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Rank the IEM's you've heard

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  1. HC21KING
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  2. Jephre
    Just some background - my current preferences are for a natural tone, more mid-centricity, with good sub-bass extension, smooth treble, and great detail.

    1) UE 18+ Pro 2nd Gen
    2) InEar ProPhile-8
    3) Hyla CE-5
    4) Campfire Andromeda
    5) AKG K3003
    6) Oriolus MK2
    7) Sony XBA-N3AP
    8) JVC HA-FW01
    9) IMR R1
    10) Aurisonics ASG-2.5
    11) Noble X
    12) LZ-A4
    13) Future Sonics G10
    14) Future Sonics Atrio m5
    15) Sony WF-1000x (bluetooth)
    16) Beoplay H5 (bluetooth)
    17) AirPods

    1) and 2) are far ahead of the rest of the pack. I wish I could marry the UE18+ Pro 2nd Gen's mids, with the bass of the CE-5, with the treble extension of the Andromedas, and the detail level of the ProPhile-8.
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  3. quodjo105
    Andro and Ex1000 over phantom ?.. what about the phantom did you not like ?
  4. Colors
    Sounds too thick and overbearing in the lower mids (especially male vocals). Imaging wasn’t the best either tbh. Soundstage was average.

    These ranking lists are more like “Rank your personal preferences list” and a big criteria for my tastes is massive soundstage, imaging, detail and sub-bass extension/quantity. I overall lean more towards a warm neutral sound signature also. So I would take it as a fine grain of salt.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2018
  5. quodjo105
    I see . Was considering buying one . After all the positive reviews from many headfiers including Jude . I’ve personally demoed legend x and found the bass overpowering . I can’t even listen to my custom bravado anymore , makes every music sound too bassy . Have you ever heard the IBasso ito3 ?. I’m looking for a sound like that but with better mids and resolution . The mids on the it03 makes it sound hollow .
  6. Tawek
    Ex1000 - perfectly balanced
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2018
  7. Colors
    Might want to look into the Andromeda, especially the S. They both have very good extension (especially treble, sub-bass is average in quantity but good quality) and also very prominent and full mids as well. It’s actually quite a feat to do - having a big soundstage while having slightly forward mids. Usually mids are hallowed so the voices sit further back to give the image and feel of a wide soundstage.
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  8. Stranger Than Fiction
    A couple of questions re the Zeus and Massdrop.

    Will they ship internationally and how long does a drop typically last? February sounds just about perfect to make a purchase.

    I am currently using the Sennheiser IE800 (original) which ain’t half bloody bad after my initial poor experience. But they are missing something... Midrange support namely, but the strong bass could use just a little more beefing up, I cannae quite put my finger on it.

    I’m looking for something that has the Noble K10’s detail and midrange, Sennheiser IE800s’ treble extension and the Shure SE846s’ or Campfire Vega’s bass; if such a thing exists lol.

    @Colors and to all those who enquired about my Noble K10s: apologies I never responded to you. At the time I was going through some really heavy stuff. No excuse, wrong threat, etc, I know. :frowning2:
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  9. BananaOoyoo
    Since you have both, do you think they’re different enough that it’s worth getting both the 7550 and ex1000? Or would you suggest getting, say, the ex1000 & something else?
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  10. Jephre
    To add to what @Colors said about the Andromeda S - I demo'd it today with my standard rig - MacBook Pro Retina mid-2012 > Dragonfly Red > Pico Power, playing Spotify (higher res streaming). I was A/B testing it between my UE18+ Pro 2nd Gen and found that it's a bit like a junior UE18+ Pro. The Andromeda S signature is similar, with more rolled-off treble, thick and full mids, but with a stronger mid-bass hump. I think suffice it to say, since they don't make the UE 18+ Pro 2nd Gen, the Andromeda S is a worthy substitute at around the same price. Similarly natural mids, better than the original Andromeda, although I agree with several other reviewers in that the Andromeda's sparkle seems to be missing.

    If you live in Vancouver, Canada, check out the Andromeda S at Headphone Bar on Main. Travis is awesome and has a demo model available!
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2018
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  11. Deftone
    I had orginal IE800 and IE800S, 800S brought up the mids but then they lacked a bit of punch and snap to drums. Its like you cant win.
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  12. Stranger Than Fiction
    The IE800S’ subtle warmth and lovely bass did make them a candidate until more financial trouble arrived... They suit trance incredibly well.

    But they fell down like Southampton FC in 2009 when I threw a bit of Flamenco/ Spannish guitar at them, which sounded almost grating. Also, although their bass has great impact, texturally speaking a lot was left to be desired. The didgeridoo in Paco Fernandez’ “Grillos” (featuring the same guitar - a great auditioning track btw) had no textural lustfulness to it whatsoever. (Incidentally the Noble K10s nailed it in this department).

    Perhaps when finances allow it I’ll go back to the Noble Encore, a bit of EQing helped with their predecessors’ bass quantity a bit. I guess it is a tall order to ask for something that is agile enough to handle the demands of progressive trance, full-throttle techno, UK bass music; while also being the sort of texture and detail monster that Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells II might call for.
  13. Kenneth Galang
    drop ended. hopefully another will come
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  14. Colors
    I actually like the 7550 more than the EX1000 . The vocals on it are bumped up a bit and there’s less brightness in the treble.

    However, the EX1000 has the better soundstage and commanding bass though. And much superior imaging.

    Yes, I’d say it’s worth it to get both. They’re different enough that I like to rotate between them. EX1000 is probably closer to the Clear though in terms of SQ.
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  15. BananaOoyoo
    Thanks! I actually have an EX1000 on the way - it should actually be waiting for me at home today - but was also curious about the 7550. If the fit on the EX1000 is okay, I’ll consider getting the 7550 as well.

    For some reason, both are still available new where I live - I guess the distributor grabbed too many before they got discontinued haha
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