it though so it could just be me)
    11) W40 (Really liked the sound signature, kind of similar to Prophile 8, but lacks resolutions comparing to the more expensive IEMs, was having hope that the W80 would be Prohpile 8's twin, but that didn't seem to be the case)
    12) SE846 ( Recessed highs, congested mids and bloated bass, very weak resolution within the price range, small soundstage, not much to like for me)

    * are the ones I demoed for a long period of time or loaned for a few days. There are a lot of other IEMs that I demoed quickly but I won't comment on quick first impressions. I might have a pair of Jomo's Trinity SS to demo very extensively soon though.
  7. dhruvmeena96
    Sony EX1000 final audio eartip stock cable
    Ocharaku co donguri keyaki dual tornado equaliser
    Sony IER Z1R
    Sony IER m9
    Custom ART FIBAE 1 with Wide bore Symbio and Penon Draco(Craziest weirdest and the most correct sound, the correctness of space and instrument feels weird)

    Shure KSE1200(better than 1500 which has DAC, because i have benchmark DAC1)
    K project sound-writer with APEX(Limited supply with , but i swapped apex with Adel G1)
    64audio u18t with Adel G1
    warbler audio prelude
    spiral ear se5ultimate
    campfire andromeda

    Bold one are Hall of Fame
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  8. Peter Hyatt
    This thread has been invaluable.

    I settled on Beyerdynamic Xelento.

    I am grateful to those of you with wide experience and taking the time to post.
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  9. semsal

    New entry;
    Rhapsodio Zombie Ultimate
    (Silver housing made by k2craft)
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  10. Dobrescu George
    I see you love the bass and sub-bass :)

    Rhapsodio Zombie is quite an amazing IEM for a really deep and strong bass and sub-bass :)
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  11. semsal
    Yes you right, but zombie ulitmate silver housing iem's bass and mid bass are slightly small but more tight and more controlled than zombie acrylic.
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  12. BananaOoyoo
    There have been some concerns regarding unit variation for Solaris. I’m not sure how significant it is, but as someone else living in Korea, I’m planning to wait until I get to audition it before deciding whether or not to get it.

    Andromeda is fantastic, and I wouldn’t consider Vega/Atlas an upgrade to it. (Equinox and Solaris TBD)
  13. imsurokim
    Looking for nice iem but haven’t found one yet. Any recommendation for nice bass ones? I want to try legend x but cannot throw 2.3k w/o listening to them.
  14. duaned
    Empire Ears Nemesis.
  15. BananaOoyoo
    Hyla CE-5 (used) or TE-5B could also work. For more bass quantity, perhaps something like the Empire Ears hybrids or maybe Rhapsodio Zombie? I find that the bass on those tends to bleed into the mids more though.
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