Rain Jackets?

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  1. mrip541
    Anyone here into outdoor gear? I'm looking for a waterproof and windproof rain jacket that can be worn in warm or cold weather, with a backpack if needed. When I say waterproof I mean can withstand hours in the driving rain. I currently have a noname cheapo jacket that not only isn't actually waterproof but it doesn't breathe either, so I get soaked and wildly overheated at the same time. It's the worst.
    I'm currently looking at (i) the Columbia Outdry Extreme shell which has a permanently waterproof layer on the outside of the jacket , (i) the Outdoor Research Realm which has very good reviews but does appear to soak through eventually, or (iii) the TNF Hyperair GTX which also has an outer permanent waterproof layer, except that it's not designed to be durable.
    Anyone have thoughts on these or other comparable jackets? 
  2. skimminst
    I would got for the Columbia, I did own some of this brand and all were fine.
    But now I am more into Patagonia gear:
    For a real Rain Jacket: http://www.derbe-hamburg.de/ [​IMG]
  3. obobskivich
    I have a North Face shell jacket that would satisfy this - its marketed/labeled as a parka but its just the wind/water-proof outer layer of a parka (so it can be worn in the spring/summer too, if needed). I forget what its "actual" name is, but it says "HyVent" under the North Face logo. I don't recall it costing a whole lot. It's been durable enough to last for ~10 years at this point without significant damage - figure its good enough, haha.

    You might also look at HellyHansen, which if I recall correctly, REI does not sell.
  4. MiLeX
    Not cheap, but it was worth the money, use it all year as you can add or remove the inner layers, it's perfect for me. 
  5. obobskivich

    That's the one - that's it. Mine didn't come with the inner layer (and cost a bit less as a result), but it's otherwise the same. :)
  6. eteina
    For a safe buy search anything with Gore-Tex and if you want it to be fit for use in cold and warm weather look for a model that has a incorporated detachable inner warming fabric.
  7. florencephile

    I use a rain jacket provided by the local Electric company, surprisingly well made.  maybe you know a friend that works for your energy company?
  8. Asspirin
    Rab make some pretty decent stuff
  9. Muinarc
    I have a goretex Arc'Teryx rain jacket and it's probably the best jacket I've ever owned, I love it.
  10. CactusPete23
    "Neo-Shell" is a newer technology with the wp/breathable film on the outside (like the columbia outdry) but it's not as thick, nor as shiny as the Outdry... Several folks are making jackets with it..
  11. mgc468
    You really can’t go to far wrong with anything made with goretex. I have an Arcteryx brand jacket, I forget which model. It’s a bit expensive even if you find it on sale but it’s fantastic.
  12. bangraman Contributor
    I'm not entirely sure about 'not going far wrong' since I have worn some of my jackets in the driving rain and it hasn't always been a totally successful experience.

    Arcteryx is a decent choice though. I don't actually buy much of their 'regular' gear, but I have some Alpha jackets + a significant Veilance stash and they generally work well. The Veilance stuff is all the more impressive since it is a 'fashion' item: The Acronym Gore stuff doesn't perform as well for example.

    Ultimately Gore stuff isn't necessarily a lifetime purchase: The DWR layer will degrade. So for normal wallets I would suggest something expensive but not rangetopping, durable in class, and also a Paclite so that you can layer and have it be your actual rain layer... something like the Beta SL.
  13. Audio-Omega
    Is Outdoor J factory store CA (tmlocutores.com) a legit website ?
  14. Loz_the_guru
    Another +1 for arcteryx here. I also really like Rab and Mountain Equipment stuff. I think mountain equipment use eVent rather than goretex, but in my view its as good or better.
  15. Tinnitus Man
    Paramo Halcon for me. Comfortable, hardwearing, and tons of cargo space. I've had my one for years and it shows no sign of wear. Also great that it doesn't rustle like other waterproofs can do.
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