RAL KEB02iP Battery-Powered Headphone Amplifier / DAC (Balanced/DSD/iPod)
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Feb 1, 2010
This is less than six months old and looks/works with no issues.  Haven't seen much use although it's an excellent little DAC/Amp for the price.  Everything is included the device originally came with as well as original packaging as shown in photos.
S&H is $5 extra for continental US locations.
Compatible with:

- 30P Dock connector models.
iPod touch(1st – 4th generations)
iPod nano(3rd – 6th generations)
iPod Classic, 120GB Classic, 160GB Classic
iPhone3, iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPhone4S
iPad, iPad2, iPad3

- Lightning® connector models.
iPod touch (5th generation)
iPhone5, iPhone5C, iPhone5S
iPad(4th generations), iPad mini, iPad Air

- Digital Audio streaming format.
L-PCM 16bit/32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
* Restricted by iPod Firmware or iOS Audio Output Driver.

- Includes reliable 3.7V/1200mAh Li-Polymer battery(made in Japan). It brings 4hr
operation with two hour charging time.

- 32bit Multi Thread processor and two independent X-Tal oscillator modules
(24.576MHz and 22.5792MHz) are included. The silicon and oscillators brings Low jitter
accurate Audio Master Clock to ES9018K2M DAC and brings clear sound.

Power & Volume Level

(1). Power & Volume Level
Power off : Turn Counter Clock wise to 7 O'clock position and check Click sound and
lighting off PW/LB LED.
Power on: Turn Clock wise from 7 O'clock position and check Click sound and lighting on
Volume level control: adjust Headphone output level to your favorite level.

(2). PW/LB LED.
Light on to indicate the operating state. Green light indicates Battery level is over 3.4V
and Red light indicates Low Battery state below 3.4V. In this case, charging is required.

(3). HP level Slide Switch
Select Headphone output level.
Right position shown in above brings High-Level for high impedance headphones.
Left position shown in above brings Low-Level for Low impedance headphones.

(4). Analog Filter selection Switch.
You can select Analog Filter Curve inside ES9018K2M DAC with this switch.
Right position brings Sharp Roll-Off Curve and Left position brings Slow Roll-off Curve.

(5). 3.5mm mini Jack.
Stereo analog audio output for headphones. Supports 8 Ohm to 300 Ohm impedance.

(6). 2.5mm micro jack ( L –BAL – R )
Analog Audio Balanced amp output to drive 4-wire ( 2 wire for L, 2wire for R) type

Rear panel

(1). Digital Audio Stream Input for iPod/iPhone/iPad
USB-A Connector : Compliant with USB 2.0 Full Speed(12Mbps) Spec.
*KEB02ip works as USB-Host but does not provide charging current from this connector.
It can provide USB Bus_Power to USB device up to 100mA.

(2). Digital Audio Stream Input for PC/Mac.
USB mini-B Connector : Compliant with USB 2.0 High-Speed(480Mbps) Spec. and
KEB02iP works as the USB Audio Class 2 Audio Device.
*This connector is used in USB_DAC mode. Don't connect any device when iPod
Legacy Support Compatible mode.

(3). DC+5V power input for charging.
USB micro-B Connector : Must connect DC+5V( +0.25V, -0.25V, 0.5A minimum )
Power supply unit to charge internal battery with USB-A to micro USB-B cable.

(4). Mode Select Slide Switch
Use this slide switch to change KEB02iP operation mode. This switch must be set in
Power_OFF state, Volume Knob at the front panel must be set at 7'Oclock position. And
the Volume Knob must be turned clockwise to enable operation mode being selected
by current setting of this switch for iPod Legacy Support mode or USB_DAC mode.

- iPod position(Left) : iPod Legacy Support mode.
KEB02iP works as an USB Host and iPod/ iPhone/iPad works as an USB Device. Must
be set this position before turning Power_ON KEB02iP to use this mode.

- USB position(Middle or Right) : USB_DAC mode.
KEB02iP works as an USB Audio Class 2 Device and High-Speed(480Mbps) Device.
Must be set this position before turning Power_ON KEB02iP to connect PC or Mac to
USB mini-B port. KEB02iP works with internal battery and does not require USB BUS 
Power at BT position. Must select BT position to connect Apple Camera Connect Kit,
Lightning to USB Camera Adapter or SONY WALKMAN USB Connection canle.
KEB02ip works requires USB Bus_Power at BP position. In this case you can connect
to USB high-speed enabled HOST port of PC or Mac.

(5). LEDs

(5-1) USB(Green)/ iPod(Red)
Lights on Red when succeeded to detect iPod and starts brink to indicate being
communicating successfully with iPod.
(5-2) PCM(Green)/DSD(Red)
Disabled in iPod Legacy support compatible mode. Enabled only in USB_DAC mode.
(5-3) EXTP(Green)
Indicates External DC+5V Power source or USB Bus_Power(BP mode) is being
supplied and KEB02iP is working and charging internal battery with the external
power source or USB Bus_power(BP mode).
(5-4) Charge.
Indicates internal battery is being charged with the external power or USB
Bus_Power(BP mode).

Technical specifications

(1). Digital Audio stream from iPod/iPhone/Pad:
L-PCM 16bit/44.1kHz or 48kHz.
(2). Analog Audio output:
Single-end 3.5mm mini-jack x1(Stereo L,R). 1.62Vrms/68-Ohm x2
Balanced 2.5mm micro-jack x2 ( mono. L and R) 1.7Vrms/22-Ohm x2
(3). Battery Life:
5hr. Continues playing back music with 12'oclock Volume position with 8-ohm
Stereo earphone.
Charging time: 3hr for full charge.
(4). External DC Power requirement:
DC +4.75V to 6.0V regulated 0.5A minimum.
Required charging cable with USB micro-B plug.
Note) KEB02iP does not supply charging power to iPod/iPhone/iPad.
(5). Size: 69.2(W) x 102.2(L) x 23.4(H) mm. 2.72"(W) x 4.02"(L) x 0.92"(H)
Excludes surface projection.
(6). Weight: 232 gram, 8.18 oz.
(7). Regulations : VCCI, FCC Class B, RoHs.

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