random noises on 1212m
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Dec 31, 2003
i'm getting random static on my computer audio, and it's most definitely coming from my sound card. basically, only some of the time for short periods of time, i would get a faint buzzing in the background, which then disappears back to nothing. so far, i found no pattern on why it would start then stop. when i'm watching a movie or listening to something loud, it's not really bothersome, but when it's nighttime and it's quiet, then it gets annoying. so no, the buzzing sound does not change with volume. is there any way i can stop that without getting a new soundcard?

problem #2
digital input would also suffer from a similar symptom as above, except it's a really high pitched whine instead, and it's more frequent than not. and in this case, patchmix dsp picks it up and i can see it on the peak meter. i also know it's the soundcard because the original sources (yes, 3 of them) all have that same problem. this is even with optical.

anything? or should i just get a new soundcard?

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