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Radsone EarStudio

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. tim0chan
    What is that?
  2. peter123
    Just because :wink:

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  3. HiFlight
    If you are using an Android smartphone as your source, there are a number of music player apps that have a crossfeed option...
    Neutron, Radsone and Foobar2000 are 3 that come to mind.
  4. waynes world
    Coolio! You're prompting me to get a balanced cable sooner than later for my mmcx buds.

    I'm trying to figure out the VE cable ordering page, but there are options dammit! Expresso cable? Spc cable? Can I get the spc cable in black? Can I change it to a shorter length? Do I even want a shorter length? So many questions lol! (but that's great). Addendum.. or go with the black litz cable, and if so, which sleeve option do I want? Earhooks or not? :)
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
  5. abrody
    Has anyone had any success sourcing a very short (ie less than 40cm) balanced MMCX cable?
  6. Jazic
    Im on Android but listen exclusively to Spotify and Tidal unfortunately.
  7. HiFlight
    I have encountered an issue with my EarStudio since the last two updates. I am still running 1.17 but have reinstalled the latest app. While I can connect and play OK, whenever I attempt to access the output page to select balanced or SE or one of the options, that page is greyed out and when I attempt to go back to a previous page via the arrow at the upper left, the app always stops. I can only surmise that this has something to do with the newer firmwares or app version, but this has persisted everytime I have attempted to use my ES recently. It does show the choices for the new firmware and does connect OK but I am stuck on my last output setting prior to this issue appearing.
    As I am away from home, I can't update my firmware to v.1.19 at the present time, but will give it a try when I return home.
  8. Researcher
    When i tried to backward or forward a track on tidal windows app (probably on the other players as well), i noticed the volume is immediately increasing for a quarter sec, and then come back at the normal level. This issue happens when the device is in USB-DAC.
  9. waynes world
    Maybe the app is not connected with the es100? Sometimes when I connect the es100 to my phone and I then go into the app, it does not connect with (and can not find) the es100 until I do this: While in app, turn the es100 off and on. For me, the app then always finds and connects with the es100.
  10. Coconut Wireles
    Lol when I saw you first post that adapter I was thinking about getting one just to try the 800S balanced through the ES100.

    I probably won't get it because I can't see myself using the 800S with the ES100 very much but running it unbalanced I thought the ES100 did a more than admirable job driving the 800S.

    Right now I'm debating on whether to get the ALO balanced MMCX cable for the Andromeda or going a custom route to get a shorter cable. Anyone know if ALO will make custom lengths?
  11. HiFlight
    This happens with the ES connected to the app. The app alway quickly finds my ES. I can change volume, access EQ, only output page causes the app to shut down.
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  12. tim0chan
    Mind explaining more clearly? I don't understand your problem a or "boom sound" for that matter
  13. Coconut Wireles
    Not sure if anyone else has this slight issue with the clip but I use my ES100 on my work shirts and it doesn't quite hold well since it only compresses on the shirt at the end point with the ridge. Anyways, I used a bit of adhesive velcro and used the loop/softer side of the velcro and stuck just a little bit on the clip so it compresses the shirt throughout the clip a bit more. The velcro is soft enough that it won't damage my shirt but has enough fluff to actually hold better when it's attached horizontally to my shirt. Just thought I would throw this out there if anyone else had this issue.

    IMG_0750.jpg IMG_0749.jpg IMG_0748.jpg
  14. Koolpep
    I would contact null-audio.com they make excellent cables in all price ranges (prices on their website are in Singapore dollars ) so they start from $49 SGD and you can always contact them with a special request, like a shorter one. Let’s see what they say. I use their cables (besides moon audio, plussound and others) for years. Great quality, even the entry level is a keeper.
  15. rkw
    You can order one from Venture Electronics:
    The order form has specific lengths, but actually the cables are all custom made to order, and you can tell them the exact length you want.
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