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RAI Penta -- Meze Audio's Flagship IEM with Penta Hybrid Driver Technology

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  1. ag18
    Thanks! I have the Bluewave Get and I quite like it (also a FiiO BTR-1, but will read up on the ES100). However, I want to get rid of the wires hanging down (short or not) -- others?
  2. Giraku
    After ~100 hours burn in, RAI Penta transformed itself into a true TOTL IEM. Initially, the bass was a bit loose and slow. But now it's been tighten up and nice and full. I don't feel it's slow any more. It's just nice and deep. The best part is the mid range. Vocals are rendered rich and beautiful without going too much on the warm side. Treble also improved (probably due to the bass change) showing clear and articulate presentation. Sound stage has been widened noticeably as well.
    Overall, this is a great IEM, especially at this price point. Still my Khan is better in all the technical aspects, but the price is more than double. Solaris can be a good competitor, if you can tolerate with its fit. Simply it did not work for me. RAI Penta's fit is so good, and I can easily forget the fact that I'm wearing them.
  3. ag18
    I've been using the RAI Penta now for the better part of a week on the streets and in the subways of New York and I am getting happier with it every day -- it's just the total package: small, ergonomic, amazing sound, not-too-crazy price point... If anyone is on the fence about this one, I would suggest you get one and try it out (sure, check your store's return policy first, but I doubt you'll want to return it)!
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  4. PhilW
    I have just confirmed UK price at 969.
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  5. davidmolliere
    Almost same price as the Earsonics Purple that just came out...
    Did they confirm availability as well?
  6. Lurk650

    I use it at the gym with my iBasso IT01
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  7. Ahmad313
    Can someone compare the Penta with Andromeda ,?
  8. NovaFlyer
    I tried the new Westone v2 BT cable at CanJam. It was easy to connect to my phone and for my purposes (travel), sounded fine. The only potential drawback is the location of the battery / control boxes on the cable. They are almost directly behind the ear, so for sleeping purposes it may cause a bit of a problem as it could dig into the back of the head.
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  9. PhilW
    Atm Late March, could creep in to April but stock is going to be super, super limited to start muxh like Empyrean
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  10. singingbee
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  11. Deftone
    Love the colour
  12. vault108
    I look forward to getting mine. Don't know when it'll ship though.
  13. Ultrainferno
  14. singingbee
    headfonia's review of the sp1000m pairing with rai penta is remarkable :k701smile:
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  15. Giraku
    Impression Update at 160+ hours burned in: My RAI Penta keeps surprising me. Sound stage got noticeably wider, and treble got more presence without getting harsh. No sibilance at all. Overall feeling is still relaxed slightly laid back presentation. However, technical difference between RAI Penta and Khan is getting smaller and smaller (yes, Khan still beats RAI Penta in all technical departments but with just a small margin). Considering the price difference ($1099 vs $2399), this is quite an achievement!! Kudos to Meze!!!
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
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