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RAI Penta -- Meze Audio's Flagship IEM with Penta Hybrid Driver Technology

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  1. DavidS11
    Both sound great with the RP. For me, I prefer the Cube’s sound and design over the SE100. SR15 is also great compact player for on-the-go listening with the RP. Besides A&K, Cayin N6ii also work well with the RP. These are some examples only, they are many other good daps that u may try out.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
  2. buonassi
    For those of you that have heard, what about N6ii and Cube are gelling with the RP? What makes them a good match in your opinion? Is it a complimentary tonality or more how they handle transients, or perhaps present a stage?

    For example: I like the way my DX150 (amp 7) sounds in high gain with RP mostly. It really opens up and makes things more airy in the top octave. It might even push a bit more headroom height-wise, but I'm not the best judge of stage space. However, the bass becomes almost too tight and fast in high gain as the driver punches nicely, but doesn't decay as slowly as it does in low gain. This gives the impression of less weight in the lows and I really like the bass response with more weight due to it lingering a tad longer.

    The more I listen, I'm really liking the combo of Cowon plenue 2 and RP (low and high gain sound identical to me btw). While there is a very slight metallic timbre to some instruments with this combo, I find the upper treble more present and I get that openness I described with amp7 in high gain. But I also find the bass response perfect. Solid attack and perfectly timed decay which equals present and controlled weight.

  3. DavidS11
    Someone has previously posted about his Rai Penta issues where the anodized coating was wearing off easily around the edges. Well, it is also happening on my Rai Penta. I have bought it new for about 1 month only and have been careful using it (no drops or rough handling; also keeping it in the pouch when not in use). I’m really disappointed with the Rai Penta coating/build quality.

    I would like to check if anyone else is having the same issue and What can I do about it? I bought it from a local Meze dealer.


    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
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  4. leaky74
    No issues with mine (although for a minute there when I looked, the way the light catches that edge, I had to double check!)
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  5. HippyChick
    Yup. Same here. I got mine from here a couple of weeks ago - 2nd owner. They seemed fine when I got them and have only been lightly used, not dropped or anything. The "seam" on the right earpiece is also visible. I'm not overly impressed.
    20190821_114520.jpg 20190821_114549.jpg
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
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  6. HiFlight
    Mine are also showing a bit of wear on the edges but I have experienced similar issues with many of my other IEM's after extended use. They are only new once.
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  7. HippyChick
    Extended use is one thing but very light use in one room (so not put into a bag or taken outside) over 2 1/2 weeks is another. These are supposed to be used so it's not unreasonable to expect the finish to be a bit more durable, particularly at this price point.
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  8. gto88
    I feel for you. At the price, it is literally a boutique piece, I would expect it never fades.
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  9. jchandler3
    Unimportant question: how are you pronouncing this in your head?

    "Rye" or "Ray"? I can think of analogous spellings/pronunciations that could justify either one.
  10. DavidS11
    I agree if it has been after extended use (it's supposed to be TOTL iem with High Endurance Anodized Surface). But mine is only 1 month old from brand new with light use. I'm not even familiarized with RP sound fully yet.
  11. DavidS11
    I have send a report to Meze officially via email. So I will not comment further until/if I get a reply from them.
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  12. HippyChick
    Rye but with a bit of a roll on the "r" ... "rrrye" ?
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  13. jchandler3
    Couldn't resist any longer... just ordered from Audio46.
  14. gto88
    This is just drop out of my IEM candidate list, coating fade will affect resale and it is a quality (design material?) issue.
  15. buonassi
    'Rye' fwiw

    Mine are still in pristine condition , but I go to great lengths to not let them touch each other when handling or cable straightening etc.

    I suspect that these coatings will wear down over time due to abrasions in any normal case or pouch where each earpiece isn't padded from the other ( or isn't padded from the metal components of the cable.)

    I'm actually wanting to buy that double mesh pocket pouch from campfire to protect these when in transit.

    I wonder if you can apply an acrylic laquer over them? Will it bond? I'd definitely do that if so.
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