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Rank the IEM's you've heard

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  1. BananaOoyoo
    New 6-driver triple hybrid from Noble. 4BA + 1DD + 1 Piezo

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  2. MidFiMoney
  3. Stranger Than Fiction
    I am very keen to audition the Khan when it arrives here in Australia. Wishing its pricetag were in AUD haha...
  4. TAsme
    1) Warbler Prelude
    2) Lime ears Aether
    3) CA vega
    4) CustomArt Harmony 8.2
    5) EE Zeus
    6) noble Audio Katana
    7) Dunu DN-2002
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  5. Mikey99
    Audeze LCDi4 >>In Ears Stagedriver 5 > Shure SE846 > Shure SE535 > Bose Soundsport
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  6. Sir Metal
    Audeze iSINE 20 > Shure SE846 > Sennheiser IE8 > Brainwavz B2 > UE Triple.fi 10 Pro > Sennheiser CX 870 > Sony MH-EX300AP > Brainwavz R1 > Sony MDR-EX77 > Sony MDR-EX310
  7. RPB65
    This is an easy one for me :)
    1) Noble Kaiser Encore
    2) Shure SE425
    =3) Apple earbuds free with iPhone and Apple AirPods
  8. Linhbk
    For me :
    1, Spiral ear 5 way
    2, 64 audio forte
    3, 64audio u18
    4, noble katana
    5, earsonic 9
    6, 64audio u12
    7, dunu 2000 ( my first iem :D never forgot about it )
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  9. Tawek
    after replacing the old obravo eamt 2c (broken transducer) with a new model, I can definitely confirm
    1 Obravo eamt 2c
    2 Se5ult , Sony mdr ex1000
    3 Piano forte x-g
    shure se535
  10. Medikill
    I need some help, i really like the atlas sound signature but it's so volatile, and the only way i ever get a good seal is with pushing them in. I've tried symbio wide bore, spiral dots, even over ear, tried silicone over ear sheaths everything .... the only thing that gave a good seal was the comply foam but it just subtracts so much bass :/ makes them sound like ****ty apple ear buds. At this point, seems i have wasted $1899 AUD.

    So my question

    What IEM is similar to the atlas but fits a lot easier?

    I've been thinking of the following.
    1. Sennheiser IE800
    2. 64 Audio U8
    3. Sony MDR EX1000

    Any advice would be very appreciated.
  11. nazrin313
    1. Final Audio Lab 1
    2. EE Phantom = Rhapsodio Infinity
    3. Fitear EST
    4. Tia Forte = U18 Tzar
    5.Tralucent Audio 1plus2 (Uber cable) = Rhapsodio Rti1 = Rhapsodio Solar = Andromeda
    6. Final Audio PF-X CC (noisy conditions)
    7. EE Legend
    8. Rhines Stage 4
    9. JH Audio 13v2 pro
    10. Inear SD3
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018
  12. BananaOoyoo
    Definitely not the ex1000 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (doesn’t sound anything like the atlas AND the fit can be a bit weird)
  13. Medikill
    Any suggestions mate?
  14. BananaOoyoo
    Well I’m personally not a huge fan of Atlas, so it might be better to get impressions from someone who is. If you’re interested in giving another Campfire Audio IEM a chance, Vega could be a nice option (or Equinox if you want to try custom IEMs).

    I don’t think I’ve heard the U8, but the ie800 could be a decent choice? It’s kinda V-shaped, and it’s much lighter/smaller than Atlas.

    What’s your budget?
  15. Medikill
    Owned the vega before the atlas, prefer the atlas for the bass :D

    Ideally under $1000 USD, yeah i can get the IE800 for a steal ($460 USD) so might pull the trigger on them (brand new from a retailer.

    Any recommendations for bass heavy IEMs (but still punchy and more sub than mid bass).

113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122
124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133

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