Rank the Headphones that You Own.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by yikes, Mar 17, 2005.
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  1. richard51
    I dont think that this thread is appropriate for that.... Ask me any question on my thread:


    By the way nobody I know of can explain why crystals and stones act like they act.... And for your ground loop problem no stones can cure that....Try other means with help from informed people for that....After that it will be my pleasure to propose to you low cost experiment to better your system on this thread....Thanks for your interest,my best to you...
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  2. koover
    I agree but you did bring it up.
    I appreciate the response.
  3. richard51
    Yes I bring it up but cannot go on with details about that here.... Good luck with this ground loop problem... After that come and we will try something very low cost to try to improve your system...
  4. god-bluff
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  5. dwayniac
    Hifiman HE-500. Still my flagship.
    Grado SR125i. Don't listen them that much but when listening to acoustic jazz.........
    Hifiman HE-400. A recent purchase that is relegated to portable use around the house.
    Grado SR325i. If the cable were shorter,I would use it instead of the 400.
    Audio Technica ATH-PRO700MK2. Only when I want to overdose on bass.
    Fostex T40RP MKII. If the clamping were not so loose,I would use them more.
  6. eucariote
    I've been away from head-fi for a few years, but have always thought that the collective information in this thread is gold. Has anyone ever organized or analyzed the responses in this thread? There is so much collective experience here that is quantitatively organized, it could be the basis for a definitive rating system for all good headphones.
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  7. George Taylor
    Been awhile, and before anyone comments know a couple things. Yes, I know I have a lot of over lap in my collection. And that in a few months time I should be moving. When that happens there will be a grand sale of all the stuff I don't want anymore. So, here goes, from the top.

    LCD-2.2F, Fostex TH900 MK1, Beyerdynamic 1990 Pro, ZMF Ori, Philips X2, Hifiman HE560, Fostex TH610, Fostex T40RP, Mrspeakers Ether, Audioquest NightHawks, Grado RS2e, Grado SR225e, Beyerdynamic DT770 80ohm, RHB HP-2, Sennheiser Momentum over ear, Thinksound ON2, Senn. HD598, Senn. HD558, Senn. HD650, Fostex TH500RP, Kennerton Vali, Kennerton Magister Lite.

    IEMs - iBasso IT01, Fiio F9pro, Fiio F5, Beyerdynamic iDX200, 1More Quad.
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  8. kid vic
    Both Kennertons are at the bottom of your list? How come?

    I actually remember someone saying that exact same thing a few years ago on this thread (maybe it was you), the consensus then was that it would take way to long to go through every post and create a meaningful metric to measure everything. Also, theres only a handful of head-fiers that own grail cans like the K1000, original Orpheus's, Abyss, MDR-R10 and so on that they'd be dominated by midrange giants like the HE-500, HD6X0, Beyer DT-series and AKG K/Q headphones. Top of the pack would be a predictable HD800, LCD-2/3/4/X, TH-900, HE-(whichever model) and upper end Grado's
  9. George Taylor
    I like the sound of the Vali, but it's the only thing I do like about them. They are the single most uncomfortable thing I've ever tried to wear. I can not get them in a position that I either feel like they're going off my head any second, or pushing against me ears with the most uncomfortable pads I've experienced. And they're heavy. I know the LCD-2 gets a lot of stick for being heavy. And it is. And yet I've never felt it to be uncomfortable on my head. The Magister is the Lite version, and I will admit I have no idea how the full blown version sounds. But the set I have are just boring sounding cans that also are .... wait for it ... uncomfortable! Tons of head clamp. And the way the headband is made I don't think I can bend it against the grain to loosen it up. And I almost forgot, the cord for the Vali makes Grado cords look good. That about sums it up.
  10. Vicks7
    Agree strongly with this. I have been out for a while as well. I have basically gone through all the threads and made a list of the phones that seem to come up the most and for what it is worth I had the following (this is not intended to cause an argument and I have likely missed some great phones):

    Sennheiser HD-600

    Senheiser HD-650M


    Beyerdynamic DT 480 - 25 ohm

    Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro

    Beyerdynamic T1

    Sennheiser HD-800S

    Mr. Speakers Ether Flow C

    AKG Q701

    AKG K712 Pro

    AKG 812 Pro

    FOCAL Utopia

    Audeze LCD-4

    EMU Teak w/Rosewood cups

    Fostex TH-X00 w/EMU Ebony cups


    AudioQuest NightHawk

    HiFiMAN HE1000

    ZMF Auteur
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  11. Vicks7
  12. Vicks7
    This list is already deficient as I missed out the Stax phones!
  13. eucariote
    Thanks for the news. Yes, it would be a huge pain to go through all the posts and collect all the entries but if somebody did it wouldn't be too hard to write a program that would find the collective rank of every headphone. The time, treasure and dedication spent by this community must be in the millions of hours and dollars and feels.
  14. eucariote
    Thanks! :beerchug:
  15. yangian
    I suggest when people make a list of your preferred headphones, please specify genre of music you are used to listened to. That would be much helpful than only listing the headphones.
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