Random Thoughts on Corda Headamp & Creek OBH-11
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Nov 19, 2001
A few weeks ago I purchased my first headphone amp, a Corda Headamp from Jan Meier. Over the weekend I purchased a Creek OBH-11 with the upgraded power supply (the store had a used one for $50) to use at the office. Headphones used: Senns HD580, Grado SR80, Beyer DT931. I have had the Grados and Senns for about 6 month before getting the headphone amps, the Beyer I got from Jan at the same time as the Corda. This is not a full review, rather as the title states, some initial thoughts on amps in general and those amps in particular.

1. With the 580s difference between the headphone out from my receivers (Onkyo 595, Denon 1602) and the Corda is subtle and is noticeable in slightly greater detail and tighter bass.

2. If I am working at my computer or doing something else while listening to music the difference between the receivers and Corda is not that noticeable to me until I stop to listen to a favorite passage or song.

3. If I had it to do all over again knowing what I know now I would still buy the Corda.

4. With the 580s I prefer the sound from the headphone outs on my receivers to the sound from the Creek. The Creek sounds somewhat warm to me and to my ears does not mate well with the 580s.

5. The Creek and Grados have an amazing synergy to my ears. They sound wonderful together! The warmth of the Creek takes that little bit of harshness away from the Grados while letting the detail, nice midrange push and impact remain. I like them together ALOT.

6. With the DT931 I cannot make up my mind whether or not I like it better with the Creek or Corda (120 Ohm socket). As with the Grados the Creek takes a bit of the brightness away from the 931s, but with the Corda the 931s sound "fuller" with tighter bass. I think it most likely depends on the recording. Brighter recordings better with the Creek, less bright better with the Corda.

7. If I could have just one can, it would be the Senns. Very capable can across a wide spectrum of music and sources.

8. If I could have just one amp, it would be the Corda.

9. I would really miss the Grados though. Having both 580s and SR80s is a nice one two punch.

10. I hooked up the Creek to the line out of Panny CT570 and listened to the Grados. I was disappointed with the sound. It was only a small improvement from the using the Grados and CT570 unamped.

11. If you have only a moderately good receiver (both mine were under $450) there is a good chance you will get darn good sound with Senns 580s. I would get them again in a heart beat even if I did not have the headphone amps.

12. I can tell no difference in the sound from the Creek when swapping between the regular power supply and the upgraded one. I am going to return the ungraded one.

13. Did I mention how much I love the Creek, Grado combo?

14. FWIW I tested Senns HD590s with the other cans, but they just did not float my boat. I returned them today.

15. Listening to Clapton Unplugged with either the DT931s or Grados in conjunction with the Creek is a marriage made in heaven.

16. Other music listened to during my evaluations, James Taylor Live at The Beacon Theater (DVD Concert), Hell Freezes Over (DVD concert, MUCH, much better sound than the HFO CD), various Billy Joel CDs, Gloria Estefan, Simon and Garfunkel.

Regards, Nick
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Jan 1, 2002
I didn't like the Creek with the HD600, either. Thanks for the comparative review. I wish we got more of these.
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Oct 21, 2001
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Did a google search for 'Creek OBH11'--it appears that the amp was 'designed for driving low to medium impedance phones'...

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