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Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. Coconut Wireles
    Yeah I had mentioned this earlier but hopefully more interest in this idea will put the option into a future FW update.

    It makes sense since they recommend setting the source volume at maximum anyways. An option to lock the source volume and turn the iOS volume controls into the analog volume controls would be great.
  2. meinname123
    They are already working on it.
    Look here: Post #98
    But not sure if really possible: Post #148
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
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  3. Spankypoo
    The big thing here is that it retain the fine adjustment of volume. iOS's volume steps are way too big for many headphones, and the high-resolution control the ES100 affords is a big part of its appeal. It's the first digital volume control I actually like.
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  4. Lunar Eclipse
    Digging the new fw/app. Crossfeed is well implemented. I turned the latency to 0 last night with no breakup in signal. My battery drain was a bit quicker but that could be my imagination. I have noticed after updates the output toggle is unlocked. Might be something to be aware of after updating. With all that said, I love this little wonder. Never growing bored of the sound sig nor my ears becoming fatigued. @wslee You and the Radsone team are a prime example of exemplary design and support. Your openess and honesty of what the Earstudio can and cannot do is a breath of fresh air. Cheers and thank you!
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  5. Coconut Wireles
    Oh man, that was a long time ago lol.

    Guess it is not as easy to implement as I had hoped
  6. Coconut Wireles
    Yeah if they could implement it I'd want the same fine incremental adjustments that they have on the device.
  7. capnjack
    Received my es100 today worked great, but kept getting firmware update needs doing mssg. Did the update, and it worked great for another half hour before the left channel packed up :frowning2:
    Returning it to Amazon tomorrow for a refund :frowning2: :frowning2:
  8. Coconut Wireles
    Thats strange. Have you tried a reset?
  9. capnjack
    Yes, did that and still left channel is u/s unfortunately.
  10. PiSkyHiFi
    To WS Lee and all:

    I just put the latest f/w in last night v1.2.1, hoping to have the auto-off feature which I need for the ES100 I use in the car.

    It's not quite what's needed for the car though, the feature just keeps it idle for charging, which is probably more for charging without using at home.

    The issue I have is that the one in the car is attached to dash and has a power cable always attached. It would be great if the device could turn on when the car gives it power and then auto shutdown when the car is switched off... at the moment , when I turn off the engine to leave the car, I have to hold the power button on the ES100 down for 5 seconds every time, or the device stays on and if I'm at home or just staying close to the car, although it's a testament to the quality of the bluetooth connection, it might not disconnect for an hour when i"m roaming around the house and it's still in the car, I don't have audio on the phone during that time.

    All that's needed is an app setting for car mode that does this:

    1. Device is off.
    2. Device turns on.
    3. IF (device turned on by charging cable providing power and not power button), set a flag
    4. Device is working.
    5. Device is switched off.
    6. IF (flag is set) { Don't start up again. }
    7. Reset flag before powering down.

    Something like that.... does that help ?

    I am still loving the 2 ES100s I own, quality, strong Bluetooth connection, great app.

    And... .great support.

    Please, Please WS Lee!!
  11. parawizard
    Just wondering if it would be possible to have a toggle for the indicator light in the app? I use it at night a lot and the light is distracting.

    I am really liking the device still. Thanks for all the updates
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  12. m4rkw
    @PiSkyHiFi Why bother using it in your car? Couldn’t you get a bluetooth-enabled head unit for the same price?
  13. m4rkw
    @PiSkyHiFi if you’re feeling brave you could try opening it and disconnecting the battery, that might solve your problem as then it would always go off once the power went away.
  14. PiSkyHiFi
    I was absolutely sick and tired of the ****e that many devices call car Bluetooth connectivity.... most of them have serious issues. I bought a replacement head unit that had Bluetooth and discovered a number of things, one, the bluetooth antenna was weak and if the phone was still in my pocket, I would get dropouts. I got dropouts anyway, every couple of minutes there would be one no matter where the device was, which I hypothesized was related to buffer management.

    Then there's sound quality, you might say how would I notice in the car, well, let's just say that the car speakers need some EQ and nearly all units I had, tried to do EQ digitally and messed it up totally, the easiest way to tell is to put on trumpet - SBC encoding combined with a poor EQ creates obvious resonances. Easiest way to hear what I'm saying is to listen to Blue in Green by Miles Davis, the trumpet is completely ruined to the point of hearing flutter like I was using a cheap tape deck from 1978.

    I love this device because it's nearly all there for me, the sound quality is great, it doesn't skip at all, even when in my pocket in the car. the functionality is great and the people behind it know what they're doing and value the quality of their work.

    I also have one for my MSR7 headphones, it's perfect for it.

    Not even vaguely interested in replacing this unit unless Radsone is no more.
  15. PiSkyHiFi
    LOL, ok, yes, I could do that if I was nuts. I suggested changes to this firmware before like controlling the ambient function from the device and it was implemented (a few others else also chimed in on that too).

    Honestly, I don't know why the device reboots when unplugged at all.... that's not a feature as far as I'm concerned. If you plan to live your life with headphones on all the time, it could work, since this device seamlessly moves from one ES100 to the next and has auto-off several minutes after disconnect.

    Tell you what, since it's no big deal for you to find out if the device needs the battery to run at all, you can take yours apart and post the results, then if it dies, hope another is still available.

    I honestly think my suggestion is a simple and useful one.
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