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Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. m4rkw
    Also, someone should do a blind A/B test with AAC vs AptxHD to see if they can hear a difference.
  2. PiSkyHiFi
    I just tried it out then, not a blind test, just trying to isolate type of sounds.

    My V20 allows me to choose between best sound quality or most stable connection, when it's on best sound quality and then turned on, a message appears saying AptX HD is in use, when the setting is on most stable, this message does not appear. I think it's probably doing SBC, but I'm not certain.

    You can quickly flip between the 2 modes.

    So far, it's extremely difficult for me to hear the differences consciously. I think positioning is probably the best give away on decent recordings. I think I could hear a particular bass drum with natural echo more precisely in spatial positioning, but I'm not confident I would get it right every time.

    I think it's probably going to still be a winner for Apple users to have the nice DAC and the clean amp despite the lack of AptX HD.

    Apt HD is awesome though... sorry it's only Qualcomm, Apple hates them.
  3. m4rkw
    If you have an iOS device lying around you can see what codec it uses by watching the console with the device connected. I've no doubt that Apt HD is "awesome" but I'd be interested to determine if anyone can hear the difference between that and AAC.
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  4. PiSkyHiFi
    Yes, my test is with AAC, no extra Radsone dsp.

    That's probably why I'm not likely to hear a difference easily. AAC is a cut above MP3 and at this bitrate, it's going to be tough. I can only pick the difference in MP3 at bitrates lower than 256 Kbps.
  5. subtec
    I'd be curious to see what the battery life difference is like between regular AptX and AptX HD. Also whether it supports AptX-LL (the CSR8675 chip should, but Radsone haven't listed it as an option).
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  6. meinname123
    I have got my Earstudio and i'm very impressed. I hear (nearly) no typical BT hiss/noise. My Fiio E11 has even more...
    And i notice also no difference between AptX from my Macbook Pro and AAC from the Macbook or iPhone with my Spiral Ears 5 Ultimate (2X Current on 3.5)

    But what i'm a bit suspicious about is the DCT thing.
    I hear a difference between DCT off and DCT at higher levels. - But i can't describe it in my language (german) what it really is. But in english it's nearly impossible
    But what i can say is, that i actually like it.

    I can't wait till someone like Mikol1011 with decent C-IEM and knows how to express what he is hearing writes a small review about Earstudio and it's DCT.
    (cause of his review i even canceled my Bluewave GET Order cause my SE5Ult are even more sensitive than his Noble and i'm sure the Hiss he noticed would really disturb my hearingpleasure)

    //edit: i think the problem with the loud startup sound is, cause he hasn't set the phone volume to max. (what radsone recommends) and lowered the Earstudio volume. And so the status sounds of the device are much louder than his music..
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  7. m4rkw
    I wonder how much extra bandwidth the aptx and aptx-hd codecs use vs aac/mp3. If there's no perceptible quality difference then it may be that using these codecs is simply wasteful, ie makes the connection more prone to stuttering and reduces battery life.
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  8. PiSkyHiFi
    My understanding is that AptX HD is 576Kbps 24 bit/48Khz.

    Mine uses 24 bit/44.1KHz mostly.

    I will say that the glitch issue appears to be the HD jitter removal code - They even mention that themselves but I was having a hard time getting my settings to stick.

    I think you need to make a setting change, use it for a while, and then when you exit the app and return to reconnect to that device, the profile should be the same as before - it just seemed to forget that I had switched off HD jitter removal until I had gone through that cycle fully.

    So, it seems that AptX HD is not the cause of any glitches as such.

    I just like the fact that at that data rate, which is half the rate of CD quality PCM data, it's beyond CD quality but digitally compressed, which makes it the best way to transport CD quality sound over half the bandwidth.

    I'm getting more used to it now, it behaves as they say it does.
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  9. zolom
    When is the Earstudio expected for orders and shippment?

  10. meinname123
    I got mine a week ago.

    I heard new orders should be available in January or Februrary
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  11. JMelvin
    I got mine a week ago as well. Paired with my Pixel 2 (aptX HD) streaming Deezer HiFi sounds fantastic .. best I've heard from bluetooth. Radsone ran a couple of months behind schedule and the shipping issue was a mess but it was worth the wait.
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  12. shrisha
    Got it mine yesterday and want to joint previous speakers :) to price this little thing. Well it is official, the new era of wireless HiFi is coming with this device for sure. I'm not saying it's flawless but for size and price, I would say, it's amazing. My Audio-technica AT-PHA50BT sounds noisy, grainy and muddy compare to ear-studio. I never like it much anyway :) Balanced out is awesome! Great advantage over competition.
  13. jeffhawke
    Where did you order them from, if I may ask? Thanks
  14. m4rkw
    They're not available to order yet, deliveries happening now are from the kickstarter.
  15. shrisha
    Yes I believe it is not on online or retail sales yet. I backed mine in Indiegogo few months ago and just got it.
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